Sunday, March 1, 2015


This is for the weekend ending February 22, 2015. 

Another Saturday was upon us and so was another opportunity to go saling. For the past several weeks, our course was easy to set because there was only one sale each week with any potential. This week would be different. There were three sales that caught our attention and, for the first time in a long time, we had choices to make. Two were in the same general direction. The other was in a completely different area. We chose to play the odds and go to the two sales. Besides, the one that stood by itself was only described as "dating back to the 1970's" and it was on its second day. Our decision making did not take long but it was good to make saling decisions no matter how few they were. It felt good to have choices.

Sale #1 was run by a tag sale company that is one of our favorites. They don't have sales every week but, when they do, we try to attend. There was nothing specific that drew us to this sale other than that pictures told of an old house and the fact that we have found many fun things at their sales.

The basement floor was great but there just wasn't all that much in the basement. 

The bathroom was great too! Two old sinks, an old toilet and an old bathtub...all blue!

The house did not take a great deal of time to search but we did enjoy our visit and we did manage to find a few things for us. One record, some cake toppers, an old radio, some cocktail stirrers and a few other things came home with us.

After a stop for breakfast, we made our way to Sale #2 which was about 25 minutes away. Like the first sale, there was nothing specifically that drew us to the sale except that the pictures spoke of a house that was old. It spoke of a house that had potential.

We arrived at our final sale with hope that we would find more

Looking up was a reminder of how close we were to Kennedy Airport

The kitchen was the first room we searched and we were happy to see old cabinets and an old green countertop.

We love seeing side shelving in the kitchen. We hope to have this some day in our kitchen! 

There was a bar downstairs which Rob thoroughly searched. He always does! Although the bar did not have any hidden treasures, the house supplied us with lots of other finds. Records, a couple of Christmas things and a few other items joined us for the ride home.

Here is what we brought home with us today:

Some Sesame Street/Muppet Show records

Some other records

Some more records

Christmas records

An old barbecue set, an old Osterizer blender book and an old Thanksgiving die-cut decoration

A Las Vegas souvenir pennant from 1966 (with Vegas Vic), some old Howard Johnsons keychains and some cocktail stirrers

An old Kanga and Roo squeak toy from Sears, an old transistor radio and pair of teenager cake toppers. The cake toppers were repro versions made in the 1980's.

Some Christmas things

It was good to find a pair of sales today. The winter has been tough and we enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time saling this week. Not that we absolutely NEED more sales to entertain us.

We find entertainment while food shopping where the cardboard display cases stick their tongues out at us...

...and we entertain ourselves by making sure to celebrate all of the best Chinese New Year which we celebrated by going to dinner at an old Chinese restaurant that is not too far from our house.

This winter may be cold and we may have been stuck indoors more than we would have liked but we have each other and that means everything will turn out fine. 


  1. CHOICES are GOOD!
    BLUE SINKS... not so good.

    1. Ha Ha! You didn't like the blue sinks? (Rob)