Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hippety, Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way!

Well, we made our list of sales to visit today and none of them looked great so it was "hope for the best"! Of course, just spending time together is what we like most (but we want to come home with good things too!). Our first stop was Saturday morning breakfast which Rob insists upon at some point on Saturday morning (Rob may be addicted to bacon). Then, it was off to the first sale!

Our first stop. They spared no expense in creating a great sign! Monica is in the upper left corner of the picture with a look that says "LET'S GO IN!!!!!"

It was an old house and we did get a few great items here. Rob is holding up some Christmas ornaments that we would bring home! 

Wow!!! Just look at the cool bathroom floor! It was lavender as was the bathroom tiles on the wall! 

This was our second stop. More high tech signs. ha ha!!! We only got two items here but we did like a mid-century modern cedar chest but it was overpriced!

Our third and final stop. Look at the door! Look at the antenna on the house. Look at the beautiful clouds!

Lots of stuff to dig through! We were both digging pretty deeply!

Side angle of a box spring that was stained and dirty and that we don't need but wow....starburst!! We did not buy it but had to take a picture!

Some of the stuff we did bring home today:
Lots of cool Christmas stuff. Now, we have 80 billion glass ornaments but we had to get another box (because they would only sell them as a box) and one had a clown on it and Rob fell in love with it so....we have more glass ornaments. Of course, we have so many Mica houses but Monica loves them so much so we got another. Those Santas are salt and pepper shakers made in Japan.

Miscellaneous items including some glittery pink wall plates (Monica loves glittery things), a great New Year's Eve noisemaker, a Speedy Gonzales with its original tag and an old space pocket pinball game that Rob fell in love with!!!

Lots of vintage cookbooks and a large old Tupperware container. That binder on the top left holds about 25 vintage cookbooks, some of which we did not have!

Lots of other books. The Automobiles book is a stamp book which Rob had so many of as a child. Fun books like "The Monkey In The Rocket" and "Dick Whittington And His Cat" and very, very serious books like "Fallout Protection" which will protect us from an atomic war!!!


  1. What are the key words that help you decide which sales to attend? You find all the best stuff! Love Speedy Gonzales.

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! Well, first of all, we both look separately and compare our lists. We look at the Tag Sale Company websites and on Craig's List and on Newsday (our Long Island newspaper) plus we both subscribe to email alerts from a couple of places that compile list of sales. Some of our sources show pictures which is always best but then we look for words such as "vintage", "years of accumulation", "estate", etc and then pick our favorites and strategically choose as many as we can possibly go to based on location. (Rob)