Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Very Busy End To April

The last weekend of April was very, very busy for us. That is the primary reason why we have not been able to blog about until now. There is a lot to tell and even more to show but first...

We hope everyone remembered that Thursday, April 27th, was free cone day (or small dish) day at Carvel! We didn't forget! Now, without further delay, the weekend.

As detailed a few entries ago, Monica's Great Uncle Bobby passed away in March. He lived his entire life in Westhampton Beach and he left behind a very large piece of property with more than one house upon it. His primary heirs have some huge decisions to make about how to best divest of the property. They asked us, along with Monica's sister and her family, to spend some time with them out there to share our ideas. We jumped at the opportunity to see the houses again and to walk the property. This would take up a very big portion of our Saturday as we knew we would be out there for hours and the drive, each way, was nearly an hour. We had originally compiled a list of about six potential sales but we knew this wouldn't be possible. We were due out east around midday and, at best, we might make three of the sales. We got up early and prepared for the day as quickly as possible so we could get that early jump on the day...and that we did.

Our first sale began at 8:30am and was only one town away. This was the sale that intrigued us the most. It as described as "retro vintage" and had mid-century dining room, retro barware, retro toys and records among the items in the house. There were no pictures in the ad so we could only go by the description. It did not appear to be run by a tag sale company. It could be great or it could be a bust. We were hopeful that it would be great and were the fourth and fifth people on line before it opened. 

Even it there was nothing inside, we would enjoy the scenery. It was right on the water.

Here was another view of the world outside of the house. Notice that the house next store is on "stilts". This is a common thing along the south shore of Long Island in the post Superstorm Sandy world. 

As expected, we were amongst the first inside (ten were let in)! The sale was run by the family and had two floors to search as well as a garage. We saw this pencil sharpener upstairs and, while presently mounted to anything, it was a good sign! 

The main floor had this great bar 

Alongside the bar was an old Charley Weaver bartender toy and an old smoking McGregor toy. We have the "fake" Charley Weaver toy from the same period (similar but without the name "Charley Weaver" on it). They were in great shape and really cool but, at $40 apiece, they were not taken home. 

Although we passed on the old toys, we spent over an hour inside the house and found lots of great things to take home including some records, a vintage croquet set, some Christmas things, two hats for Monica. some vintage clothes for Monica, lots of books and more. 

It was a great first sale and, as it turns out, our only sale. We knew we didn't have enough time to go to any other sales and still get some breakfast before getting ready for our trip out east. Our hunger won and we had no regrets. It was a great sale! 

After breakfast, we piled into Monica's sister's van (along with Monica's dad, her sister and brother-in-law and her nephew and niece) for the drive out east. Uncle Bobby's property sits alongside a church which was having its annual sale and, of course, we stopped there first.

Monica used to go to this sale every year when she was much younger with her sister and Uncle Bobby. As with all church sales, they were so much better years ago.

Despite the encouragement from this mounted pencil sharpener inside the church, there was nothing except for a few free items they gave us as the sale was ending. 

From there, it was onto Uncle Bobby's house. He owned the entire property (three plus acres) but lived in the second largest house, choosing the rent out the "Main House" each summer. He called his house "The Bungalow". 

This tree seemed very surprised to see us!

Very surprised! 

This is the "Main House" which will be occupied to his renters for the last time in just a couple of weeks. In October, they will move out and the property will be sold.

A great kitchen chair in the "Main House". We found three more in other areas of the house.

The attic was a tough climb and this view from below is pretty scary

We made it upstairs and found a few boxes of treasures to search

It is a big, dark attic

The only thing scarier than the climb up the attic steps was the discovery of this creepy doll living up there! 

In the basement of the "Main House", we found this very old metal match holder which served a great purpose many years ago.

Another view of "The Bungalow" (Uncle Bobby's house) with a very cool old screen door.

A duck, albeit fake, made us feel at home

Uncle Bobby's kitchen was always so very cool! 

The basement of "The Bungalow" had a mounted pencil sharpener. Well done, Uncle Bobby! 

An old Calvert Whiskey sconce was in the basement, too. 

We climbed into the attic of "The Bungalow" to search. Monica and Monica's sister were posing for the camera. 

Two old tin toys from the 1930's were up there...a Marx tank and a Charlie McCarthy car. None of the items we found will come home with us. We were just helping out.

We also found this cool Popeye kazoo! 

We didn't spend the entire trip indoors. Walking the property brought a lot of great memories to Monica and her family, too. We were not alone. The deer were watching us

This old abandoned car (which belonged to Uncle Bobby) has been here since before Monica was born.

The old "drunk on a pole" has become a drunk in the woods

He has seen better days.

The lawn jockey was just a shell of his former self.

There were other buildings on the property including this storage garage

This used to be a summer rental house but is no longer inhabitable. It was called "The Shady Rest".

"The Bunkhouse" was another of his summer rental houses but it, too, has fallen apart. We walked inside to find that a squirrel had broken in through the roof and caused a lot of damage inside. In fact, we found him petrified on the floor and, by petrified, we don't be scared (wink, wink)! 

This small, old safe was in the entranceway of "The Bunkhouse". Monica's sister loved it! 

We were out there for about four hours and it was quite the adventure. It will not be our last trip. We believe we have been enlisted to help with the cleanup and, of course, we will.

After a very long Saturday, we took the opportunity to sleep a little later on Sunday. There were sales out there on Sunday and, although we typically don't go running out both days of the weekend, we still the urge to go saling there were three that held some interest for us. All we had to do was look at each other to know what we were going to do. We showered, got dressed quickly and off we went! 

Our plan was, originally to go to all three sales and we chose the one furthest north (and about 45 minutes away) for the first one. It was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and was described as "Hoarders with decades of accumulation" with "lots of ephemera" and "holiday decorations". Although it was on its second day (it was originally on our first Saturday list), we had hope that there would be something left for us.

This beautiful 1969 Cougar was for sale but we were not in the market for a car. 

There were many rooms they were packed! We spent over two hours just in the upstairs rooms! 

Boxes and bags and boxes and boxes and piles and boxes and drawers and closets...and more boxes.

The upstairs bathroom was no longer used as a bathroom but it still was pink

It was a great house and a great sale. The owner of the house was named Betty and she was 90 years old and she was there the whole time. We had fun talking to her and enjoyed every minute of the three hours we spent here. By the time we left, we had two boxes of records, vintage greeting cards, vintage dresses for Monica, lots of Christmas things and so much more. Of course, having the long day we did on Saturday, coupled with our long stay here, made our decision to quit for the day, after just one sale, an easy one. 

When we took the time to go through our weekend finds, here is what we saw:

A 7-inch record

A 10-inch record

Christmas records

Hawaiian records

Records by Fred Sanford and Bubba

Tijuana Brass on the left. Guadalajara Brass on the right.

Teenage records

"Cool" records

Some more records

Vintage drink guide books

Five annual drink books with calendars from Walters Liquor Store. The calendars inside are for 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966. The store is long gone.

An old Bacardi advertising package


More cookbooks

Some more cookbooks

Some cookbooks from the New York Daily News

More cookbooks from the New York Daily News

Two naughty paperback books from the 1960's and two old road maps

Old, never used, scrapbooks

An old High School memory book. It is unused.

A page inside the High School memory book

More books and guides

Blue stamp books filled with stamps

Pin-up calendars. The Playmate calendar from 1961 is pretty innocent

Some old postcards

Two old record cleaning kits

An old National Geographic map and record

Two old liquor store calendar giveaways with mirrors

Vintage towels which need a washing

A vintage towel and apron set for Monica

A pair of hats for Monica. The one on the left has rubber alligators on it. The one on the right has little hats

A blue vintage dress for Monica

A black vintage dress for Monica

An orange vintage dress for Monica

A pink vintage dress for Monica

A yellow vintage dress for Monica

A vintage yellow skirt for Monica

A vintage red dress for Monica

Another vintage pink dress for Monica

Bar items

Some old cocktail umbrellas

A Yogi and Huck's cartoon stationery box (empty, unfortunately), a ceramic St. Patrick's Day decoration (marked Japan), a Barbie honeycomb decoration from the 1960's, a ceramic rabbit (marked Japan) and a New York World's Fair Attractions card set

A vintage croquet set which is something Rob has wanted for a long time

Two vintage anniversary cards and a vintage "thank you" card

Vintage wedding cards

Vintage Mother's Day cards

Vintage birthday cards

More vintage birthday cards

Some more vintage birthday cards

Vintage "Get Well" cards

Vintage St. Patrick's Day cards

More vintage St. Patrick's Day cards

Vintage Valentine's Day cards

More vintage Valentine's Day cards

Some more Valentine's Day cards

Vintage Halloween cards

Vintage Easter cards

More vintage Easter cards

Some more vintage Easter cards

Vintage Thanksgiving cards

Some more vintage Thanksgiving cards

A vintage Thanksgiving advertising invitation

Vintage Christmas cards

Vintage Christmas cards from Disney. Three styles. Five cards each and the box

More vintage Christmas cards

Some more vintage Christmas cards

More vintage Christmas cards

More vintage Christmas cards

Some more vintage Christmas cards

Lots more vintage Christmas cards

Some more vintage Christmas cards

Even more vintage Christmas cards

A few more vintage Christmas cards

More vintage Christmas cards

Even more vintage Christmas cards

And a few more vintage Christmas cards

Vintage Christmas die-cut decorations and a vintage Christmas advertisement with a calendar (1964) 

More vintage cardboard Christmas. Six are Christmas club ads from banks and the other two are ads for Christmas party catering.

Two more vintage Christmas ad die-cuts

Two vintage Valentine's Day honeycomb decorations and one vintage Thanksgiving honeycomb decoration

A vintage Easter honeycomb decoration with its original bag

A vintage bag of Christmas decoration. Only six pieces of the eleven remain but they are great ones! 

A box full of vintage Christmas bulbs and a box of Noma fuses inside a vintage Christmas card box

A box of vintage Noel Matches

The matches inside the box of Noel Matches

Christmas stuff...a vintage table cloth in its package, a box of Christmas ornament hooks, some Christmas corsages, some Christmas cake picks, a Holt Howard ceramic Santa tray (marked Japan) and a package of Christmas coasters

More Christmas stuff... a Christmas banner, a package of Timco Christmas lights, an old reindeer, a Santa, a Christmas can (origin unknown) and a box of ceramic candle climbers. The Santa and the climbers are marked Japan

More Christmas stuff...a Santa, an elf, a white reindeer, a light up Santa pin, a winking Merry-Lite Christmas tree, a honeycomb Santa, a snowman squeak toy, a box of Christmas napkins, a knee hugger elf and a honeycomb snowman. The Santa, Christmas tree and the knee hugger are marked Japan 

More Christmas stuff...a plastic Santa wall decoration, a pair of ceramic Santa mugs in their box, a blow mold church and a Sonsco Singing Santa, Everything but the church and plastic Santa wall decoration are marked Japan.

It was a very busy weekend and we were very fortunate that the two sales we attended were perfect for us! There is no rest for the weary. A full work week followed by our annual Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday were take up the next week. A daunting task for one person but for the two of us together...well, we got it covered! 


  1. Wow, this was an amazing post and I don't know where to start "liking". The stroll around Uncle Bobby's place, the Breakfast At Tiffany's album, Monica's new wardrobe...etc., etc., etc.,

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! It was a busy weekend but a real fun one! (Rob)