Saturday, January 26, 2013

A little snow can't keep us from the estate sales!

We had about two inches of snow last night...certainly not enough to keep us home! We had six sales that we planned on hitting. We made all six of them! 

A bedroom in disarray at the second sale. All of the rooms were messy like this which is exactly the way we want to find them. We like to dig and find hidden treasures! Monica tried to convince Rob to buy these horrible polyester pants but he would not because he was neither scheduled to be on a 1950's quiz show or be a used car salesman in a 1950's car lot! 

Another house with messy rooms and an orange shag rug (which looks brown in this shot). Actually, the shag    rug was throughout the entire house. This house was claustrophobic and the basement ceilings were so low. We had to walk like hunchbacks a lot and we were lucky not to bump our heads on the low hanging pipes!

 Loved the front door!

Rob inspecting the bar area, with Santa blow mold in hand!

  Jan Brady wants her groovy cabinet back........

  Nice table top! There were three of them with only 5 chairs. Unfortunately we do not have room for them!

Here is a picture of one of tables with four of the chairs! 

Rob once again inspecting the bar area!  Looking for stirrers and other items, he did acquire some coasters here....

SWOOOOOON! We LOVED this floor!

Don't hit your head!'s loot...
 The little picture viewfinder in the upper right corner is actually for our brother-in-law who was mentioning these when he was over our house in December.

Lots of great barware stuff. The plastic stirrers are from The Pink Elephant! 

The roosters and the pineapples are salt and pepper shakers. The cow on the left is an old squeak toy still in the package. We have more of those little phones.

 A little blow mold Santa and an old jester wall hanging. There were two but a lady got one of them earlier and did not find this one. Monica wished she had found both so we did not have to bring this "creepy thing" home. ha ha!!!!!

Monica LOVED this old apron!!! (we think it is called oil cloth)