Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Day Before Our Tikicue

We made it a four day weekend, taking a vacation day before the three day Labor Day weekend. We had some last minute preparations before our Tikicue tomorrow but we wanted to spend our day having fun too. There were not many sales going on (in fact, there are not many sales going on all weekend!) but we found two and off we went! 

Our first stop was a church tag sale not too far away from us. The people seemed nice but there was absolutely nothing of interest to us. Over the last few years, that is the way these church sales have gone. The congregations with an aging population can have some great things but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.

This was our second (and final stop on our list). The outside did not look promising and the entire neighborhood looked very "Miami Viced out" but we went here with few expectations other than having fun because this sale was being run by a really fun Tag Sale company. The owner likes to make Rob do "Mr. Ed" impersonations and one of her employees, John,  is really funny so we were hoping for a few good things but expecting nothing more than fun. When we walked in, the owner said "happy anniversary" to us because she remembered that we first met at a Labor Day Weekend sale last year (we did not realize this) and it was great getting a friendly welcome!

Always a good sign...a downstairs pencil sharpener mounted to the wall!  It turned out to be a very good sale and we spent over an hour here digging! 

Some things we brought home today:
Lots and lots of vintage greetng cards

Some records

Some more records

Cookbooks and appliance manuals

A blow up reindeer

Miscellaneous items including a coloring book from 1960, some old books/guides, cocktail swizzlers, a cool birthday matchbook, a set of birthday earrings from the 1950's, a birthday caketopper and a Burger King yo-yo. 

A starburst towel holder, several Tiki items and a Keds Space frisbee! 

After a very fun sale, our goal was to have lunch at Hildebrandts which has been around forever! Neither of us had ever been here so off we went for lunch!

A close-up of the front sign! Very cool!

The side of the luncheon

We both had lime rickeys to drink!

ha ha...sign hanging in the back of the luncheonette!

The inside...a great counter!

We both ordered burgers which were great! Rob got the 8 ounce cheeseburger and added bacon. Monica got the 4 ounce hamburger. We both got fries and coleslaw on the side! Monica said the french fry on the top looks like a heart. <3 

It was a great day together and we spent the remainder of the day cleaning for tomorrow's Tikicue. Life is great together amongst the ducks! 


  1. ...I SO HOPE you both stick with the Ducks, 'cause that Blow Up Deer Is.Just.Wrong. on Soooo Many levels!!!! ;-)
    Have a GREAT TIKICUE (and have one or two for me!)

    1. ha ha ha, svelteSTUFF! That blow up reindeer is for Christmas. We had a great time at the Tikicue. We hope to post pictures in the next day or two. The punch turned out GREAT. We each only had two with only a little bit of rum in ours. We were hosting!