Monday, September 23, 2013

The First Weekend Of Fall

Well, technically, Fall didn't start until Sunday but it was in the air. The night time temperatures have dropped to the high 40's/early 50's this past week and the trees are showing the very slightest hint of wanting to change color and, even though, the days are still fairly warm, the sun just looks different. The shadows the sun cast are no longer summer shadows...they are autumn shadows. It's hard to explain but there is a difference. It now gets dark by 7:30 pm and, in the morning, Orion can be seen in hours just before dawn. Maybe it's there in the summer but we never notice it. Orion, to us, is a Fall/Winter constellation. Hello Orion. Hello Fall.

One thing that doesn't change with the seasons is that there are still seven days in a week and one of them is always Saturday. It was Saturday. Saturday means saling for us. Lots of stops on the list of potential visits. None looked spectacular but there was always the excitement of potential...and always the thrill of simply spending the day together.

Our first stop was about 20 minutes away. It was an outdoor garage sale labeled as a garage sale with some "vintage 1950's" items. Monica ran into a friendly face upon arrival...a woman she worked with many years ago. She was helping her friends have this sale. It was as advertised but there was not a lot for us. We did come away with a ceramic pineapple drink mug and a ceramic pineapple creamer, both circa 1960's, and both were had for a grand total of $1. 

Our second stop was just five minutes away and it was an outdoor estate sale run by the family of the deceased. The people were nice here too and we came home with one record and a record album table with a swiveling base which was very cool, especially for just $5.

After stopping for our traditional Saturday morning breakfast, we went to the next sale, approximately 25 minutes away...well, it WOULD have been only 25 minutes away but we had to detour around one parade and one street fair and it took about 45 minutes to arrive. The sale was run by the family but they had a friend consulting them. She is recently retired from a Tag Sale Company that we know pretty well. There were so many cool pieces of furniture inside.

A cool dining room server/buffet 

Look at the cool handles!

A cool oven built into the wall

A great dresser in the bedroom

Look at the cool starburst 

We don't need any additional furniture right now and we really don't have the room so all we walked away with was a couple of Fisher Price clowns.

Our next stop wasn't far away. It was run by a Tag Sale Company that is fairly new and we never have visited their sales. It was an interesting house with many rooms. There wasn't a lot for us but we left with one record and one very cool battery operated record player.

Our fifth stop was about 20 minutes away and it was run by a Tag Sale Company that we like but hasn't run many sales lately. Their sales can be great but they have also run some clinkers and their prices are strange. They charge way too much money for some things and next to nothing for others. 

It was a digger (which is what we like) and there were creepy dolls at every turn watching us very carefully but we came out wearing a little dust and it felt good. We found several records, a cool radio and a few other things for a very low price.

On the way to our sixth and final stop, we saw a garage sale sign right along our path and decided to stop. We picked up two records there and then arrived at our last stop.

It was listed as a "vintage garage sale" and that came as no surprise once we saw who was running it. It was a lady who runs a vintage store in town and we have often gone into her shop to look at the interesting items but have never bought anything. Too expensive! We found one old New Year's Eve noisemaker for 50 cents.

Here are some of the things we got today:
Some old cookbooks and travel guides

Some Bob Newhart records

Some Apollo 11 records

Some more records...

...and more records...

...and more records!

An old Browni radio, some ceramic pineapples (from Japan and Hawaii, respectively), some old New Year's Eve noisemakers, Fisher Price clowns from the 1980's, a bride and groom duck (of course), a package of kazoos and some other stuff.

A record album table with revolving base

A battery operated record player

We decided to go out for Chinese food at a local favorite place of ours. The inside looks like it has not been changed since the 1960's and...

...they serve drinks or Tiki mugs or scorpion bowls

Monica had The Lover's Potion

Rob had The Scorpion. Well, we actually shared both. And we shared smiles and laughs and maybe a kiss or two. We don't think the ducks would disapprove.


  1. Wow those are some drinks! I'm positive the ducks didn't mind :)

    1. We think they may have even encouraged us, Mary! (Rob)

  2. Looks like you two would have fun even if you didn't find anything at the sales! LOVE that record table and the old radio!

    1. Thanks, Carol! They were fun finds and you're right...we do always seem to have fun! :) (Rob)

  3. I'm intrigued by 'Hawaii's Irishman'. Wha?????
    And you can never have enough kazoos. Just sayin'.

    1. ha ha...we were too, Dolly! And as for the kazoos, we each carry a pair in our glove compartments in case of emergency but this package gives us spares! (Rob)

  4. PERFECT start to the 'Bestest' of seasons B-)
    (Those ducks look like they could be cake-toppers someday?!) ...just sayin'...

    1. Thanks, svelteSTUFF. We have actually discussed that and we will probably use something similar as our special caketopper! :) (Rob)