Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend Sales

It's Easter...almost! There was not a lot going on out there today. A lot of the tag sale companies took the weekend off and most of the Thrift Shops were closed but we did find a few promising places to visit! 

Our first stop. It was an estate sale run by the family and there were a few things outside (a sure sign of Spring but it is still a little cold out!). Most of the items for sale were inside. Monica stopped immediately to look at the items strewn upon the lawn! We got a few fun items here!
Rob looking through the records. There were a few of interest but they were in bad shape so we passed on them!

Our second stop was just a few blocks away and it was also run by the family. They also had some stuff outside and stuff on the inside too! We got a few fun items there too. Then, we stopped for our weekly Saturday morning breakfast before moving along to our next stop. 

Our third and final planned stop. This was run by a tag sale company who know us by our frequent visits to their sales

Monica digging through the boxes!

Rob was digging too!

This room was a little more organized but Monica was looking hard. She leaves no pile unsearched! 

And there it is...the pencil sharpener mounted to the wall because ALL old houses must have a pencil sharpener mounted to a wall somewhere! Most of the time, it is in the basement but this one was upstairs. 

The sign outside our third stop. Despite our efforts, we walked away with nothing from this sale. Oh always, it is the time we spend together that matters most and that makes every stop fun!

Our fourth and final stop was a complete surprise! As we were heading home, we saw a sign for an estate sale and followed the sign. 
Rob searching behind the bar for fun barware!

The countertop was so cool!!!!!

A closer picture of the cool countertop

And yet another shot of the countertop with the manufacturer's plate. They are still in business (Monica looked it up!)

The house had a tiny old stove tool with cool knobs! We got a few great things here!

Some of the stuff we got today!
A great old doormat. We have an old one like this already but it did not have the turquoise pieces running through it. At the second sale, Rob simply asked the guy whether it was for sale. He said yes. $1. Sold! 

Happy Easter! Some cool Easter items. Monica loved the turquoise plastic doilies. What could be more tacky! ha ha!!! 

Some great old Christmas items including some small sputnik ornaments, some great elves made in Japan and some old stockings!

Some miscellaneous items including some vintage chalkware decorations for our future bathroom (we have many mermaids already), a vintage nut decoration, several dolls (the Mod-Hair Ken Doll will be given to Monica's niece but Monica will keep the Dawn Doll and the Liddle Kiddle Doll) and some other fun items.

 Two old Honeycomb decorations. The one in front is a heart is for Valentine's Day. :) Monica's mother would put out the birthday sign and hang a couple of the honeycomb balls just like this one for EVERY birthday!


  1. i have got to get better at photographing the stuff I find...everytime I read your posts I say "I just found that" " and that" "oh and I found that..where did I put it" to myself! Great hunters think and find alike!

  2. Sounds like you have had some happy hunting! (Rob)

  3. Lovin' the chalkware fish - SHOW YOUR MERMAIDS!!! (I have TONS of the fishies, but NEVAH find the maidens in distress B-)