Thursday, October 26, 2017

Five For Five

After a great first full weekend in October, one that included three days off though no saling whatsoever, we were ready to dive back into saling! A weeklong search for potential targets resulted in a list of five sales of interest to us. It's not easy to make five sales in a day, especially considering the wide area we search, but all five were in the same general area. We definitely had a shot at making all five sales as long as we got an early start...and we did. Off we went! 

Our first sale was only about twenty minutes away from home. It was run by a tag sale company whose sales we have gone to many times before but not as much over the last year. They have had fewer sales this past year and many of the ones they had were not our style. Still, we enjoy their sales and this one held some promise. It was described as a vintage house and the pictures in the ad supported that claim.

The basement had this great vinyl orange couch. Before we arrived, there were two of them but one was already sold. The price was on the high side so we figured out why only one was purchased. 

There were lots of boxes to search through in the basement and search is what we did! 

The upstairs had this great floor and there were some more boxes of stuff up there, too. By the time we had left the house, it was with books, records, some New York Islanders posters, some Logan's Run towels and some vintage ceramic things. It was a good start to the day.

Sale #2 was in the same town as our first sale so it wasn't long before we were saling again. This was "a mid-century modern blast from the past" and was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. 

Searching the garage was our first task and this cool, old wagon was inside. It was a "Happy Time" wagon which we hoped would make someone happy. It would not be us. We did not get anything in the garage but we still had the inside of the house to see.

This vintage wall art was pretty cool but not for us. We need things on the wall that allow us to display things not that take up room. It didn't matter. It was sold before we got there.

This was another vintage wall hanging and it was sold, too. Look at that groovy leopard couch. It, too, was sold. So, if we didn't buy any wall hangings or a "Happy Time" wagon or a leopard couch, what did we find here to bring home? Several books and one Christmas thing. We were happy with our finds.

After getting some breakfast, we moved onto our third sale which was a short ten minute drive away. It was a "Grandpa's Attic" estate sale. There were no pictures in the ad and it was the second day of this sale but it was Grandpa's Attic. That is the name of a tag sale company whose ads are always subtle. The owner doesn't run too many sales but we try to make the ones he does. They are usually good.

Inside we went and, well, creepy doll alert! 

There was a screen door leading to the garage and it was great! 

The basement had this great rocking horse which was identical to the one that Monica had as a child. It did not come home with us.

Once upon a time, someone was twisting their way to health! 

There was a cool little bar on the main floor.

And, in another room, creepy doll alert #2.

Although, it was the second day of the sale, we still managed to find something for us. A record and two books came home with us.

Our fourth sale was run by the same company that ran our first sale of the day. It was described as a "blast from the past" with "a vintage kitchen". We were ready for it.

The den was very cool and is likely that it looked just like this 50 years ago, too.

Look at this cool table and the cool orange chairs! Look at that cool floor! 

The basement had a really cool bar, too! 

This was the cool vintage kitchen.

The overhead cabinets were great as were the handles for those cabinets.

We loved the chrome tile and the wall fan, too. See the vintage Lustro Ware cookie canister? Spoiler came home with us. So did some books, cookbooks and a record.

Our last stop was at a church sale in Monica's hometown. Monica has been coming to their annual sales since she was a kid. We go every year but, as with all church sales in our area, they are not what they used to be. We did find one vintage ceramic Santa and Rob also bought a cup of coffee and some peanut butter cookies. Ending up in Monica's hometown is always a good thing because it makes it easy to visit Monica's dad which we did.

When we got home, we had the opportunity to look through our finds of the day. This is what we saw:

Some records

More records

Cookbooks from The Galloping Gourmet

An old Popular Mechanics magazine with a special giant home section, a cookbook and some old Buster Brown items.

James Bond books

Peanuts books

How And Why books.

A 1968 Mets yearbook, an Animal Stamps book and a Dick Clark yearbook. 

More books

Some New York Islanders books

Some New York Islanders media guides

A 1979 New York Islanders poster from Burger King

A 1985 New York Islanders poster from Roy Rogers

Sunoco souvenir plastic coins from 1968

Each Sunoco coin has an old car on the back.

A Bohack souvenir plastic coin. Bohack was Monica's favorite supermarket when she was a kid.

Logan's Run beach towels

A pair of ceramic Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers with their box (marked Japan), a New York Islanders Gerry Hart cardboard cut-out from 1975-1976 and a Lustro Ware cookie canister.

Christmas things...a pair of ceramic Christmas angels in their box (marked Japan), a felt Santa's "Goody Bag" (marked Japan), a ceramic Santa ashtray (marked Japan), a Christmas record, a ceramic Santa on a boot (marked Japan) and two J.H. Millstein glass candy holders (made from 1947-1956).

On Sunday, we had chores and errands and some time to rest but also time to go see Shannon (Monica's brother's daughter) play in her soccer game. It was a great weekend spent saling, enjoying family and spending the weekend with each other. We could never ask for more. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Mill Neck Apple Festival

Spoiler alert...there was no saling this weekend. If you came here to see things we found while saling, you will be greatly disappointed. Well, maybe not greatly but you will not see anything we found because, well, we didn't.

The second week in October would have us at the Mill Neck Apple Festival. This annual event first began in 1957 and Monica and her family has attended the event since she was a little girl. Monica's dad no longer goes but her sister and her brother and their families do. Our Saturday began with this annual tradition. 

This was our view as we arrived at the festival. There are some changes made to the festival every year. This year, there were more rides for the kids. 

There were lots of tents. There were lots of fruits, vegetables, flowers, pies and assorted bake goods for sale.

The Pickle People have been coming here for years. We always visit them first. 

Pickles on a stick! 

Pickles on a stick always make us happy...and perhaps a little goofy.

We can see that the bratwurst are being cooked in the distance! 

The cheese shop where lots of different of cheeses are sold. There are also free samples of cider given out here.

Cheese is the only thing that can ever come between us.

We always stop at the picnic tables to eat bratwurst, pretzels, etc...and we always take the annual table picture.

They had goats there this year. These goats actually participate in goat yoga. Yes, goat yoga is a thing. If you haven't heard of it, google it.

Crazy goat faces!

This goat was our friend.

Fancy chickens! 

Bock. Bock. Be-gawkkkk! 

Fancy ducks! 

A very sincere pumpkin patch.

In front of the Mill Neck Manor.

The beautiful view from the steps of the manor (and the relief to know that you have already climbed the hill to get up here and that the way down is much, much easier)!

A family photo, in this spot, is an annual tradition.

We always take a photo together in this spot! 

This Roman statue looks just like us.

Another of our favorite spots for a picture.

The Partridge Family was here! 

The famous rock! Marissa, Richard and Peter posed on top of it.

As always, it was a great day and, as always, we wound up at Monica's sister's house (where Monica's dad met us) to have sandwiches and salads and a mid-afternoon lunch that was big enough to count as dinner, too. That wasn't the end of the day though. We had birthdays to celebrate!

It was Richard's birthday on Saturday and he was a very good sport to wear the tiny birthday tiara that Monica handed him.

It was Lenny's birthday on Sunday so the celebration was for both of them as was the birthday apple pie. 

Sweetie said "Pie? Where?"

Upon fully processing the word "pie", Sweetie got into full party mode very quickly! 

Word that there was apple pie in the house spread through the neighborhood rapidly!

On Sunday, we spent the daytime catching up on the household chores and running the errands that were necessary. That evening, Lenny's real birthday, we went out to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese buffet which included endless sushi. The restaurant lost. We won. It wasn't even close.

Monday was Columbus Day and a day off for both of us. The weather was windy, rainy and generally miserable. We all took a ride out to Uncle Bobby's to do a few more things in the house and that took up most of the day. It was a no saling weekend but a busy one and a fun one. At the top of the post, we said we didn't find anything this weekend but we actually did find one thing.

This 1960's Flintstones' glass was in a box in the basement of Uncle Bobby's house and it came home with us so those of you who read through this entire post, even though you didn't expect to see any of our finds, have been rewarded for your perseverance. You are welcome! We'll be back with more adventures soon!