Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Quiet Weekend

The second weekend of May was the first weekend in many weeks that would be a quiet weekend and this was not a bad thing. For weeks, we have had very busy weekends. This week, our calendar was clear. We would not be engaged in anything big. It came at a good time because Rob spent almost twelve hours at work every day during this week. We both needed a quieter weekend and that is what we would have. This doesn't mean we stayed at home with the blankets over our heads. Nope. We had saling on our minds and it would be saling that began our weekend. We had our list prepared by Friday night and there were seven potential sales on our list. We wouldn't be able to make them all but we would attend as many as we felt would be worthwhile. That is exactly what we did. 

There were no standout sales on our list so we started with the one closest to home. It was listed as a "massive accumulation of antiques and collectibles". We arrived to find a backyard and garage filled with all sorts of things, 90% of which would have looked at home in Fred Sanford's yard. It was the second day of this sale and most things were covered by tarps because of the rain. We didn't stay very long as it was clear that we weren't going to find much. We left with two records.

Our second sale was the one that we didn't want to miss but not because we saw much that we liked. It was because it was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and, because of the last few very busy weekends, we missed their last few sales. It was described as "contents of mid-century home" and that is always an attention grabber for us even if the pictures of the sale showed nothing that we wanted.

Upon this old chair in the garage sat this very old canister set (flour, sugar, etc) that was missing some of its labels. 

In the basement, we found this old insect science kit

We could have built a giant insect...but we didn't.

Dennis and Ron were in the basement to greet us

We found this safety wall plate there and while we were very tempted to protect our family from shocks, burns, shorts and fires, we did not get this. We did not, however, leave empty-handed. With us came lots of books and two small ceramic squirrels.

Our plan for the end of the day was always to visit Monica's dad in Monica's childhood home. With that plan in mind, we decided to end our list with the two sales in Monica's hometown. The first of these was run by the tag sale company whose sale was the site of the ceramic clown cookie jar purchase of the week before. There wasn't much in the pictures of the sale and there was even less in person. This was a bust.

Our last sale was also run by a tag sale company that we like. It was described as a "picker's paradise" but it was the second day of the sale.

The basement could only be accessed by walking outside the house and down some cement steps. When we got inside, you could see that regular access from the house had been compromised by some broken steps. Although we hadn't found much, you can tell that Monica was having a good time anyway! 

The basement was cluttered and was mostly filled with tools. We could tell that the cabinets and sinks once were in the kitchen because...

...the countertop was boomerang! 

Like all of the other sales that day, we didn't find much. Two ten inch Christmas records were all we brought home. After this, we spent some time with Monica's dad before going home to relax and look at what we found that day. Here is what we saw:

A Paul Revere & The Raiders record

A Christmas 12-inch record

Two Christmas 10-inch records

Some Peanuts paperback books from the 1960's

Some Dark Shadows paperback books from the 1960's

Some nature books from the 1960's

More books

A pair of ceramic squirrels marked Japan

It was a quiet weekend of saling and a quiet weekend for us as we spent most of Sunday doing a few errands most mostly relaxing. We're allowed. Not every week is going to be filled with adventures. We like to think that just spending life together is a wonderful adventure all by itself. 


  1. I love all the items in your photos! Garage sales and thrift shops are such fun, so many things can be found! Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog post, I really appreciate it. You are welcome anytime. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    You have a very enjoyable blog, and I love your background and header as well!

    1. Thank you, Linda! We enjoy your blog and we will visit often! Thanks for your kind words and for visiting us here! We always appreciate it! (Rob)

  2. Was there a time that we did not have safety plates for the electric outlets???!!! It looks like there is a giant cockroach in that Insect World box. Yikes

    1. Ha Ha, Granny Annie! I HOPE that there were always safety plates! I wonder if we should have bought the insect kit? (Rob)

  3. The article was not only a good read but very insightful. I have a query though. How would you target a niche where there are not many blogs and those that are there are not kept up to date and have a low/very niche readership? Any tips would be gratefully received. animal image

    1. Thank you, Angel Angel, for stopping by and reading about our adventures! Your question is a tough one. To start, you may want to comment on the blogs who fit into your targeted niche. Just because they do not keep their blog up to date does not mean they are not reading the comments that are posted. If anyone else comments, try to find a way to communicate to them as well. It may lead to something. (Rob)