Sunday, March 31, 2013


HAPPY EASTER from our peeps to yours!

Easter Weekend Sales

It's Easter...almost! There was not a lot going on out there today. A lot of the tag sale companies took the weekend off and most of the Thrift Shops were closed but we did find a few promising places to visit! 

Our first stop. It was an estate sale run by the family and there were a few things outside (a sure sign of Spring but it is still a little cold out!). Most of the items for sale were inside. Monica stopped immediately to look at the items strewn upon the lawn! We got a few fun items here!
Rob looking through the records. There were a few of interest but they were in bad shape so we passed on them!

Our second stop was just a few blocks away and it was also run by the family. They also had some stuff outside and stuff on the inside too! We got a few fun items there too. Then, we stopped for our weekly Saturday morning breakfast before moving along to our next stop. 

Our third and final planned stop. This was run by a tag sale company who know us by our frequent visits to their sales

Monica digging through the boxes!

Rob was digging too!

This room was a little more organized but Monica was looking hard. She leaves no pile unsearched! 

And there it is...the pencil sharpener mounted to the wall because ALL old houses must have a pencil sharpener mounted to a wall somewhere! Most of the time, it is in the basement but this one was upstairs. 

The sign outside our third stop. Despite our efforts, we walked away with nothing from this sale. Oh always, it is the time we spend together that matters most and that makes every stop fun!

Our fourth and final stop was a complete surprise! As we were heading home, we saw a sign for an estate sale and followed the sign. 
Rob searching behind the bar for fun barware!

The countertop was so cool!!!!!

A closer picture of the cool countertop

And yet another shot of the countertop with the manufacturer's plate. They are still in business (Monica looked it up!)

The house had a tiny old stove tool with cool knobs! We got a few great things here!

Some of the stuff we got today!
A great old doormat. We have an old one like this already but it did not have the turquoise pieces running through it. At the second sale, Rob simply asked the guy whether it was for sale. He said yes. $1. Sold! 

Happy Easter! Some cool Easter items. Monica loved the turquoise plastic doilies. What could be more tacky! ha ha!!! 

Some great old Christmas items including some small sputnik ornaments, some great elves made in Japan and some old stockings!

Some miscellaneous items including some vintage chalkware decorations for our future bathroom (we have many mermaids already), a vintage nut decoration, several dolls (the Mod-Hair Ken Doll will be given to Monica's niece but Monica will keep the Dawn Doll and the Liddle Kiddle Doll) and some other fun items.

 Two old Honeycomb decorations. The one in front is a heart is for Valentine's Day. :) Monica's mother would put out the birthday sign and hang a couple of the honeycomb balls just like this one for EVERY birthday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter's Coming!

With very little time between St Patrick's Day and Easter, we started decorating immediately after March 17th! This is one section of our living room with an Easter explosion on top of our bar set

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hippety, Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!

Well, we made our list of sales to visit today and none of them looked great so it was "hope for the best"! Of course, just spending time together is what we like most (but we want to come home with good things too!). Our first stop was Saturday morning breakfast which Rob insists upon at some point on Saturday morning (Rob may be addicted to bacon). Then, it was off to the first sale!

Our first stop. They spared no expense in creating a great sign! Monica is in the upper left corner of the picture with a look that says "LET'S GO IN!!!!!"

It was an old house and we did get a few great items here. Rob is holding up some Christmas ornaments that we would bring home! 

Wow!!! Just look at the cool bathroom floor! It was lavender as was the bathroom tiles on the wall! 

This was our second stop. More high tech signs. ha ha!!! We only got two items here but we did like a mid-century modern cedar chest but it was overpriced!

Our third and final stop. Look at the door! Look at the antenna on the house. Look at the beautiful clouds!

Lots of stuff to dig through! We were both digging pretty deeply!

Side angle of a box spring that was stained and dirty and that we don't need but wow....starburst!! We did not buy it but had to take a picture!

Some of the stuff we did bring home today:
Lots of cool Christmas stuff. Now, we have 80 billion glass ornaments but we had to get another box (because they would only sell them as a box) and one had a clown on it and Rob fell in love with it so....we have more glass ornaments. Of course, we have so many Mica houses but Monica loves them so much so we got another. Those Santas are salt and pepper shakers made in Japan.

Miscellaneous items including some glittery pink wall plates (Monica loves glittery things), a great New Year's Eve noisemaker, a Speedy Gonzales with its original tag and an old space pocket pinball game that Rob fell in love with!!!

Lots of vintage cookbooks and a large old Tupperware container. That binder on the top left holds about 25 vintage cookbooks, some of which we did not have!

Lots of other books. The Automobiles book is a stamp book which Rob had so many of as a child. Fun books like "The Monkey In The Rocket" and "Dick Whittington And His Cat" and very, very serious books like "Fallout Protection" which will protect us from an atomic war!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Post St Patrick's Day Thrifting

We both took vacations days today (we try to take an extended weekend together once a month). Good ideas for a Monday off? Sleeping a little late...yes! And thrifting. Since St Patrick's Day was yesterday and Easter is only two weeks away, we were hoping to add a few Easter items for our home. 

That's what we want to see..."Thrift Store Open"

Another good sign! We went to ten Thrift shops today and although we did not get all that much, we had a great time together! And we did get a sweater for each of us (many of the Thrift Shops are discounting their winter clothing now to prepare for the Spring clothes).

We did pick up a few items for Easter. Monica loved the hard plastic bunny bank and Rob was given the rabbit antenna headband for free when the ladies at the Thrift Shop laughed when he tried them on and asked how he looked! Oh...and the Alien tie was only a $1 and Rob suddenly realized he did not have an alien tie!

Some old books from the 1940's that we rescued from the dumpster at one of the Thrift Shops. They were a little beat up but all they need is a good home and someone to appreciate them so we took them home to our house to share our adventures amongst the ducks.

Green pancakes

For St Patrick's Day, we decided to make green pancakes. We saw the mix in the store a couple of weeks ago and we both knew we had to try it! 

The pancake mix with chocolate chips. We mashed some bananas to add to the mix. 

Stirring furiously sometimes leaves a mess. We think the left spot looked a lot like a shamrock. 

One of the green pancakes. They tasted great! 

Later on, we ran into a leprechaun! The luck of the Irish was upon us!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

No sign of the lamb!

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Midway through the month and no sign of that lamb at all!!! By the time we finished our day of estate saling, it was snowing!!!!

This was out first stop of the day. We had eight sales that we picked out as potentials though we knew we could not possibly make them all. There were 56 miles in between the western and eastern most sales plus Monica's car was at the mechanic and we knew we had to stop there before they closed at 2 pm. We chose four sales and we were happy that there were no lines at any of them! 

The basement of the first sale had a lot of books to look through...

...and it was dark but we always have our flashlights!

We didn't get this but look at the cool old air conditioner with the old knobs!

This house was our third stop! Look at the old door and the old screen door! It was the kitchen inside that was the most amazing part of the house!

Look at the cabinets and the stove and the countertop was...


A close up of the stove

The oven!

Rob in the kitchen holding a cool old ashtray that we bought!

This was the last sale of the day. There were snow flurries the entire drive there.

Rob found this creepy old Santa amongst the mess

Monica found some great vintage coats but, alas, the arms were way too short for her. 

There were lots of rooms to look through and every one was a place to dig...

...and dig!

We were here awhile and, when we left, there was snow on the ground. 

Here are some of the things we got on Saturday:
This great atomic spider web clock. It works!

Lots of great birthday cards from 1956

Some great Christmas items

More stuff including old coconut monkeys, an old giraffe squeak toy and a great commuter shot glass from 1959. 

A Japan Air Lines carry on bag from the 1960's, a cool transistor radio, a great old ashtray, some cocktail swizzlers and more

Lots of cookbooks and other books and, to the left, a McDonald's plastic hand puppet of Grimace from the 1970's