Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Here, There And Everywhere!

Here, there and everywhere. It describes our life since the beginning of June during which time we seem to have been so very busy. Thus, we have fallen behind on our blog again but have every intention on catching up starting...now. Here, there and everywhere is also a good way to describe the first weekend of June and that is what this post is all about as we try to pick up where we left off. It's time to catch up and here we go...

The first weekend in June was the time for the annual Greek Festival in our town. Truthfully, it's not all that exciting for us. There are a few rides but those are geared towards smaller kids. There used to be a Ferris wheel which we used to ride but they haven't had it in a few years. For us, it's all about walking around for an hour on a nice pre-summer evening. 

Oh, yes...it's always about the food. The gyros are excellent and, on the Friday night of the Greek Festival, a gyro becomes our Friday night dinner. And, then there are the loukoumades! 

We always get a small order to share for dessert...

...and we knew that this batch was made for us! One was shaped like a duck! 

Saturday is, normally, an estate saling day but it wouldn't be one this Saturday. As a regular readers know, Monica's Great Uncle Bobby passed away at the age of 87 on March 30th. He lived in his house in Westhampton Beach for 82 years. The three-acre piece of property once had four houses (he rented out three of them) but two fell into disrepair years ago. He rented the main house every summer to the same man for well over thirty years and this will be his last year here. Then, there was Uncle Bobby's house. We will spending lots of time there this summer, along with other relatives, cleaning it out in preparation for the sale of the property. There is a lot to do!

Lenny and Monica's dad are inspecting one of the tractors. This garage was a mess when we first arrived on Saturday. By the end of the day, it was cleaned out and organized so that the sellable items would be ready to pull out for an october estate sale.

Monica's third cousin, Joe, and Lenny work on the tractor once we pulled it out of garage (before putting all of the good stuff back in at the end of the day)

Lenny, Joe Jr and Joe Sr taking a short break to pose for a picture. By day's end, we cleaned out a garage, two sheds and one attic. It was a long day but we really got a lot accomplished! We put aside a lot of things for the future garage sale and we also took a few things home for ourselves (big surprise!). Here is what we brought back:

Some books. Best Sports Stories is from 1945. Airplanes Of The U.S.A is from sometime during the early 1940's

An old set of water bird stickers that Uncle Bobby probably got in the mail and kept. He loved wildlife. 

A Jack Armstrong pedometer, an old corkscrew, two old plastic birds and a do-it-yourself hair cutter! 

Some old postcards from the 1930's

An old ashtray from Midway Meat Market

An old ashtray from Solar Winds Restaurant 

An old Halloween decoration

Various vintage greeting cards

More various vintage greeting cards

A vintage birth announcement card...it was the card announcing Monica's oldest sister's birth! 

Vintage Christmas cards

More vintage Christmas cards

Some more vintage Christmas cards

A few more vintage Christmas cards

Three more vintage Christmas cards

A box of vintage Christmas cards. Only sixteen of the eighteen cards were in the box. Here are two of them along with the box.

Eight more of the vintage Christmas cards from the box

Six more vintage Christmas cards from the box

A vintage lawn chair

A vintage end table

An old Bohack crate. Bohack was the supermarket that Monica's parents frequented when she was a kid. Monica even went on a field trip to Bohack when she was in elementary school. It is fair to say that Monica is somewhat obsessed with the legend of Bohack and (it shouldn't surprise you) that we already had a Bohack crate so now we have two! By the way, Rob's legendary supermarket is Hills and for the same reason except that he never went on a field trip to Hills and we do not have a Hills wooden crate...yet! 

Old fireworks. Rob found these hidden in one of Uncle Bob's sheds. They are probably forty years old! We will see if they work on July 4th! 

An old box of G.E. Christmas tree lamps.

These old bulbs were inside the G.E. box

Old Shiny Brite ornaments

Some more old Shiny Brite ornaments

More vintage Christmas: A Glolite illuminated Christmas tree star, a Gleam Lites lights set and a package of Doubl-Glo "fireproof" icicles

A Timco electric Santa decoration

With all the stuff we brought home on Saturday, you would think that we would be perfectly satisfied with our finds. Of course, that was not the case and we knew there were a couple of sales on Sunday that were trying...two to be exact. Those two sales were the way we began our Sunday. 

The first sale was described as "antiques and collectibles" and the pictures that supported the sale showed old stuff though nothing of specific interest to us. It was the second day of the sale so we weren't sure if anything would be left here.  

The outside of the house was like a garage sale but the inside had things, too, including this very cool bar! There weren't too many rooms to search but this stop turned out to be very worthwhile. We found cookbooks, other books, a tiki mug (which you can see on the bar), some bar stuff, some Christmas stuff and more. Even if we found nothing at the second sale, we knew we made the right decision by saling on Sunday! 

After a stop for breakfast, we made our way to the second sale which was listed as "60 years of accumulation" though there were no pictures in the ad. "60 years of accumulation" it was not. There were some old records which were way overpriced. We found one Christmas thing for $1 and that became ours.

Here is what we found during our Sunday saling expedition:


More cookbooks

Some more cookbooks

Even more cookbooks!

A few more cookbooks

Some books. The Danny Kaye books are dated 1960. Perri (the squirrel) is dated 1957.

More books. Famous Indian Tribes (1954), The Guide To Garden Flowers (1958) and Get Smart! (1965)

Some Christmas books. Christmas Carols (1946), Favorite Christmas Stories (1941), Christmas Manger (1953), The Night Before Christmas (1963) and Holiday How-To from Reynolds Wrap. 

A vintage cat sweater guard for Monica

Some old plastic centerpieces

A vintage bar bottle opener, an Easter decoration, a vintage package of Schmidt's hard stock coasters, a tiki mug and an old Flintstones glass. The Easter decoration and the tiki mug are marked Japan

Some vintage Christmas decorations

After our saling adventures on Sunday, we stopped at Monica's dad's house for a visit. We talked about all of the progress we made at Uncle Bobby's on Saturday and recalled our adventures while out there. The topic of conversation turned to his desire to get rid of some of the stuff in his basement and soon we were all down there looking around. He couldn't put things into our hands quickly enough and, although we didn't have enough time to clean out the basement that day, we did take a few things home from there too!

A popcorn Snoopy decoration from the 1960's

A blow mold Jack O'Lantern and two old squeak toys

Planet Of The Apes board game

The Gong Show board game

Lots of Christmas elves (all marked Japan)

It was a very, very busy weekend which found us here, there and everywhere and it seemed like we took things home from everywhere we went! There was little time to rest but it didn't matter. We had a lot of fun and adventuring together is what we love best! Oh wait...there is one other thing that we got over the weekend...

...this plastic duck. It isn't old but it sat in Uncle Bobby's garden. We love ducks and we loved Uncle Bobby. Now, this duck sits in our garden; an everlasting remembrance of Uncle Bobby


  1. I like the duck pastry but have no idea what that is. It had to be tasty. Not a mounted pencil sharpener at any where but you still found perfect things. Sorry about Uncle Bobby but know he will be pleased to have his duck in your garden.

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! We know Uncle Bobby will be pleased. Although we did not see a mounted pencil sharpener at the estate sales, we did see one in Uncle Bobby's basement a few weeks before (which we posted) but weren't in the basement this week.
      Loukoumades are really good. They are Greek version of zeppoles. (Rob)