Monday, September 2, 2013

September Arrives

Our Tikicue behind us and September having snuck up on us, we decided to spend the day outdoors. There were two more days to the long weekend and it was sunny out. 

While stopping at a garage sale on Saturday morning, we stumbled upon the entrance to a park that we never noticed and it was just five minutes from our house.

There were ducks to greet us...

...and more ducks...

 ...lots of ducks!!!

The lake was beautiful and peaceful

The paths were wide but pretty secluded and beautiful for a walk, hand in hand. This will be very beautiful when the leaves start changing

On the looks like a monkey's face!

A butterfly let us take its picture

We saw an anteater! Okay...maybe not! Bob McAllister would have been singing "Has anybody here got an aardvark?"

Our walk led us to an underground tunnel that was leading to who knows where?

Ahhh...light at the end of the tunnel and a continuation of the trail

A huge hornet's nest. The picture is a little blurry because we would have had to get much closer to get a better picture and, well, that was not happening!

Off to the side, in a little clearing, there was evidence that mankind had been here before. Rob (being 1/16th Cherokee Indian) figured that it was once a teepee built by one of "his people" long, long ago!

Two beautiful swans upon the lake!

We walked for about an hour and a half and the weather was much more "July-like" than September-like". Rob got a little bit of sunburn.

After the walk, we drove to a cemetery that is very close to the park in search of one and only one thing. We knew it was here and we had to find it!

We found it...Robert J. Keeshan...better known as Captain Kangaroo! Rest in peace! 

After we both napped and showered, we went off to dinner at a Chinese Restaurant not too far from our house

The sign on the outside of the restaurant...

...and the big, lighted sign out front. The restaurant has been around so very long and the decor inside looks like it has not been updated since the 1960's. Perfect!  

The menu had lots of exotic cocktails to offer.

We each ordered one tropical drink and they were served in Tiki mugs with fancy drink umbrellas!

The large fish tank in the Dining Room. When you put your ear up to the tank and listened very, very closely, you could hear the fish say "Please don't order the seafood"

Many traditional Chinese warriors kept a watchful eye over the Dining Room

Monica ordered the Pina Colada

Rob ordered the Zombie but we actually shared both drinks

The dinner was great and there was so much food that we actually had to take some home. As we left, we saw more Tiki mugs and volcano bowls which we will hope to get the next time we come here (and we will). It was a nice night out together! :) 

With one day left of the long weekend, we will have our typical Sunday breakfast (one day late) at home (eggs, bacon and toast) and do the chores we have around the house and watch, as time allows, the Jerry Lewis marathon on Antenna T.V.

Happy Labor Day! Monica has had this button since she was a kid, finding it at a garage sale! 


  1. The big note of interest to me is "take out cocktails". There isn't really such a thing is there? No drinks to go around here.

    1. ha ha! A rather unfortunate mistake on the sign that has probably been like that since the 1960's. The "Take Out" and "Cocktails" should have had some separation between them so no one would think that take out cocktails were an option! (Rob)

  2. Well of course you had an adventure amongst the ducks.