Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flashback: The First Weekend In November, 2016

Back in early October, we took a break from blogging for a few months after finding ourselves so incredibly busy. It was a break from blogging but not from adventuring. When we returned in early March, we posted a few "flashback" posts which covered our adventures for the second half of September and for all of October. Now, it's time to start flashing back to our adventures from November through February. This post is all about the first weekend in November. Here we go! 

Our Saturday saling would work from a list of five potential sales that we had gathered during the week. All were in the next county but none further than 40 minutes away. The closest did not begin until noon and that was way too late to begin our saling so we pushed that one to the back of the list with the thought that we might stop there on the way back. We chose the second closest as our starting point and hoped for the best.

Even as the air was beginning to get cooler week by week, the trees were getting more beautiful as they made their final stand of the year. We never fail to notice their beauty as we drive among them.

Sale #1 was run by a tag sale company that we know and we arrived a little before its opening and found a very small line. There were a lot of sales on this Saturday; none of them standouts so we didn't expect big lines. We knew we would get inside as soon as it opened. There was nothing that we necessarily liked about this sale other than some pictures of older furniture in the ad. You never know what else may be there.

This couch, as well as the lamp behind it were very cool. We loved how it was covered in plastic. Obviously, it would not be very comfortable like this but this was a common thing to do back then. We're glad we had a chance to see it but it was the highlight of our visit. It was a small house and there were few rooms and we found nothing to bring home.

After getting some breakfast, we made our way to our second sale which was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. It was described as "entire contents" and the pictures in the ad showed some old stuff though nothing specific to our interests.

The house had a Florida room and an old door and we appreciated the looks of it. We normally take a lot of pictures at this company's sales and email them to the owner who loves to save them (and use some in his brochures). The family of the owner of the house was at this sale and we felt a little uncomfortable taking a lot of pictures so we didn't this time. We left with a few books, pamphlets, postcards and a few other things.

Our third sale was also run by a tag sale company that we know quite well. It would have been our first priority had this not been the second day of this sale. It was a "collector's home" and we knew that there was lots of Christmas here the day before. 

This was one of the pictures in the ad. We're glad we saw this picture because we were unable to see any of this when we got here. This was all gone.

We spent a lot of time in this house because it was a mess and there was lots of stuff to dig through even though it was the second day of the sale.

As scary as the basement was to search, the basement staircase (this is a view from below) was even scarier. We took our time here to uncover anything not discovered before we arrived. In the end, we took home a record, a hat for Monica, a ceramic flamingo, a ceramic turkey, lots of vintage New Year's Eve noisemakers, two old Christmas mica houses and a few other things. Although the bulk of the Christmas escaped us, this was still a worthwhile sale.

Our fourth sale was another run by a tag sale company whose sales we frequent. It was a sale whose pictures showed old stuff but not anything for us and that is what we found...a sale with lots of old stuff but not anything for us.

It was getting late by this time and we crossed the last sale off our list, instead spending that time at Monica's dad's house. When we got home, we relaxed and took some time to look at our finds. This is what we saw:

A Captain Kangaroo record album

Pamphlets and books

An old Lake George pamphlet and some vintage postcards

A hat for Monica

A honeycomb Thanksgiving decoration, a ceramic flamingo, a tiki mug, a ceramic Thanksgiving salt shaker (missing its mate), an old Charlie Brown doll (which cleaned up nicely), a deck of playing cards and an old hockey puck in its original box, The two ceramic pieces are marked Japan.

Vintage clown New Year's Eve noisemakers

More vintage New Year's Eve noisemakers

Two Christmas mica houses. Both are marked Japan

We have several more flashback posts left and we will get to them all. Life became too busy for posting for awhile but life will never become too busy to spend our lives beside each other; always hand in hand. 


  1. I always wonder if all these things have prices on them? Especially the digging piles you guys go through. That staircase was definitely scary. Glad you are always hand in hand:-)

    1. We did not see any prices. Some sales have them and some don't. Most of the better tag sale companies do not label each item and take into consideration "bulk buying". We have to be hand in hand, Granny Annie, with all those scary staircases we encounter! (Rob)