Monday, July 18, 2016

Twelve Posts In Twenty-One Days: Episode Three - Come On Grandma!

We're continuing to make progress on our plan to catch up on our blog posts within three weeks of July 11th. This is the third "episode" and it is for the third week in May.

This was one of those weekends where we were hoping for lots of good sales. Next weekend would be Memorial Day weekend and expected most of the tag sale companies to take the weekend off. After a week long look at every ad we could find, we discovered that a lot of the tag sale companies seemed to be taking two weekends off! There were less sales than usual and many of those sales were not to our liking. We did manage to find three to put on our saling list for Saturday. All we could do is hope for the best!
Sale #1 was in our town and had a nice, early 8am start. This was important because the sale that looked best to us began at 10am and was about a forty minute drive. Although the ad for this sale didn't say anything except that it was an estate sale, it seemed worth a look given our schedule for the day. As it turned out, it was a very quick stop. There were a couple of rooms on the main floor and there were lots of things there but only a few things caught our eye and they were way overpriced. We left with nothing. On to stop #2.

We arrived in plenty of time to get a good look at the outside of the house that would be sale #2. It was run by  tag sale company that only runs one or two sales per month. It was described as "Grandma's decades of collections" and there were some older Christmas items in the pictures. Come On Grandma! You are our best hope for the day! We arrived nice and early to Grandma's house but...

...we were not the first on line. We were #5 and #6. Fortunately, most tag sale companies allow at least ten people in to start the sale so we knew these numbers were good. We were getting in at the opening.

The inside of the house was not as good as we hoped because the only rooms available for us to search were on the main floor and they were small rooms that had everything laid out. There would be no digging here. On the bright side, our hopes of finding good Christmas stuff was rewarded. The living room had plenty of Christmas and we came home with lots of it. We also came home with a tiki ashtray, a couple of old board games and a few other things. 

Our third and final sale of the day was in the same town as the first and was described as "full contents" and "mid-century". It was the second day of this sale and there were no pictures in the ad so we weren't sure what we would find here.

The front door had a great starburst doorknob backer. We were feeling pretty good about this house already! 

This little oven built into the wall was really cool. The cabinets around it weren't so bad either! 

Speaking of! These old wooden kitchen cabinets were perfect. Choose your color...white, yellow, turquoise, mint green, pink. They would look great in any color! 

We liked this old washing machine in the basement. It was a Maytag. It must have still been working because there was no sign of the Maytag repairman anywhere! 

This old entertainment center was in the living room. It has a television, a stereo, a radio and a bar unit that displayed itself when the upper door was opened.

This house had a lot of great furniture and it was a fun house to search. Unfortunately, we did not find a great deal of things here but we did find one book and an old marionette that is perfect for future Cinco de Mayo parties. It's strings were tangled around a pole lamp and it looked like no one would ever be able to get it without cutting those strings. Rob really wanted this and spent twenty minutes, carefully, untangling him until he was separated from the lamp. The folks running the sale were amazed that we were able to free him! 

It was a short day of saling but that left us plenty of time to visit Monica's dad and to go home and relax the remainder of the day before running the errands and doing the chores that typically take up a good portion of our Sunday. We managed to do some gardening on Sunday, too, which is something we both wanted to do. 

Oh...wait...we have to show you what we found on Saturday, don't we? Well, here goes:

A book

A pair of board games

Cocktail stirrers (one package of pink elephant stirrers and one package of harmonica stirrers), an old marionette, a tiki ashtray (made in Japan) and a Gurley Halloween candle.

Old Christmas Gurley candles still on their original display

More Christmas Gurley candles

Ceramic Christmas items, all marked Japan. The Santa head mugs were housed in their original box

An old medium-sized Santa blow mold, an atomic table top Santa mobile in its original box, some elves with drums, a Christmas fireplace and a box of elves playing musical instruments. The mobile is marked Hong Kong. Everything else, except the blow mold, is marked Japan.

It may not have been the longest day of saling but it was a fun day spent together and every moment spent together provides its own little magic. 

Note: this was our third post since our goal of twelve posts in twenty-one days. Now, we have nine more posts in the next thirteen days. We will do it! 


  1. I have once owned many of the things in these pictures including the Mexican Marionette (had both the senor and the senorita). Do you often wonder about the people who lived among these wonderful things?

    1. Absolutely, Granny Annie...all the time. We love that so many of the houses tells stories of the people who once lived there and we are mindful of that at all times. Years ago, we found an old vintage plastic snowman at an estate sale. The family told us that the previous owner, Fred, loved it. We named the snowman "Freddie" and that is what he will always be known as to us. By the way, we wish we found the senorita, too! How lucky that you had both! (Rob)

  2. How do you find out about these estate sales in our own local areas? I would love to find some vintage christmas stuff!

    1. First, answer me this, The Bloggist, do you live in our area? If you DO live in our area, we're not helping you beat us to vintage Christmas stuff! Ha Ha..just kidding. Try It's a great source! (Rob)

  3. Now I'm going to drive myself nuts wondering where I've seen that headache game before. I love that entertainment center and oven (Have those cabinets in my house and can't stand them.)

    1. I think that was the common cover for the headache game in the 1960's and early 1970's. You have those cabinets and don't like them, Michelle? How come? You can do so much with them! (Rob)