Friday, March 13, 2015

In Like A Lion

March is usually the time we start thinking that the winter is behind us and that the nicer weather is just ahead. The winter has been cold. February has been brutal. We did a little research. The national Weather Service's Upton office has only officially been recording data separately for Long Island since 1984. February, 2015 was the coldest month on record with an average temperature for the month of 21.6 degrees. Records have been recorded at Central Park since 1869. February, 2015 was the third coldest February in that 146-month period and the ninth coldest month overall. The average winter snowfall on Long Island is 24.8 inches. We have had 56.6 inches so far. We're ready for the spring. We are very ready. 

We expect March to come in like a lion and this one did. Sunday, March 1st brought us six more inches of snow. Thursday, March 6th brought us seven more. Temperatures dipped into the teens on four of the first seven days. 

This was the view through Rob's windshield on his way home from work on Thursday. Beautiful, yet treacherous. 

Saturday arrived and there was no snow in the forecast but it would still be cold. It was twelve degrees Saturday morning and, well, we were not all that surprised. Our week long search for sales resulted in just one sale of interest. The ad said it had vintage toys. It also said it had seasonal merchandise. Would it be vintage? We would have to see.

So, after a 35 minute ride, we arrived to encounter the dreaded line. It really wasn't a surprise. There just weren't that many sales around. It took us about a half hour to get inside and we were grateful to enter a warmer place.

There were three floors and we went to the basement first where we found this cool basement bar. Monica searched the area thoroughly.

The basement also had this cool couch which was very reasonably priced but it did not come home with us. If it was turquoise or orange, it would have been in our house by day's end!

We searched the main floor and the second floor and found some really great things. By the time that we walked out the door, we had several ceramic elves, several vintage holiday decorations, some more ceramic items and a few other great things.

Sunday is normally a day to stay at home and focus on errands and chores but we saw two sales with some potential that were not too far from home and we thought we would sneak in a little Sunday saling in the morning before getting back to our normal routine. And so we did.

Both sales were run by the same tag sale company and it was one whose sales we have attended for years! We were excited when we arrived at the first sale and saw this beautiful old house with the turquoise shutters. 

There were so many things in this house that have remained unchanged for many years. The green bathtub and sink were probably the originals.

This other bathroom had a yellow toilet, sink and baseboard heaters which were also probably here when the original owner moved in. There were also many pieces of great vintage furniture, none of which would find room in our home. Well, except the great vintage record cabinet which did come home with us! We also found two paperback books. 

Sale #2 was just a short drive away and we were anxious to see what we might find inside. Monica was waiting for Rob to hurry up! 

There was a pencil sharpener mounted in the basement. This is usually a good sign! 

The attic was cluttered and that provides us with a good opportunity to dig. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot for us in this house but we did find a few good things. A vintage wine rack, a vintage Hawaiian shirt, a vintage handkerchief and a few other things were ours after our visit.

Here are some things we took home with us this weekend:

Some Christmas records

Some books

A vintage Hawaiian shirt for Rob

A vintage bartender's apron

A vintage wine rack

An old box of little forks and a vintage handkerchief

A vintage souvenir spoon and fork from Florida and some old napkins from Jones Beach

An old Donkey Party game

A  vintage record cabinet

A whale ashtray, a pink ceramic squirrel and cat salt and pepper shakers. All are marked Japan

Two pairs of ceramic elves )which we use as St. Patrick's decorations), two ceramic Valentine's Day decorations, a pair of bunny salt and pepper shakers and a plastic Easter decoration. All but the plastic decoration are marked Japan

Christmas decorations...two Rudolphs and two Santas on bicycles

It was a great weekend of saling and, more importantly, a great weekend together. The forecast for the upcoming week was for temperatures in the forties and fifties and that would be a very welcome change! We're looking forward to the lamb. We are promised a lamb by the end of March. Spring cannot be too far way now...we hope! Walks around our favorite lake await us. The ducks will be glad to see us...and we will be glad to see them! Until then...we will huddle together in the warmth of our home knowing that better weather is just around the corner.


  1. Hawaiian Shirt!
    Little Pixie Pairs!
    Santas on cycles?!!

    1. Thanks, svelteSTUFF! It was a fun weekend! (Rob)

  2. Wow! That is a lot of snow! Everything closes here when we get 1 inch of snow. Love the record cabinet and the whale. I always buy whales when I see them.

    1. Thanks, Liz! The whale ashtray and the record cabinet were easy decisions for us. We hope that we have seen the last of the snow for this winter! (Rob)