Monday, July 25, 2016

Twelve Posts In Twenty-One Days: Episode Eight - A Little Saling Before Marissa's Birthday

Our plan to catch up on our blog posting within three weeks of July 11th is moving along fine! This is the eighth "episode" and it is for the last week in June. We're almost there! 

Another week and another week's worth of searching for sales before creating the final itinerary. It was a fairly big list with eight sales making the final list. That number was a little misleading. First of all, there were a few sales that showed some real potential but most of the list consisted of sales that were long shots, at best, to be good sales. Second of all, it was our niece's birthday that night and we needed to be home in plenty of time to relax a bit, make and eat dinner and get ready. It could not be a long day so we would prioritize the list and, at least, make the ones we felt would be the best.

 Sale # 1 was the closest to our house and also had the earliest start. It made sense to go here first. It was described as "entire contents of a mid-century home" and salt and pepper shakers were amongst the items listed. Why did that sound so familiar? It was the last sale on our list last week and we could not find the sale. This time, the address was corrected. We mentioned it to the people running the sale and they claimed that they never scheduled the sale for the previous week. We suspect that they did so, in error, and screwed up the address, too! 

The house had an old mint green bathroom that has seen some change since the house was built but most of it was intact.

The basement had a bar with some shelving behind it but it was pretty was the rest of the was most of the house. There were lots of salt and pepper shakers but most were not that old and all were way overpriced. We left with one book.

Sale #2 was about thirty minutes from the first sale. The sale was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and the "1950's housewife home" description appealed to us a lot. This was the sale that we ranked highest on our list. We arrived just before the opening and the line was small and we knew we would get in pretty quickly. 

While waiting, we were allowed to search the garage and this is where we got to work quickly. Those boxes were filled with Christmas things. By the time we had searched through the boxes, we had filled two bags with stuff we planned to take home. It was a great start! 

As we left the garage, our turn had arrived to enter the house. The first area we tackled was the basement which was big and very cluttered. This, of course, made us both smile! 

We found the television downstairs and, inside the cabinet below, was a stereo. We believe that both the television and stereo were hooked up to the speaker in the picture. 

We found this great vintage shish-ka-bob set in its original box. It would come with us and, immediately, be renamed shish-ka-Rob.

The kitchen was really groovy and certainly had a lot of elements more closely related to a 1960's/early 1970's kitchen than a "1950's housewife" kitchen.

We loved these kitchen cabinets. They were certainly original to when this house was built.

Yup...that was the kitchen floor. That is Jan Brady groovy! 

The bathroom was great and maintained so much of its original yellow design.

This was a really fun house and we spent nearly two hours here. Our time was rewarded. We came house with lots of Christmas things, that shish-ka-Rob set, a vintage lamp, some books and a few other things.

As we left, we saw many a plane fly low above our heads; a constant reminder of how close we were to JFK Airport.

Sale #3 was less than fifteen minutes away and was run by another of our favorite tag sale companies. It was the home of the former mayor of the town and was simply described as "entire contents".

We arrived in the living room and caught one of the employees taking a lunch break! They were hard! They are entitled to a little pizza! We searched the boxes and found a few Christmas things here.

Out in  back, we found our host and some more of the employees. There were lots of tables and a garage to look through and, while that took some time, we spent just as much time just talking to our friends there (and to the family of the deceased who were very nice). When we left, it was with those Christmas things, a few old framed ballerina pictures, a Manchester United clock and a few other things. 

By now, it was early afternoon and it was really, really hot outside. The remainder of the sales did not look as promising and, since we had plans that evening, decided to head home at this point so we wouldn't have to rush later. 

Although we only made three sales, we did find plenty of things we liked! Here is some things that now call our house their home:

Cookbooks and books

A vintage shish-ka-Rob set!

A vintage lamp

Some old framed ballerina pictures. We love the frames. We will probably put other pictures in front of the ballerinas and paint the frames either black or turquoise.

Four vintage "The Pussycat" cocktail glasses. We already had a few of these.

Monica found this base and had to have it. Why?

Here's why...she recognized that it belonged with this turquoise planter that we already had! 

Two old honeycomb holiday decorations

A ceramic bowler planter (marked Japan), an old ceramic squirrel that gets mounted on the house or on a tree, a Manchester United clock (not old, but Rob loves Manchester United) and two old metal address file boxes

Two old boxes of Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments plus one empty box on the right where we can place some of our loose ornaments.

Three rubber-faced Santa pajama holders for kids. They are all marked Japan

Nine Christmas ornaments and two clown ornaments (all marked Japan)

A musical ceramic Santa Claus (marked Japan), a Royal Christmas wreath, an old box of Christmas ornaments and a light-up plastic Christmas angel.

We had a great time saling on Saturday and planned it well enough to have plenty of time to get ready for Marissa's birthday!

Monica's sister made two emoji birthday cakes for Marissa. One looked surprised. One just looked goofy. Marissa helped her mom make these!

It was a fun birthday night and the birthday girl embraced the spotlight that shown upon her on her special day!

Our Sunday was not too stressful. We took our time doing what had to be done but still made time to relax and spend time together. We always do. We know what counts most in our lives and in our adventures amongst the ducks.

This was our eighth post since we set our goal of twelve posts in twenty-one days. We have four posts left and five days in which to post them. I think we got this! 


  1. I love it all. But oh you ran into some bright greens and yellows! I would have grabbed up those little clown Christmas ornaments.

    1. They really were REALLY bright greens and yellows, Granny Annie! We love those clown ornaments too! (Rob)