Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apples To Apples...

...or should we say "peaches to apples"? Every Sunday evening, we buy our fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. We like to bring these as snacks for work and we prepare our snacks every night for the next day. We usually choose what is on sale and lately it has been peaches, strawberries, plums and, occasionally, blueberries. Now, with Fall approaching rapidly, it is apples that provide the best bargain and it will be this way for at least a month. We have talked about going apple picking one day but we always find ourselves deeply involved in saling on Saturdays and with housework and errands on Sunday (though we always do this stuff together and we try to find to some time for fun things like taking a walk too). Once Saturday arrived, "apples" left our minds. It was not on our Saturday agenda. Saling was our first focus. 

There were lots of potential sales though none were standouts. We whittled down our list to a few that showed a little promise and off we went...

Our first stop was about 15 minutes away and was an estate sale run by the family. There were not many rooms we were allowed to look in and there was not that much in those rooms anyway. We found one old cocktail shaker in great condition for a $1 and that was our only find here. 

After our usual Saturday breakfast, we made our way to stop#2. We were surprised to find that it was run by a Tag Sale Company that we visit often. The only reason we did not know it was one of her sales was that her website was hacked so she did not post it on her site,. We found it on Craigslist and it did not identify her company. 

The house had the coolest doorknob which we definitely would have bought if they would have allowed us to remove it but it would have left a gaping hole in the door!

Rob found a new friend...a clown!

We spent a good amount of time here and there was much to search but, in the end, we came away with just a few items (five ceramic Trader Vic Coconut Mugs, some vintage aprons and a record) but they were good items at a low price.

Our third stop was 30 minutes away and was another garage sale run by a family. There was not much here (we came away with some magnetic jumping beans from the 1970's) but we liked the house though we did not take any pictures and it had a nice bar room. 

Our fourth stop was a very, very messy house with lots of opportunity to dig. It was run by a small Tag Sale Company and we had not seen the guy who runs these sales in well over a year. He is a nice guy but overcharges on everything but Rob has always been able to talk him down to his price quickly. 

The house had a really cool toaster built into the wall!

Toast is ready!

We spent about an hour and a half here and came away with some pretty cool things. The guy running the sale wanted twice what Rob wanted to pay but, very quickly, Rob got his price! After this sale, we went home. The distance between sales was a little more than usual and it was already late afternoon. 

Here are some of the things we brought home:
Two records and the package that the free Banana Splits record came in (alas, no record to be found). It was from Kellogg's

Lots of vintage greeting cards

Some books and a 1951 calendar from Esso (Top, middle)

Some souvenirs from a 1954 trip to Hawaii...a greeting card, a guide to some common Hawaiian phrases (courtesy of the cruise ship) and a Hawaii tour guide book.

Lots of old green stamp books with plenty of stamps inside. Rob loves these because his mom saved them when he was a kid.

Old Ceramic coconut mugs from Trader Vic's and a vintage cocktail shaker

Some old honeycomb Easter decorations

A vintage apron...eyes, lips and a hand with a cigarette...very kitschy! 

Another vintage apron...

...and another vintage apron. A little faded but great for barbecues!

Lots of miscellaneous items...some old postcards (one is from a really cool looking Howard Johnson's), a glamour picture frame insert, some magnetic jumping beans from the 1970's, old bird cards that were giveaways from Arm & Hammer and Cow Brand baking soda, another Keds spaceship frisbee and a deck of cards. The spaceship frisbee is the second we have found this month after not having seen them since we were kids!!!!

It was a great Saturday together and Sunday, as we expected, found us doing laundry, housework and errands but we did find time for apple picking...even if it was only in the store!


  1. What ever happened to toasters built into the wall? Every home should have one. I bet it didn't go over because it cut down on all the toasters being sold as wedding gifts.

    1. That is a great point, Granny Annie! I guess you can't give a wall with a toaster built into it as a wedding gift! (Rob)

  2. Love the aprons. I went thrifting on Saturday and someone must have donated all their vintage aprons because I found 13 of them :)

    Never seen one like that face/cigarette one before. cool!

    1. 13 of them? Wow!!! That is a great find!!!!