Saturday, February 23, 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Thrifting

 I had off on President's Day. Rob took a day off so we could have a three day weekend. We needed rest after that crazy episode of Walking Dead!   First stop, a healthy breakfast at McDonald's! Ronald was happy to see me! 
Ronald was not too pleased with Rob after his horse meat comment that he posted (jokingly) on Facebook.......

We decided to go to some thrift shops.  They were surprisingly empty.  It WAS freezing out!  At this one, I just got some sweaters for a quarter a piece!

The next two were closed.  We then headed back towards our town and Rob found some vintage cookbooks! They were just 25 cents each!

This one is in Amityville.  Less than a mile from the Amityville horror house.  This one is not usually open on weekends so we try to stop here when we have off during the week.  We only got a record here.  Thrift shops have slim pickings lately!  Too many newer items!

Rob checking out the suit jackets in the basement.

Here, we got a cool planter, playing cards and a little plastic snow globe.

After some supermarket stops we headed home!

 Here are the vintage cookbooks and the planter which they had set up in the St. Patrick's Day section. 

More of the cookbooks, the snow globe and the John Kerry Presidential cards.  The cards had other people on them like Hilary and Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and the Reverend Al Sharpton.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back to Estate Sales a week after the Blizzard!

Estate sale here today!

Rob scoping out the Christmas items.  This one turned out to be a good sale; we got a number of items here.

A couch of records.

Only one record was worthwhile.  We got it.

This one was run by some people we knew but we bought nothing. None of the stuff here was our style! 

Not much behind the bar at this one.

We almost did not go to this one.  It turned out to be one of the better ones. We got a lot of great stuff there!

Some of the items we got today
Items for Thanksgiving. We do not have a lot for that holiday.  A turkey spoon rest, a turkey salt and pepper shaker (only one...the other is missing) and a big turkey that holds toothpicks; all made in Japan. 

 Bunnies and a Pez lamb for Easter.

Records, some Christmas, Don Rickles and a Cugat!

 Vintage maps from the 50's.  A book on photography. A Kraft cream cheese container with a genuine Pyrex jar, some groovy glasses, made in France, for our mannequin and Tot stapler and staples. Oh...and the cat. Rob picked it up and would not let it go! He has a green glass eye and was made in Portugal (the cat, not Rob)! 

 A 100% cotton Polynesian dress which might look better with a belt

Here's the label in the dress. Genuine Polynesian...from California. Ha Ha! 

Lots of cookbooks and some other books.

Christmas! Stockings, snowpeople salt and pepper shakers (we already have several of these) and lots of other things. The Shiny Brite box is empty but we have so many glass ornamenst already. We just wanted more Shiny Brite boxes to store some of what we already have. 

After a long day of sales, we went to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. After all, it is Valentine's Day weekend! 

We brought a lucky Tiki to keep us company at dinner! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


HAPPY Valentine's Day!!!!! Here are some of our vintage Valentines  that we have displayed.

Rob brought me these beautiful roses !!! :)

My office was closed on Monday because of the blizzard (the roads were a mess and STILL not plowed out well on eastern Long Island). After seeing the idea on Pinterest, 
I ran to some stores (roads were okay by us) and got all the ingredients, unknown to Rob, and the tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter for the pepperoni which was at the craft store nearby.  I surprised Rob with heart shaped pizza with heart shaped pepperoni. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Blizzard Of 2013...The Day After

The sun came out and, since all of the shoveling was done yesterday, we could have fun today!

Our living room window this morning, a reminder of what was still outside. 

 We made a snow pig!

Monica is preparing the next snow creatures!

Monica made a whole army of little snowmen!

 Rob was preparing the next snow creature! Yes, that is a Mike Nesmith wool cap. It was one of Monica's gifts to me on Christmas! 

A snow zombie!

 The snow zombie is chasing the little snowmen!
We took a walk around our neighborhood after making snow creatures and we were pleased to see a Santa blow mold is keeping a watch upon our neighborhood...from the front of his ship!

The Blizzard of 2013

We did not make it to any sales this weekend because of the blizzard. Here is the progression of the snow. We tried to take the same shot throughout the night. It started as sleet. By the time it stopped, we had about 15-16 inches! There are others on Long Island that got over 2 feet of snow!!! 

During the snow at night we kept toasty warm by the glow of the fake fireplace.

Can we get out the front door?

Before we went out to shovel we made breakfast.  Because of the eggs, milk and bread frenzy that happens a day before any snow storm, we decided to make french toast for breakfast, It is extra dark because we added a lot of cinnamon to the mixture.  Now what do we do with all the rest of the eggs, milk and bread?

Time to clean the cars off!!!

Unicorn Rob!

The GREAT javelin throw!

Cars are cleaned off!

It is a mighty long way to the street down the driveway, this might take a while......