Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Believe...I Believe

It was Labor Day weekend and, yes, another three day weekend for us but not in the same way as we had been taking them recently. Friday would be a work day this week but Monday would be a day off just as it would for everyone else. We were looking forward to it. We didn't expect it to be a great saling week because so many of the tag sale companies would take extended weekends as well. Our weeklong search for sales did provide us with three opportunities on Saturday and that was a lot more than we expected. With our list prepared and hope in our hearts, off we went!

Sale #1 was described as "grandfather's house of 60 years". That sounded promising. It was the second day of the sale so we didn't get our hopes up too high. When we arrived, there were things on tables and strewn on blankets all over the lawn. It was clear that the "60 years" was probably accurate as many of the items there were older. We would have liked it better if it was inside, too, and we wondered what things we might have missed the day before. We didn't leave empty-handed, though. A pair of records, a cookbook and some vintage cookie cutters.

Our next stop was for breakfast because we were too hungry to make the thirty minute journey to sale #2 without it! With our bellies full, we made our way to our second sale which we hoped would be a worthwhile trip. 

This sale was modestly described but had a picture that showed old glass Christmas ornaments and some other pictures that hinted at older contents. When we got a look at the house, we were not disappointed. It was clearly an older house and it had a mid-1970's Mercury Marquis in the driveway (we could almost hear Ricardo Montalban describing the interior of the car as having "rich Corinthian leather") which is not a car a younger person would still drive.   

The back of the house was pretty cool, too, but just so you don't get the wrong idea, we did not spend our entire visit here standing outside. It was the inside that would have or not have treasures for us. There was a basement and a main floor to search and they were fairly neat so it didn't take very long for us to search the entire house. When we left, it was with some records, some cookbooks, some Christmas things an old Tupperware Jifi Sift powdered sugar dispenser. 

We had one more sale to go but we had another mission while in the area of this last sale. We don't find ourselves in this area too often but we promised each other that, one day, we had to visit a very special house nearby. Today was that day.

In the 1947 Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street, Susan (Natalie Wood) wishes for this house from Santa. In this picture, she can been seen at the front door.

Here is the house today. They have added a room upstairs but much of the rest of the house seems to be fairly unchanged from 1947. 

We believe...we believe.

Our last sale was a church sale. This church has three sales a year and we usually try to make them all. We have found a few good things here over the years but, today, it was just two books.

Sunday was the day we had to watch for the remnants of Hurricane Hermine which threatened to turn Sunday and Monday into rainy, windy days. We had almost no rain and only mild wind.

We will rebuild

On Labor Day, we took an early evening walk around our lake, a place we have hardly visited all summer because it has been so hot. It was a beautiful night and the geese seemed to enjoy it, too!

So did the swans

This swan was a ham for the camera

The ducks were happy to see us! 

After the walk around the lake, we walked through town which is almost decorated with flowers all summer long like these...

...and these.

There are lots of older businesses in town. We love the old neon lights on the liquor store.

This shoe repair shop is one of the oldest businesses in town but it will be no more.

The owner has, sadly, passed away

We stopped for ice cream during our walk and had to visit Nipper, the giant Plesser's dog! 

When we finally had a chance to sit down and look at what we brought home this weekend, this is what we saw:

A pair of Arthur Murray records

A pair of Soupy Sales records

Some more 12-inch records

A 7-inch record

A pair of old books on Indians


More cookbooks

Cookbooks and a book on advertising art

An old Tupperware Jifi Sift powdered sugar dispenser

Vintage cookie cutters

Two vintage boxes of Christmas icicles

The back of one of the icicle boxes had an offer for a Millionaire's Vacation For Two! Unfortunately, entries had to be received by January 7, 1967.

More Christmas things...two Christmas potholders (made in Japan), two old boxes of ornament hangers and two old Christmas corsages for Monica

More Christmas stuff...a Christmas record, an old bank-issued Christmas carol book, a mica house (Japan) and a set of ceramic Noel candle holders in their box (Japan).

It was a Labor Day weekend filled with fun sales, beautiful weather and, best of all, time spent together. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye To King Yum

Last October, we had to say goodbye to Palace Of Wong, one of our two favorite Chinese restaurants. It had been around for 48 years. The news came, last week, that our other favorite, King Yum, would be closing its doors this month after being open for over 60 years. The story was, basically, the same. The son of the original owner wished to retire and no one in the family was interested in taking over. Like Palace Of Wong, they did not sell the restaurant, instead deciding to close a business that had always belonged to one family. This was the restaurant where we traveled an hour to visit to celebrate Monica's birthday every year. We went other nights, too. With the exact last night still unknown, we knew we had to visit King Yum one last time. Since we were off, again, on a Friday, we got an early start and arrived before 5pm to avoid the crowd that would be there for Friday Night Karaoke for the last time. 

The familiar awning of King Yum

The iconic King Yum. It's face will soon change dramatically. There's Monica on the left "patiently" waiting for Rob to stop taking pictures. We have been told that this building will soon operate as a senior center during the day and, perhaps, a caterer in the evening.

We almost take a photo in front of the waterfall and beside the totem pole when we come here. Monica got to debut the new tiki pocketbook that she created. 

We always get an "exotic" drink here but this is the first time they were not served in tiki mugs. The tiki mugs were taken home, without permission, by patrons once the news of their closing surfaced. We still enjoyed our King Yum Special and Zombie! 

The King Yum menu

The selection of "exotic" drinks inside of the King Yum menu.

A tiki god watches over the tables

Another tiki god

Another tiki god

Another tiki god

A close-up of one of the tiki gods. He smiled for the picture. We asked what would happen to the tiki masks and was told that a customer had already reserved all of them once King Yum closed.

The bar area is great. We were told that the lights were not allowed to be taken or sold. They were to be transferred to the new owners of the property. This bartender lives in the same town as we do.

It was a great night and, although it was sad to think that this would be our last time here, we had plenty of reasons to smile.

Our three day weekend would continue on Saturday when we would begin our saling for the weekend. Friday did not have any sales of interest. Saturday only had one so we did not have to rack our brains to figure out our route. There was only one place to go.

The one Saturday sale was described as "cleaning out mom's house". It mentioned records and it mentioned Christmas and it was close to us. We would in fifteen minutes and find a sale that was partially outdoors and partially indoors. There were a few old things but not a lot. We left with two records.

We had one sale listed for Sunday, too. It was less than ten minutes away from our house and it was listed as an estate sale. Amongst the items listed for sale were vintage bedroom sets and a 1950's red formica table. We would not have room for either of these but a house with those things inside might have a lot of smaller things we might want. We did encounter a small line (in the back of the house where they were allowing entry). We learned that the house was built in 1915 and its owner, a 96 year old woman, had just moved in with her daughter in Oklahoma. We were hopeful now and we were soon inside the house. 

This was the first room we entered and, having now seen the 1950's red table and all of the old cabinets in the kitchen (some wooden, some metal), we knew it had potential.

 Having seen the mounted pencil sharpener (always a good sign), we were ven more hopeful!

There were three floors to search and lots of rooms. They weren't especially picture worthy but they were nice. Nothing was cluttered so we did not spend a lot of time searching. Most of what was there was in plain view. All except for the old cookbooks which were in a cabinet in a small pantry that could have gone unnoticed...but not by us. Aside from the cookbooks, we also found some other books, some records, some Christmas things and a plastic chicken! 

Here is what we found over the weekend:

Some records

Some Hawaiian records


More cookbooks

More cookbooks

How And Why books from the 1960's

More books and two old kitchen appliance manuals

Two old Long Island postcards

Two old turquoise couch pillows and an old plastic chicken that lays eggs

Old Christmas candles (all of them are Gurley candles except the big snowman which is a Will & Baumer candle), some old reindeer, a Lefton Christmas mug (marked Japan) and a small Santa (marked Japan) 

Although there were only two sales this weekend, we had lots of fun and, of course, being able to visit King Yum one more time meant so much to us. We will miss them a lot but they gave us memories to last a lifetime...a lifetime of memories shared together.