Monday, March 18, 2013

Post St Patrick's Day Thrifting

We both took vacations days today (we try to take an extended weekend together once a month). Good ideas for a Monday off? Sleeping a little late...yes! And thrifting. Since St Patrick's Day was yesterday and Easter is only two weeks away, we were hoping to add a few Easter items for our home. 

That's what we want to see..."Thrift Store Open"

Another good sign! We went to ten Thrift shops today and although we did not get all that much, we had a great time together! And we did get a sweater for each of us (many of the Thrift Shops are discounting their winter clothing now to prepare for the Spring clothes).

We did pick up a few items for Easter. Monica loved the hard plastic bunny bank and Rob was given the rabbit antenna headband for free when the ladies at the Thrift Shop laughed when he tried them on and asked how he looked! Oh...and the Alien tie was only a $1 and Rob suddenly realized he did not have an alien tie!

Some old books from the 1940's that we rescued from the dumpster at one of the Thrift Shops. They were a little beat up but all they need is a good home and someone to appreciate them so we took them home to our house to share our adventures amongst the ducks.


  1. Sometimes your dumpster diving yields the greatest treasures. Why would anyone throw out those books? I love it that the ladies gave Rob the antenna. It will go well with is alien tie.

  2. ha ha, Granny Annie! It will make quite the ensemble! There are a few Thrift Shop dumpsters that we always look in when we go. For whatever reason, they discard some great stuff and we have been more than happy to come to the rescue! (Rob)