Friday, March 1, 2013

Slow pickings and then...we found it!

It was a slow Saturday for sales. There was only one that interested us at all and when we went, there was only one thing worth getting. We spent the rest of our day going to some of our favorite Thrift Shops and found two other things of interest but that was it. The best sale we saw listed was on Sunday so we hoped that we would find a lot there! Someone got hungry Saturday afternoon (Rob, of course!) and we stopped at Burger King. We try to save some of our fries for the begging seagulls outside (we know all the seagull rest stops!). 

French fry loaded and the quickest seagull approaches!

He got the fry! We do this as often as we can. We laugh and the seagulls love it! 

On Sunday, we had two sales to try. The second one was bad (we got nothing) but the first sale was EXACTLY what we love...a cluttered house with years worth of accumulation and we needed to dig, dig, dig!!!!!!

 This is how one of our favorite Tag Sale Companies shows where to go!

 It was digging time! Rob was buried up to his knees!

Monica was digging so fast, everything around her seemed like a blur!

Here is some of what we got last weekend
 Christmas items. Some old stockings and wall hangings, plastic Santas and more. That's Mrs Santa in the middle. It is an outdoor blow mold

 Bar items and Tiki mugs

 Vintage Greeting Cards and Get Well Cards. We picked up nearly 75 of them! Here are some of our favorites. Some are used and some are unused. Some of the used ones have dates inside (most from the 1950's). The one on the bottom right has a spring for a tail! 

 More vintage greeting cards

 Some records. The top two are multi-record sets of 78 rpm records

 Some more finds including a St. Patrick's Day planter made in Japan and a great vintage playpen toy with lambs. 

Some more finds including a nice vintage handkerchief with rabbits and a Blythe doll from 1972. It only sold for one year and its eyes change colors by pulling on a string.


  1. Those plastic lambs bring back memories. My godson would visit and immediately begin a search for our plastic lamb. For some reason it was his favorite thing. I love your every purchase!!

  2. You found a Blythe doll! Holy crap, that's like the holy grail for "I still play with dolls even though I'm an adult" collectors every where! Sell it and make a grand! :)

  3. I know they go for a lot, the only thing is that her neck is broken, it can be fixed or if someone had another body, I am not sure, I found her head in one spot and her body in another, laying in mold, she is washed up but she needs some airing out still!!!! (this is Monica)

  4. Damn! I cant believe you found a Blythe doll! LUCKY!!

  5. I have that exact same drink shaker with the silver lid. They must have been popular on LI. You're brave with the Seagulls, Shaya is terrified of them!

  6. holy crap - you found a Blythe doll! wow!!!

  7. so cool that you found a Blythe doll!!! awesome!