Monday, July 24, 2017

Fourth Of July Weekend 2017

We are still weeks behind in our blogging but we are catching up quickly. We will be up to date soon! 

Fourth of July weekend had arrived...sort of. It wasn't exactly a holiday weekend since Independence Day fell on a Tuesday. We could have made it a long weekend by taking off on Monday but we didn't, choosing instead to save the vacation day for later in the year. Typically, we spend our Saturday saling but there weren't many sales this weekend. Many of the tag sale companies took the week off and those that didn't were not running interesting sales. We did see a sale on Sunday so we chose to spend Saturday doing our "Sunday stuff" (chores, errands and relaxing) and we do our saling on Sunday. When Sunday arrived, we were raring to go. We had our one sale ready and found a second nearby that was worth a shot so the beginning of our Sunday was set. Off we went! 

Sunday's first sale was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. It was described as "entire contents of mid-century home". The pictures of the sale showed old board games and some cool furniture. We work up early so we got in a good 45 minutes before the sale was to begin. In fact, we were here before the tag sale company got here.

Not early enough to get in amongst the first ten people which was the number allowed in when it opened. We were #22 and #23 on line. 

The wait was not too long and we were inside thirty minutes after it opened.

This was one side of the basement and housed magazines, board games and comic books that we had seen in the ad's pictures. Much of it was already lost to us.

The other side of the basement had lots of stuff, too! Joan was glad to see we had arrived at the sale.

This corner of the basement was doubling as a small bar

The highlight of this bar area was this amazing starburst light. It was marked "sold" before we even laid our eyes upon it

Here's another picture of that amazing light fixture

Our host was happy to pose for a picture

Monica found this "Jughead" hat downstairs that she wore while in the basement. It did not come home with us

Look at this great stereo radio (with turntable inside)

There, outside this room, was the mounted pencil sharpener. We should have known!

The basement wasn't the only thing in this house that was cool. Look at this great pink bathroom! We enjoyed our time in this house and, as a bonus, we did not leave empty-handed. With us came some books, some bar stuff, some old Nathan's glasses, some ashtrays, a box of old cabinet knobs and more! 

Our second sale was in the same town and was a last minute addition to our itinerary. It was the second day of a garage sale described as having many vintage items.

The most vintage item of all at this sale was this great 953 Buick which was not for sale. Aside from this, there wasn't much there. We left with one book and a squeegee for Monica's car.

Here is what we found in our abbreviated weekend saling:

One record album

A record from The Archies that was a cut-out from a cereal box

Cocktail stirrers and hard stock coasters

Two bar companion books

A book, a comic book and a horror magazine

Two old hand puppets, vintage birthday napkins, a box of vintage cabinet knobs, two Frito Bandito rubber erasers, a vintage cat pin, two old ash trays and an old package of sewing needles

A vintage lunchroom tray, five old Nathan's glasses, an desk tchotchke with monkeys and an old pair of Schlitz salt and pepper shakers

It was a really fun day and a fun weekend together but Monday would be another workday and we managed to get through it. The Fourth of July had arrived! 

We spent Tuesday at Monica's sister's house where we had a great family barbecue! 

When the darkness arrived, Rob and Lenny and Richard took turns lighting the vintage fireworks we found in one of Uncle Bobby's sheds a few weeks ago.

They worked! 

We hope you all had a great 4th of July! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Saling, Uncle Bobby and Marissa

We are still a few weeks behind on our blog but we are catching up and will be up to date soon! 

The fourth weekend in June was another real busy one. We only had two days this weekend and we filled it to the brim. We planned another trip out to Monica's late Uncle Bobby's house as we continue the daunting task of cleaning the houses. An October estate sale is planned which we, along from help from other relatives, will run ourselves sometime in October. There is lots of work to do before then and that not only includes separating the junk, the sellable items, the mementos (to take home) and the personal items (letters and pictures which will divided amongst several relatives. It will take several more trips (and by trips, we mean the drive of an hour each way) but we will get it done by October. Our first order of business this weekend would be to go to a couple of estate sales before heading out east. We had seven potential sales but we knew we wouldn't make most of them. In the end, we made two of them and that is where our tale begins.

Sale #1 was in the next town and was a perfect first choice. It was described as "lifetime contents since the 1950's" and the title was enough of a draw for us. Add the fact that it was close and began early (8am) and there was no doubt that this was our first destination.

There was a main floor, a basement and this very colorful room which became their indoor patio.

The sale was run by the family of the deceased and there were many interesting things inside this house. This light was definitely a consideration but, in the end, it did not come home with us. What did come home with us was a Christmas mica house and a cookbook. It was a pretty slow start but we enjoyed the house and that means a lot. The next stop would be breakfast before moving on to what would turn out to be our final sale of the weekend.

Our second sale was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and was a "lifelong house of a single woman". The house was going to be demolished. This is the back of the house, our first view of it since we had to park down the block.

A view of the front of the house and this tag sale company's familiar sign

This cabinet, in the kitchen, would have been ideal for us

Even more ideal since it had this great boomerang countertop! Alas, we have no room for it. 

This cool bar, on the main floor, had...

you guessed it...a boomerang countertop! 

The wooden cabinets in the kitchen were really cool and just required a little refinishing. What is that above the sink?

It was a very unique three section refrigerator! 

There was also an old stove built into the wall.

There was a basement that we still had to see but our host, Ron, asked Rob for some help in the garage

No, it was not to test drive this old Chevy Nova which was modified for racing

It was to help him get the boxes down from the rafters. Rob, gladly, obliged by climbing up a ladder and handing everyone down to Rob. Unfortunately, there were no finds up there

We eventually made it to the basement which was a dusty, dirty mess

The bathroom floor was once cool. Now, it is falling apart

This was one of the home's bathrooms and, clearly, original to the house.

This very cool light fixture was in that bathroom. Starburst! 

Here's another view of that bathroom. A great sink and a great countertop.

The second bathroom was mostly original and, aside from that floor was great. To the left of the vanity on the right is a recessed toothbrush holder and soap dish. It spins to hide them when not in use. It took only a flathead screwdriver and the removal of two screws and it was removed from the wall...and came home with us along with so many other things!

The saling portion of our weekend was over early but not without bringing home a few "necessary items". Here is what we found:

Some records

Books and a roadmap

Three vintage Florida handkerchiefs

A 1960's bathing suit that our mannequin, Sharon, will soon wear.

This is the label inside the bathing suit

A Holiday Inn fly swatter, two vintage boxes of sparklers, a deck of Pan Am playing cards, a Trader Vic cocktail pick, some vintage coasters, a few old matchbooks, some vintage plastic birds and some old souvenir picture viewers

A crocheted pink poodle (to cover nail polish) and a pair of owl salt and pepper shakers (marked Japan)

A Ralph Malph glass. These were promotional items from Pizza Hut in the 1970's

Ayyyyy...we will have to collect them all.

Some Christmas things. The rubber Santa was made in Hong Kong. The elf and the mica house are marked Japan

The vintage recessed toothbrush holder and soap dish

When not in use, it can close to hide the toothbrushes and soap

We went home, took quick showers (it was hot) and made the drive out east to Uncle Bobby;s house where it was just as hot, especially in the attic which is where we did most of our work this day. We didn't let it get to us. That's Uncle Bobby's best friend, Janet, and Monica's sister posing in the attic.

Monica making her way up the stairs and into the attic. We spent hours there but had to take breaks to cool off!

As the day turned into evening, the deer came around to graze

They were not alarmed by us. They knew we meant them no harm

So, we found lots of things in the attic and brought almost everything down. This 1940's Marx tin train was up there and so were five other train cars from this set (as well as the box that they came in). The suggested selling price is $10 per car (more for the locomotive which was one of the cars) and we will bring these out for the estate sale in October along with several other things. We also found some things for us to bring home. Here they are:

Nature books

Cookbooks and "Eastern Shame Girl"

An old railroad souvenir postcard, an old roadmap, a vintage greeting card and a postcard book from the 1939 New York World's Fair

A Christmas decoration

A vintage elephant glass

An old Piels ice bucket (from 1959) and a Bohack beer can. Monica loves Bohack! It was the supermarket her family went to when she was a kid

A vintage Howard Miller clock that is intact but needs some surface work which we will provide.

A vintage plastic "Pastries" cake dish

When we made it home Saturday night, it was pretty late and there wasn't too much left of our Saturday but we still had Sunday. We needed to be in a highly productive state as Sunday began to get all of our chores and errands done early because it was our Marissa's (our niece) birthday. We were up to the task and all ready when the festivities began.

Marissa turns 11! 

The cake will confirm that Marissa turns 11

The kids were all ready for the moment but...

...the spotlight was on Marissa and rightly so. Happy birthday, Marissa!