Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Twelve Posts In Twenty-One Days: Episode Nine - Fourth Of July Weekend

Our plan to catch up on our blog posting within three weeks of July 11th is getting really close! This is the ninth "episode" and it is for the first weekend in July. We are so very close! 

 July was here and so was Independence Day. It would be a really nice Independence Day because July 4th was a Monday this year meaning it would be a three day weekend without having to use a vacation day! We certainly didn't expect a lot from the sales this weekend. There wouldn't be many. We hoped to just find a few that would give us a chance at finding something fun.  

We were surprised that we were able to find five sales to make our list. None looked spectacular but all of them had their merits and all five were within fifteen miles of our house. We should have no problem making all five with time to spare. That was our goal.

Sale #1 was only five minutes from the house and was described as a moving sale with antiques and records. There were no pictures of the sale so we weren't sure what to expect. What we found was an outdoor garage sale with tables worth of stuff. What we took home was one small cookbook. On to the next sale! 

Sale #2 was just twenty minutes away and was a sale run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. There was nothing in the description that reached out to us but we saw that there were some old things in the pictures for this sale so we figured...why not? 

There was a basement bar and, as you can tell, Monica was glad to find it! 

What a cool vent built into the basement wall! 

Many parts of the upstairs bathroom were original to the home. The toilet, tub and sink were still their original blue. The floor was, obviously, original to this house, too! 

Look at this cool, old, turquoise fan!

In one of the rooms, this picture was hung. We believe that these people were the inhabitants of the house since it was first built. They seem to be happy that we were enjoying their house. We really did enjoy this house and we even took a few things home as keepsakes of our visit. We found an old softball, an ashtray and some booklets.

Sale #3 was listed as an estate sale with "entire contents" and listed, as did sale #1, "antiques" and "records" and just like sale #1, there wasn't much for us. The house was in very poor shape inside and all that we were able to find was one booklet.

Sale #4 was in the same neighborhood and took just a few minutes for us to get there. We are not exactly sure what "vintage toys and dolls" they meant in the ad and the "Christmas" was all new stuff. Nothing for us. Move along.

Our last sale was just a few moments away and was described as "full garage cleanout". That was a very accurate description. The lawn was littered with so many things and, in questioning the owner, was confirmed to have all come from very overloaded garage. We took our time searching in the heat (Monica looks thrilled) and did find some worthwhile records. We were down for the day and ready to go home.

Here is what we brought home with us:

Some Christmas albums

A 7-inch record

Some books and an old map of Mars from National Geographic

An old softball in its box and a Playboy ashtray

On Sunday, after doing our typical chores and errands, we went to Monica's sister's house for a family barbecue. On Monday, we had a bonus day because it was the Fourth Of July! 

There was a Howdy Doody marathon on television and, in between everything else we were doing, we took time to watch some of it. Years ago, Monica's dad gave us this years ago. It is a Howdy Doody light-up ring that he sent away for back when the show originally aired in the 1950's. It is in its original box with all of the original ads that came with it.

Although it was hot outside, it is never too hot to barbecue (or so Rob says). Rob cooked his famous shish-ka-Robs! He did not use the vintage shish-ka-Rob set we found last week. We are saving that for a special occasion.

It was the Fourth of July but we did not use the old firecrackers we found during this past year. We will save them for another year. It was a nice long weekend in our world and, although the saling was sparse, the smiles were not. We always have reasons to smile when we're together. 

This was our ninth post since we set our goal of twelve posts in twenty-one days. We have three posts left and four days in which to post them. This is no time to lose focus...we think we got this! 


  1. Monica was smiling in the cool basement but her frown tells it all in the outside heat. Don't believe I've ever seen you take a picture of her frowning. Hopefully people will see the large picture of me and Ron someday at the Estate Auction and know they are welcome to pilfer our stuff:-)

    1. I think Monica's frown was partially due to the heat and partially a reaction to me taking yet ANOTHER picture! Ha Ha! Do you have a picture of you and Ron like that, Granny Annie? (Rob)

    2. Not that big but it is a painting.

    3. We would love to see it! (Rob)