Sunday, March 17, 2013

No sign of the lamb!

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Midway through the month and no sign of that lamb at all!!! By the time we finished our day of estate saling, it was snowing!!!!

This was out first stop of the day. We had eight sales that we picked out as potentials though we knew we could not possibly make them all. There were 56 miles in between the western and eastern most sales plus Monica's car was at the mechanic and we knew we had to stop there before they closed at 2 pm. We chose four sales and we were happy that there were no lines at any of them! 

The basement of the first sale had a lot of books to look through...

...and it was dark but we always have our flashlights!

We didn't get this but look at the cool old air conditioner with the old knobs!

This house was our third stop! Look at the old door and the old screen door! It was the kitchen inside that was the most amazing part of the house!

Look at the cabinets and the stove and the countertop was...


A close up of the stove

The oven!

Rob in the kitchen holding a cool old ashtray that we bought!

This was the last sale of the day. There were snow flurries the entire drive there.

Rob found this creepy old Santa amongst the mess

Monica found some great vintage coats but, alas, the arms were way too short for her. 

There were lots of rooms to look through and every one was a place to dig...

...and dig!

We were here awhile and, when we left, there was snow on the ground. 

Here are some of the things we got on Saturday:
This great atomic spider web clock. It works!

Lots of great birthday cards from 1956

Some great Christmas items

More stuff including old coconut monkeys, an old giraffe squeak toy and a great commuter shot glass from 1959. 

A Japan Air Lines carry on bag from the 1960's, a cool transistor radio, a great old ashtray, some cocktail swizzlers and more

Lots of cookbooks and other books and, to the left, a McDonald's plastic hand puppet of Grimace from the 1970's


  1. You two had to be the only ones who would take home the "creepy old Santa". He needs a LOT of love. That kitchen brings back a lot of memories for me. The March lamb and lion are fighting for who is going to take out the month.

    1. The saddest part of this, Granny Annie, is that we have the same Creepy Old Santa already but having two did not seem too unreasonable! (Rob)

  2. Grimace... The Coconut Monkeys... WHAT~A!~MOST~EXCELLENT~DAY !! (Who cares about the damn Lamb with days like this?!?)

    1. Thanks, svelteSTUFF! It was a fun day, lamb or no lamb! (Rob)