Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Florida Visit

It was time for the annual family visit from Monica's family in Florida. Once a year, usually in May, Monica's oldest sister comes up for a few days to visit from Florida. This year, it was a few weeks earlier. The size of the Florida contingent varies each year dependent on who can make it. Monica's sister and Monica's oldest niece always make the trip and now that Monica's nieces has kids of her own, they always come, too. It would be a special visit this year for several reasons. First, it would be the first time we would meet her second child, our second great nephew, who was born this past October. Second, it would be the largest group to visit ever! This year, Monica's brother-in law, nephew and Monica's niece's husband also were able to make the trip. They arrived on Thursday and flew back to Florida on Tuesday morning. We were able to spend Friday evening, a majority of Sunday and Monday evening with them and it was a great time! The visits always go way too fast but we are grateful to have them! Pictures to follow below!

We were still going to be able to go to estate sales on Saturday though our list was extremely short. The only sale that looked remotely good was an hour away from home and it really didn't look that good. We decided to pass on it and, instead, take a chance on three local sales that were clearly run by the homeowners (or family members) and had no pictures. We were hoping for a little luck.

Our first sale was listed as a moving sale with a "55 year collection". That sounded promising.

Our trip through the house brought us face to face with a mounted pencil sharpener. That looked like a good sign but, in this case, it wasn't. There was nothing for us and we left without anything to bring home.

Our second sale was in Rob's hometown and was a pretty nondescript sale. The only thing that caught our eye was the phrase "vintage clothes". Upon arrival, it was an outdoor sale with a pod and a garage filled with clothes but none appeared vintage unless you were looking for clothes from the late 1990's. Another bust.

 Since we were in Rob's hometown and since we were hungry, we stopped by Calda Pizza for a couple of slices of pizza. It has been around since 1972 and Rob ate lunch here at least three times a week here throughout high school. It is still under the same ownership and while the decor has changed completely, the pizza is just as great as it always was. The collage, above, is the way it looked when Rob remembers it.

We had one sale to go and we were hoping for the best. In its ad, it listed "mid-century furniture", "1960's games and toys" and "knick-knacks". Fingers crossed.

We loved the handles on this cabinet! 

Look at this living room wall. We had never seen anything like it! 

There was only one floor to search and only a few rooms but we did manage to find a few things. Here is what we found:

A record

An old package of Schlitz coaster

Vintage bowling cocktail stirrers

A metal Bohack trash can. Bohack was a chain of supermarkets which disbanded in 1977. Bohack holds a special place in Monica's heart. While Rob's family went to Bohack a handful of times, Monica's family went every week. This was her family's main supermarket and Monica even went to the store on a field trip when she was in elementary school. Needless to say, this was Monica's favorite find of the day! 

As we mentioned, we were lucky to spend a great majority of the weekend with Monica's family. We were excited. Sweetie was excited too! 

Monica's dad with his two great-grandchildren. It was his first meeting with Jaxon! 

Monica's dad with most of his grandchildren (and grandson-in-law) and his two great-grandchildren

We had a great time and we will miss our two great-nephews very much! We don't have to go to a lot of sales to have a great time. All it takes is spending special moments, like these, together! 


  1. Aw, I love the picture of Dad and the kids. I bet JoAnne is smiling in heaven (Geri)

  2. It looks like you had great success. Even though there is not a lot, all you bought was good. Loved the bowling cocktail stirrers. Always love the family photos.

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! The family visits are always fun! (Rob)