Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Arrives...On The Calendar

This post is for the weekend beginning Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20th...the beginning of spring on the calendar. There have not been many signs that spring was on its way. The weather is still colder than normal and we had two snowstorms this month that dropped at least six inches of snow upon us. Spring was not quite in the air yet, but we had a three day weekend and we were happy about that. There was an estate sale that was scheduled for Friday that was of interest to us. "Fifty years of accumulation" catches our attention. This was be our starting point for the weekend.

Sale #1 was run by an estate sale company that we like a lot. We have much success at their sales but they have not had a lot as of least not on the weekends. Most of their sales seem to fall on Fridays and, with both of us working Monday through Friday, we always miss them. Today was different. It was a vacation day

The house was not all that big and there really wasn't all that much there. We did find one record, an old Christmas cake pan and a pair of old pineapple honeycomb decorations that we will use at future luaus...and we had fun. That, more than anything else, is the mark of success.

With no other sales to frequent, we decided to go to thrift shops. The pickings have been slim in recent years and you just never know what you'll find, if anything at all. We went to five of them and were surprised to find a few goodies for us. 

Thrifting is fun, especially when we are lucky enough to find things, but there are perils too. You never know when you will encounter, lurking within the dark basements, a pack of walkers! 

By Friday evening, it started to snow again. It was technically already spring...but only on the calendar. By the morning, we had received four inches of new snow! Our flamingo was not happy! 

Saturday morning greeted us with two potential sales and we were anxious to see what they had in store for us. Monica had already started up the path. The sale was privately run and had a very brief description but it seemed to have the potential for old things. It was also in our town which made it a very easy decision to take a look. As it turned out, there was a lot of old things but nothing for us. The sale was being run by the decedent's brother and he told us that only 5% of what the brother had was ready to view but that there would be more in the upcoming months. We will keep our eyes out for their next sale

Our other Saturday sale was also close to our house and we could tell that it was probably also filled with old things. There were not a lot of rooms to search but we did have to dig through the rooms that there were. After a 45 minute run through the house, we found an old cookbook, several old holiday die-cut decorations and a few other things.

With the day only half over and no more sales on our list, we decided to go for lunch to a retro style hamburger place that we go to a couple of times a year. The food is good and it's a fun atmosphere and...

...we like the signs on the wall, especially this one. It's a great sign and the starbursts in the background add a nice touch.

It was a lazy kind of day and we went out for dinner too. We went to Taco John's which shares its restaurant with Arby's. The Arby's cow out front was pleading with us not to order the beef.

Here are some of the things we found on Friday and Saturday:

Some records

Some more records

Some Christmas records

Some cookbooks

An old Valentine's Day decoration

Some old Thanksgiving die cut decorations

A ceramic turkey (marked Japan) and a honeycomb turkey

An old Easter die cut decoration

More Easter decorations...a Gurley Easter Bunny candle, a pair of honeycomb Easter eggs and an old plastic Easter container

Three Eureka Halloween die cut decorations from 1966

Some Christmas things

An old pair of pineapple honeycomb decorations and a package of cocktail stirrers

We spent Sunday running our errands, doing our chores and finding some time just to relax together. It may not be as adventurous as our saling but it is time together and we love every moment of that time too. 

Now, we will turn our thoughts to Easter. It's just around the corner. We hope it brings spring with it! 

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