Sunday, June 23, 2013

Saling In The Summer

Summer has arrived and we had the second weekend in a row of beautiful weather. With no more of our own yard sales to set up (for at least two years, we hope), it was time to set our course for saling but first....a new $5 or Less store opened up only moments from our house and we had to take a look around, didn't we? We arrived Friday evening and it had some really interesting stuff! There were some items that would have fit right in on the pages of the Archie McPhee catalog and then there was the candy! 

Candy! Botan Rice Candy, Sugar Daddies, B.B. Bats (banana flavor), candy cigarettes and razzles. Oh...and the Clark and 5th Avenue bars. These two were Rob's dad's favorite chocolate bars as a kid. They were sitting beside each other and Rob smiled at the memory of his Dad and the smile these would have brought him.

So, Saturday morning arrived and we set "sale". Our first planned stop was a local one that Rob said sounded very familiar. It was along the water about 10 minutes away and, as we pulled up, we recognized the house! We were there earlier this year and they had nothing that interested us so we did not go inside. We pulled down the street though to look at the water. It was a nice view!

So, after stopping for breakfast, we moved on to our second stop!
This sale was run by some people who own an antique store east of us. This was very different than most houses we visit. Normally, we have a pretty good idea whether it will be a good stop after looking at the first room or two. The first three rooms showed us nothing at all (except for one cool early 1960's coffee table). Then we hit the garage and we found lots of great Christmas items! The upstairs had some great vintage books, a couple of records and a few more Christmas items. This proved to be a great choice for us! 

The bathroom was blue with an old tile floor.

Rob looking through some records. There is a second old coffee table behind Rob and leopard couch pillows. We didn't get the coffee table or the leopard pillows but we did get some other couch pillows at this stop.

Our next stop was at very cluttered house with lots of old items. It was an estate sale run by the family of the deceased. We picked up a variety of items here included a wooden shadow box, some vintage cookbooks, some vintage greeting cards and various miscellaneous items. The prices were very cheap.

As we moved on to the fourth stop on our list, the street sign looked promising...
Welcome to Sherwood! Picture Errol Flynn from the movie "Robin Hood" as he appears in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. "Never worry. Never Fear. Robin Hood will soon be here". Well, as it turns out, there was no welcome. There was no sale and the people did not even appear to be home. We may have mistakenly copied down the wrong date. Well, never worry, never fear, another sale will soon be here...and so, off we went to our next stop.

Our next stop. We had never heard of a company called "Red Tag" but we were pleasantly surprised to find familiar faces. It is a small company that decided to change their name. The lady who owns the company knows Rob does "Mr. Ed" impressions and always asks him to do them. Rob always reluctantly agrees. 

Look at the cool vintage pink vacuum cleaner. It was pretty beat up and we did not get it but we did get a few good things. We stopped at one more garage sale on the way home but it was a quick stop and there was nothing for us. 

After a long, hot day, we napped, then Rob barbecued steaks and Monica prepared the side dishes. We spent the early evening walking through town, stopping for Italian Ices and enjoying the night.

The town streets are always well lined with beautiful flowers

A view of the town Movie Theatre from below the marquee. 

Our town...Babylon

Some of the items we got on Saturday:
Another wooden shadow box that matches a few we already have.

Some throw pillows from the 1960's. Rob had the exact same ones in his house when he was a kid but they were a golden color.

LOTS of Christmas items. Many ceramic pieces made in Japan, lots of plastic Santas with his reindeer, a wooden Christmas mail holder made in Japan and some knee huggers and a pixie!

A Christmas mailer from Penneys from the early 1960's, a popcorn Santa and a hanging Christmas decoration with a knee hugger.

Some old Christmas banners

Lots of vintage cookbooks

Some more books, some vintage greeting cards and a couple of old cardboard Halloween decorations.

Lots of old playing cards

Some old glittery drink coasters, a Susie Sad Eyes doll, a 1963 plastic wolfman figurine, some old plastic bridal party figurines and a bear dish detergent topper that we both had in our house as kids.

A large vintage drink umbrella, a Fuller Brush letter opener, vintage birthday candles and cake toppers, an old bottle opener (looks like Jimmy Durante) and an old flip book.

A rubber coated drink stake. We have several of these and pick them up whenever we see them. Perfect for placing your beverage in during outdoor parties.

Some records

It was a great Saturday. We spent most of Sunday working in our garden, shopping for our fruits and vegetables and doing things around the house. Oh, and of course....

We did make sure our mannequin, Sharon, got redressed in summer attire!


  1. Sharon is looking good, and ready for a luau! I enjoyed this post so much, because it sounds like you had the perfect day: yard saling, barbecuing, a stroll through town and then Italian Ices. LOVE all of your vintage finds!

    1. Thanks, Carol! It really was a great day! :) (Rob)