Friday, September 13, 2013

The Last Weeks Of Summer

The days are getting shorter little by little. Labor Day is behind us and the kids have gone back to school. September is always a funny month when it comes to weather on Long Island. There will be hot days and cool days and there will be some evenings that are actually chilly. Regardless of the season, there are always fun things to do and our thing, on Saturdays all year round, is saling. There were plenty of choices this week though none were clear cut winners. We made our list and off we went.

Our first stop was clearly marked to make sure we knew we were in the right place. It was local (only 5 minutes away). We were greeted inside by the owner of a Tag Sale Company quite familiar to us. It is a small company that does not seem to have a lot of sales but we like the person who runs the company. 

 There was a bar downstairs that Rob searched through...

...and it had an old, dusty floor which is usually a good sign but, alas, there was not much here. We found three items and we paid a grand total of $1 for them so it was an okay stop.

Our second stop (after getting some breakfast) was also nearby. It was run by a Tag Sale Company that neither of us remember though they seemed to remember us and greeted us warmly. Unfortunately, there was absolutely nothing that we liked here at all and we made it a very short visit.

Our third stop and the most promising of all of the sales on the list. It was run by a Tag Sale Company that runs a lot of sales but not always with the type of stuff we like. They are also pretty tough with their prices and negotiating is not always successful with them.
Rob found another basement bar to search!

Monica finding things to look through in the basement

What every older house should have...a pencil sharpener mounted in the basement

We found some old plastic flowerpots. Rob thought he was in Devo

A really cute curler caddy with doll attached. We did not get it. They wanted $20 for it! We did find so many other things that were reasonably priced and we spent a long time at this house. It was a great stop and we decided to go home after this. We were a little tired (nap time) and we had a commitment that evening

Here are some things we DID get:
A couple of 7-inch records

A couple of cookbooks and a brochure from Tiki Gardens which is no longer around (sniff)

Some great Christmas items

Some old matchbooks. All have three dimensional pop-ups inside (like the one on the top right)

Some vintage atomic barkcloth

A great vintage barbecue apron! 

An old planter and pot with a cracked ice design.

Some old paper/cardboard placemats (from Diners) from the 1950's and early 1960's

Some cocktail swizzle sticks and a Halloween die-cut pumpkin

Some Easter items

Miscellaneous stuff including "Devo" flowerpots, an old pink toothbrush caddy that we will use in our future pink bathroom, a Tupperware salt and pepper shaker holder, some "Smokey The Bear" aluminum ashtrays, a Tupperware spork and other things.

Some great vintage glasses...atomic and boomerang!

So after a great day of saling, we spent the evening at a free Neil Sedaka concert. Monica's dad really wanted to go...Monica and her sister kind of wanted to go...Rob and Monica's brother-in-law and the kids really didn't want to go but we all agreed that we wanted to spend time together. It was a beautiful night under a beautiful sky. The ducks were smiling


  1. My favs are the wreath christmas ornaments, the placemats (must have been good meals to keep these! and the cracked ice planter. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks!!! I had never seen anything like those wreath ornaments before! My favorite was the barbecue apron which is in fantastic condition. It looks like it was never worn. (Rob)

  2. When Ron found something they wanted too much for and would not negotiate, he would offer to buy it if they would throw in something else. It was amazing how often that would work just so they didn't have to lower their price on the first item.

    1. That is one way of negotiating a good price! (Rob)