Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend - 2017

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and we always look forward to its arrival. It is never a great saling weekend simply because there are never a lot of sales. Many of the tag sale companies take the weekend off knowing many people will have other commitments this weekend. Garage sales are also few and far between. They will start heating up next weekend. We hope the weather will, too. We had a few record-setting temperatures earlier in the month but, for the most part, this May hasn't reminded us that much of summer. We've had lots of rain and lots of overcast days and maybe that will help us appreciate the warmer weather when it arrives...if it arrives. The forecast for the weekend was going to be more of the same and rain was going to be a threat all weekend. What were we to do? We had no control over it. We would make the best of what we were given and what we were given to start the weekend was one good sale. That is how we started the weekend.

Our one and only sale was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and was advertised as a "large, old hoarder house". That sounded okay to us. It also sounded okay to a lot of other people. There was a line to get in. Monica was thrilled.

About 45 minutes into our wait, we were welcomed inside and Ron, our tag sale company host, was happy to see us and urged us to explore each and every room.

The downstairs was the first area we explored and Dennis was there to greet us.

We didn't see anything amazing in the pictures for this sale. We were just hoping that it wouldn't be a bust! 

The main floor had this really cool door...four small diamond-shaped windows

One of the rooms had this really interesting window covering. We hadn't seen anything like it before and we both thought it was really cool! 

The kitchen had cabinets set so very high. Monica, who is tall, could not even reach the back of them. Rob could but with a little effort. The kitchen also had old metal paper towel and aluminum foil holders (or wax paper). We don't see these all that often.

The house was a fun one and we loved seeing our friends running the tag sale. We didn't find all that much but we did find a few things which we would look at later. Our next task was to go home and get ready for a Memorial Day Weekend barbecue at Monica's sister's house. 

Master Barbecue Chef, Lenny, got all of the cooking done before any rain presented itself. Everything was great and we have Lenny to thank...

...and, of course, Little Lenny, his barbecue mitts!  

After we got home, we had a chance to look at what we brought home from the sale earlier it the day. This is what we saw:

A pair or records

Horror magazines from the early 1970's

More horror magazines from the early 1970's

A few more scary magazines from the early 1970's

An old homemade birthday corsage. It has styrofoam sugarcubes and Monica remembers having similar ones made for her when she was a little girl and wanted to take this one home. Monica suspects that this is a "sweet sixteen" corsage. There was a fake diamond ring with it.

A Knickerbocker Beer can opener, an old burro for our annual Cinco De Mayo parties, a Star Wars R2-D2 eraser and a set of Old Maid Ed-U-Cards from 1959

A vintage metal pocketbook for Monica

This is the inside of the pocketbook. 

The weather dominated the remainder of the weekend. We had some sunshine in the beginning of our Sunday and we got some household things and a little gardening done. By early afternoon, the sun was gone and it would not reappear over the weekend. We were somewhat productive on Sunday but we relaxed inside most of Monday. The outside world was dominated by rain.

A few months ago, we found this vintage Luster Craft kit at an estate sale. Monica thought Monday was the perfect time to put it to use.

Here is her finished product

We framed it and hung it beside some of the other clown pictures hanging in our bedroom...

...and near these other clown pictures hanging in our bedroom. 

Whether our time is spent saling, working together around the house or just clowning around, we look forward to every moment we spend together in our life's adventures amongst the ducks. 


  1. Someday I would love to see all of Monica's purses. She has picked up some great ones over the years and this metal purse looked to be in perfect condition inside and out. I also loved that unusual window covering. If I had a big front window I would try to get something like that. Great saling:-)

    1. Monica really has a lot of purses, Granny Annie! She loves collecting them but has cut back in recent years. This one was too nice to pass up. It does appear to be pretty perfect! (Rob)