Monday, March 11, 2013

Amongst the.....seagulls?

We had been saving our stale bread in the refrigerator for the first nice day so we could feed the ducks at our favorite lake. 

There were lots of seagulls! 

The birds were waiting for Monica to toss them some bread

That seagull caught the bread she threw in mid air!

The swans, geese and ducks were waiting for bread too!

That goose was taking the bread from Rob's hand. A swan did too!

Some got tired of waiting and came up on land to get the bread

The ducks were waiting in the background. They were the least aggressive birds but we made sure they got some bread. After all, these are our adventures amongst the ducks!


  1. ROB~
    Monica NEEDS some (that would quantify as THREE) live baby ducks in her Easter basket!!! I didn't grow up on a farm, but that was The.Best.Easter.Present I ever got growing up 8-)!!!!! ...just sayin'

    1. I wish we COULD have them, svelteSTUFF! That would be great!

  2. Did you go home with any seagull poop on your heads?

    1. ha ha...Grannie Annie! We would have but I kept shouting to Monica "Duck!"

  3. We can not even have a cat where we live!!! I wish a duckie! :) (monica)