Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Ahead

It snowed the last few days though we did not have too much stick at our house. But today, it reached 50 degrees! The clock springs ahead this weekend and we went to our first outdoor garage sale of 2013. Signs of Spring!

This was the sign for our first sale today. It was only 5 minutes from our house so we decided to get some breakfast first and then we came here. 

The sign said to go to the back and we did. Our first stop was our best stop and we found some great items here! 

This was where the second sale was and it was also in our town. Yes, there was a line but it moved quickly. We picked up a few fun items here.

Rob always checks out the bar area for vintage bar items. He already knew he was getting what he had in his hand! 

Our first outdoor sale of 2013! A sure sign of Spring! We picked up a few records from the 1980's and a great 7 inch record holder! This was the last of the decent sales for the day. We went to two more sales and they were horrible. Nothing that interested us at all and both were run by the homeowners (moving sales that advertised 50 + years of accumulation but we found no evidence at that at all). Plus, there was no one else at either of these sales when we arrived and the homeowners followed us around to everywhere we looked. Uncomfortable! 

Some of the items we got today:
We found some great holiday items. The snow people and the turkeys are salt and pepper shakers made in Japan

We found some cool old records, Both the Fred Astaire Cha-Cha record and the Jack LaLanne had instructions inside to go along with the records!

A cool Tiki mug from Orchids of Hawaii and old 7 inch record holder, an elephant planter made in Japan and more. The plastic containers in the front are old pink and turquoise capped bobby pin holders. Monica got 15 of these plus the old hair clips with fake diamonds.

An old vintage tablecloth

Some old books. Actually, the one in the center is just an old book cover  It advocates the building of bomb shelters in case of atomic warfare!

Books and booklets on throwing successful parties! The one on the right is fun and festive place settings for parties that you need to punch out of the cardboard. 

An old pencil sharpener. We had to have this because, well, it seemed that EVERYONE in the 1950's and 1960's had these pencil sharpeners mounted to a wall in their basement. WE had them in our basements when we were growing up as did our grandparents!!! When we buy our new house, this will be mounted in the basement! It says "State Of New York" on the sharpener. 


  1. It seems a lot of folks had Tiki stuff. For a time I thought you were the only one and then I realized you were getting this stuff somewhere. LOL. What do people say who step into your 50's home for the first time? I would feel like I was going home. I remember wanting a bomb shelter so badly. One of my friend's family built one and I begged my Dad. Finally he said, "If we built one people would want to share it and who would we turn away?"

  2. Blogger ate my first comment, so I'll try again! Love all of your finds, especially that pencil sharpener. Ours was in the attached garage when I was little!

    1. Thanks, Carol! Isn't it so funny that pencil sharpeners were always mounted in the home whether it was in the garage or the basement? When we saw the one this week at the sale, we knew we had to get it so we could mount one of our own!!! (Rob)