Sunday, July 24, 2016

Twelve Posts In Twenty-One Days: Episode Seven - Two Counties To Our West

Our plan was to catch up on our blog posting within three weeks of July 11th. This is the seventh "episode" and it is for the third week in June. We can still do it! 

Recent weeks have provided us with few sales that excited us when we create our list of potential sales for Saturday. This week was a little different. We found a few sales that seemed to have great potential. The best of the sales were two counties to our west and that meant a drive of at least 45 minutes. We had six sales, in total, on our list and we made sure to get up a little earlier on Saturday so we would get a nice early start. Coffee/tea, shower, get dressed, go! 

Sale #1 was described as a step back to the '60's. It was run by a tag sale company that we know and we were hoping to find some great things here. The sale began at 9am and we arrived before the sale arrived. We had to wait on line but our wait wasn't very long at all.

There was a great bar downstairs and Monica thoroughly searched behind it. 

It was fairly crowded in the basement but Monica didn't care. She found a hat that she liked and it did come home with us.

This great entertainment center/bar unit was in the living and, as cool as it was, it did not come home with us. We did not leave empty-handed though! Aside from Monica's new hat, we also took home two vintage ashtrays, a vintage pillow, a vintage rubber sink rack and some booklets. It was a good first stop.

Sale #2 was in the same county as our first sale and was also run by a tag sale company we know. It was the second day of this estate sale and we hoped to find some hidden treasures...hidden a little better than Monica did behind the hedges in the picture! 

It was a big house and we started in the basement. This mounted pencil sharpener greeted up along the trip downstairs. That is always a good sign! 

This section of the basement was reserved for Christmas and Rob did a very thorough search. Unfortunately, most of it wasn't very old and Rob only found one Christmas item of interest here. 

Our search of the house led to the discovery that, aside from the basement, there really wasn't a whole lot of things here. Still, we did find a few things we liked and the one Christmas thing, some records, some mugs and one apron were ours when we left.

After getting some breakfast, we made our way to sale #3, crossing into the county next to ours, but just barely. This was a sale run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and, based on the pictures, looked like it might have a lot of stuff inside but nothing we were specifically targeting except for a set of plastic tiki patio lights. From the picture, we couldn't tell whether they were old or new. This was the second day of this sale and, whether they were old or new, we weren't counting on finding them.

The inside of the garage had piles of things to look through and it was obvious that there were some Christmas things in those piles. Alone, on one side of the garage, were these Christmas choir kids. They had concrete bases and could barely be moved. That didn't bother us since we didn't want them anyway.

Upstairs, in this one closet, there were many suit jackets in a variety of red, pink and gray colors. None of us had any interest. By the time we were done searching the house, we were sure that those tiki lights were long gone but we did find a vintage desk lamp, some records, an old wooden Christmas mail holder and a few other little Christmas things.

Sale #4 was in the same town as the previous sale and was listed as "entire contents of older home". As it turned out, it was a private sale with very little of interest to us. Monica found a couple of cake pans which we will use soon.

Sale #5 was also listed as "entire contents" and was run by another of our favorite tag sale companies. Although the pictures did not show us anything specific, we knew that there was potential and so we went.

The house was pretty neat and it was obvious that it would not be a digger. This upstairs room turned out to be the best room in the house as we found a couple of Christmas things here and the tag sale company let up buy a couple of bins which we sorely need right now.

Although we did not find all that much here, it was a fun house and we enjoyed seeing our friends at the tag sale company and we enjoyed seeing Kermit, as well! 

The last sale on our list was bringing us closer to home. It was described as "entire contents of a mid-century home" and salt and pepper shakers were amongst the items listed. It sounded good but...we couldn't find the house! The address did not exist. We weren't sure what happened. Did we copy the address wrong? It really didn't matter. We couldn't find it. No sale! 

Here are the items we came home with on Saturday:

Some records

A 7-inch record and a giveaway record from Mad Magazine from 1963

Booklets, postcards, brochures and a napkin from Top Of The Six's Restaurant which has been gone for about twenty years. 

Some old charm catalogs for Monica

An old, groovy bag for Monica.

A hat for Monica

An old kitchen apron

A vintage couch pillow and Rubbermaid sink rack from 1960

Some old birthday candles and some trick or treat bags

Two old ashtrays, a vintage desk lamp and a pair of coffee mugs from a restaurant called Koenig's which closed recently. Rob's great-grandfather and grandfather used to take Rob's dad there when he was young. In turn, Rob's dad used to take him there when Rob was in college. 

Some Christmas things: a wooden Christmas mail holder, a ceramic angel, a Christmas record, a knee hugger elf, a few small plastic Christmas things, a smaller red reindeer and a dream pet reindeer. The mail holder, ceramic angel, knee hugger elf and dream pet reindeer are all marked Japan.

It was a busy day and a fun day. We had so much to do on Sunday but managed, together, to get everything done. The weekends seem to go so very fast but we enjoy every moment of them simply because our weekend adventures, not matter how quickly they go by, are enjoyed together.

This was our seventh post since we set our goal of twelve posts in twenty-one days. We have five posts left and seven days in which to post them. It's looking very possible! 


  1. How in the world did you pass up the choir couple. They looked like you and Monica. I am always happy when Monica finds a new hat or a purse.

    1. Ha Ha! Let's hope we don't weigh as much as that choir couple! I am happy when Monica finds a new purse or hat, too. She smiles a lot! (Rob)