Sunday, September 1, 2013


The day arrived for our Tikicue! There was still some preparation left but we did take a quick morning trip for breakfast and a couple of local garage sales. We brought home nothing at all. There were no big sales out there but that was okay...we found a good one on Friday (see our previous post). So...our game plan set, we finished just in time for our guests' arrival. The tikicue had begun! 

The kitchen table was set with utensils, decorations and accessories. We made a tropical punch (which you can see on the right) which consisted of Hawaiian Punch, a little pineapple juice, 7-Up and rainbow sherbet ice cream. Krazy straws, maraschino cherries, pineapple slices and festive umbrellas were added once the drinks were poured into Tiki mugs. Adults could add a little rum to the mix too. Everyone loved the Tikicue Punch!

Monica made this decoration on the wall. Lots of small drink umbrellas!

Even our kitchen chef got into the Tikicue spirit with a festive lei! 

The table was festive!

Tiki mugs housed the utensils

Lots of snacks on the Living Room table for our guests to enjoy!

Cheese and olives on toothpicks!

Baked beans...

...watched over by Vincent Price!

Rob made his famous Shish-ka-Rob's. We also had hamburgers, hot dogs and Monica made King's Hawaiian Roll Ham Sandwiches. Delicious! 

Monica's brother, nephew and sister in their Hawaiian shirts!

Monica's dad and brother with a festive drink and, no doubt, deeply into a discussion about Hawaiian Tiki culture! 

Smiling together...everyone had fun and life is great together as we adventure, hand in hand, amongst the ducks!

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