Thursday, March 7, 2013

The long, long wait.........

We came late to this estate sale and stopped and had breakfast first and there was a line to get in.  We waited for 45 minutes and then spent 2 hours inside (yes there was a lot to dig through)! When we left, there was STILL a line to get in!!!!!

Monica looking through some items in the bedroom.

Behind the bar with a shot of the floor, the whole basement smelled like liquor.  A woman we met on line accidentally dropped a bottle and it smashed everywhere!

A blurry shot of the upstairs which had most of the Christmas items. Rob thought he missed out on them when a man passed by with a box of really good Christmas items but that man missed most of the stuff we like!

Rob waited on the crowded line to pay for the items we found. 

We took a brief break at this McDonald's before going to the other sale. It is an odd looking McDonald's! Since we spent so long at the first sale, we decided we only had time for one more sale.

This was the second and final stop. There wasn't much but we found we really liked and the items were so cheap! 

Here are some of the things we got on Saturday:
 There were lots and lots of vintage cookbooks! 

 More vintage cookbooks!

 We found a lot of other great vintage books

 Books of all types!

 Even some old Dennison books and gummed crepe paper!

 There were lots of vintage Christmas items including several kneehuggers marked "Japan" and some popcorn Christmas decorations, old stockings, reindeer and plastic and wax ornaments! 

 There were some good Easter items (well, we will use them for Easter). The duck on the left is a hand puppet. That's Bugs Bunny in the middle and a creepy bunny on the right. All three were made in the 1940's

 Some of the other items we brought home. There were lots of great cocktail swizzlers, both glass and plastic. Most of the plastic ones were airline ones like TWA and Yellow Bird. In front of the table cloth are old mini Magic Markers that still smell just like they did when we were kids!

Geisler's Diarrhea Food! Ha ha! This old jar made us laugh! It will sit on a shelf in our garage with some of the other old cans and jars!


  1. Do you still sell on eBay? Love the treasures you find. Never have seen a McDonald's without the golden arches.

  2. Nah! I do not sell on ebay and have not for YEARS!