Monday, March 23, 2015

Dodging The Raindrops

This post is for the weekend of March 14th and 15th, 2015

It was still March. We haven't had the type of March days that make you think that springtime is coming. We have had the type of days that remind you that it is still winter. We haven't had snow in a week but it has been colder than average for this time of year and, while the snow piles have shrunk a bit, they are still there but...they have not grown either and that's good.

The number of estate sales hasn't grown either. Most of this winter, the pickings have been slim and this week would be no exception. At first, we thought that there might be three potential sales for us but, upon further investigation, we realized that we recognized one of the houses. The estate sale company was selling what was left. We were there just a few weeks before and we know that anything of interest either came with us or went home with someone else. Now the list was down to two sales and neither looked spectacular. Still, two sales are better than none and, with hope in our hearts, off we went. 

We arrived at the first sale and were happy to see that it was still on. All of the pictures of this sale pointed towards this being an outdoor sale. That was potentially a problem because it was raining. It was raining pretty hard...but it wasn't snow. We weren't complaining because, well, it wasn't snow.

The estate sale company running ths sale was prepared. There were tents to cover the merchandise. There were tents to cover us.

The merchandise for sale was primarily the contents of the house that had already been sold and, because of that, the house was off limits. Buried amongst the clutter was this amazing phonograph cabinet. This picture does not do it justice...

...but this one does (a picture from the ad for this sale). It was AMAZING! Although we probably don't have room for it, we might have convinced ourselves that we did if it weren't damaged during its move from the house to the garage. The middle handle had broken off and partially splintered and we have no doubt that it developed some new scratches in the garage. 

There were some books there too but none more valuable that the two above. Who knew that life came with instructions? 

While we did got get these books, we did find two giant vintage brandy snifter glasses for "tidbits" and "nuts". 

After a stop for breakfast, we made our way to sale #2. It was still raining but, at least, this sale was actually indoors. There was nothing that drew us to this sale other than pictures that showed us some old furniture. We hoped that we would find more.

The basement had two mounted pencil sharpeners...a good sign...times two!

This metal cabinet in the basement was amazing. It was so amazing that we had to take two pictures. We didn't bring it home and we both regret not making an offer for it! 

The basement was a digger which is exactly the types of sales we love! 

At the far end of the basement was some cool old furniture that had seen better days. Nonetheless, it was cool! 

The bathroom has this great mint green sink amongst a sea of pink.

Look at the great pink bathroom floor!

We spent over an hour in this house and it was a digger. We found a few things to add to our home.

Here are some things that took the ride home with us:

Cocktail stirrers and an old package of Party Picks

Radiation contamination tags dated 1960, a pamphlet and a Treasure Craft ashtray from 1963 and made in Hawaii. We have the matching pineapple ones

A vintage cocktail towel

A vintage glass tray

A pair of Royal China Blue Heaven casserole dishes and a pair of vintage giant brandy snifter glasses from the 1950's/early 1960's. We also have some in turquoise, purple, yellow and white.

It may have been a slow day for sales but we found a few nice things and, most importantly, it was a day spent together. Spring has to be just around the corner. It may not say it in the air but it says so on the calendar and the green must be just around the corner...

...even if that green was just for St. Patrick's Day. 


  1. We'll take 'the rain' over 'the snow' ANYDAY!! (besides, 'Ducks' LIKE rain - don't they??)

  2. You struck the mother load with this sale. I could not have gotten away without that speaker set or the cabinet. I truly admire the ability you guys have to give careful and wise thought to you purchases. Love the beautiful cocktail towel in such good condition. Still a two pencil sharpener sale....WOW!!

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! We really should have come home with the cabinet but we knew we did not have room for the speaker set. It was a beauty but it was broken during the move. A two pencil sharpener sale is extra good luck! (Rob)