Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Weekend Before Easter

The weekend before Easter had arrived and we really hoped for a lot of estate sales. We knew that there would probably be nothing on Easter weekend so this would be our only opportunity for two weeks. As the week moved along, we saw that it would not be a great saling week. There were sales but none that looked great and few that even showed potential. When Saturday rolled around, Monica was a little under the weather and he decided to stay home and relax. We only had a couple of sales on our list and they really didn't look very good. 

By Sunday, Monica was feeling good again and we decided to go to the one sale that we considered on Sunday. It was being run by one of our favorite estate sale companies and we were intrigued by the ad that said the house belonged to a former Pan-Am flight attendant. We wondered what we might find. So, with one target in mind, off we went!

We arrived at the house but, before going inside, we went straight to the backyard. The owner of the estate sale company had emailed us that there was Christmas things in the shed. We looked through several boxes but found that just about everything was newer. 

Inside the house, there was only one floor to search and there was not too much there. There were some Pan Am items but much of them were newer. We were told that there was a big crowd at the opening and much of the Pan Am things went out the door quickly. We did manage to find two things of interest and that would be our sole finds for the week.

Here is what we brought home:

 An old cookbook and a Valentine's Day dream pet (marked Japan)

We spent the rest of Sunday stopping for a late breakfast, stopping to visit Monica's dad at his house and then coming home to do some things around the house. What we did not have to do was decorate for Easter because we had finished that during the week. Here are some of our Easter decorations on display:

The bar/stereo unit is completely decorated for the holiday

Honeycomb decorations adorn the fake fireplace

Lots of ceramic rabbits (marked Japan)

Easter egg trees, old Easter egg decorating kits and some plastic eggs

Pez dispensers

Rubber ducks and bunny musicians

Miscellaneous Easter things

A few more miscellaneous things...

...and more Easter things.

It was a weekend short on saling opportunities but any weekend spent together is a good weekend. Next week, we will attempt to bake again, not discouraged by last year's results. Wish us luck! 

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