Saturday, July 23, 2016

Twelve Posts In Twenty-One Days: Episode Six - Private Sales And The Italian Festival

Our plan was to catch up on our blog posting within three weeks of July 11th. This is the sixth "episode" and it is for the second week in June. It is getting tight but we can still make our goal...with a little luck! 

The second week of June had arrived and, although it is summer, the heat had not yet gotten oppressive. We installed our air conditioners a few weeks ago but have only had to use it one night so far. This is good. We prefer having the windows open with fresh air entering the house to canned air. We know the days of air conditioning will come but we are enjoying what the summer has brought to us so far.

A week of looking at the sales for the weekend gave us a list of five potential sales for the weekend. None of them seemed to be run by tag sale companies. Every sale on our list was a private sale and that has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is that we expect the sales to be quieter and less likely to be frequented the dealers. The biggest con is that we have to rely on a description written by a novice who may or may not adequately describe the sale. A second con is that pictures rarely accompany a private sale. Nonetheless, we were attracted to five sales and those are what made our list. We were ready and we were hopeful. Off we went! 

Our first sale was a church sale that has a sale every summer around this time. It is only ten minutes from home and, as a bonus, their thrift shop is also open. Two chances to find things. 

These very creepy dolls were in a box but they didn't shake us up. We stayed focused enough, between the outdoor sale and the thrift shop, to find records, a ceramic Santa. some cookbooks and a blow mold Easter bunny. It was a good start to the day! 

Sale #2 was listed as an estate sale with "collectibles" and "Everything must go". It turned out to be just a garage sale but we did find one book to take home from the sale.

Sale #3 was listed as an indoor estate sale and wheelchairs, walkers ans canes were listed amongst the items. That sounded like old stuff to us and so we went. It was a worthwhile stop. We took home some records, an old car garbage pail, a vintage plate and a wooden shadow box shelf.

Our fourth sale was listed as a "huge estate sale with 75 years of accumulation". That was a description that always catches our attention! 

Look at that amazing screen door! Monica presented it as if she was Carol Merrill from The Price Is Right! It was not as great as we hoped it would be but we did pick up a great metal three-tiered rack and a couple of old car books.

We decided to cross off the fifth sale on our list as it was thirty minutes away and we thought our time was better spent visiting Monica's dad at her childhood home...and so we did!

Here is what we found on our Saturday saling adventures:

Some records

Some more records


Car magazines

A blow mold Easter bunny

A vintage three-tiered metal rack

An old car garbage pail, a vintage plate and a wooden shadow box shelf

Christmas 12-inch records

Christmas 7-inch records and a ceramic Santa (marked Japan) 

Saturday night was the annual Italian Festival in town and we always go! The food is great (we got meatball heroes and shared a rice ball) and we ran into Mister Softee! 

There was a duck race and we always appreciate the adventures of ducks! 

After the festival, we drove down to the docks to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful night. No matter what the weather is like, every night is beautiful as long as we spend it together!  

This was our sixth post since we set our goal of twelve posts in twenty-one days. We have six posts left and eight days in which to post them. We can do it! 


  1. The weather sounds nice, we have been experiencing 100+ degree weather. What a beautiful view on last pic.

    1. Thank you, Liz! That was a beautiful night. We have been experiencing very hot and humid days too. This post was from June when things were much cooler outside! (Rob)

  2. That Easter Bunny would fit right in with your Facebook scary ones. LOL

    1. Ha Ha! We LIKE this Easter Bunny, Granny Annie! (Rob)

    2. Ha Ha! We LIKE this Easter Bunny, Granny Annie! (Rob)