Friday, June 21, 2013

Yard Sale Weekend...The Day After!

We had a four day weekend, highlighted by our yard sale on Saturday and all the preparations beforehand (see the previous post for details). One day left...Monday...a day we both chose as a vacation day. A day for just us.

With no estate sales in sight, we started off the day going to Thrift Shops. This was our first stop and one we go to often. We did not get anything here today but we did empty our car of six boxes full of donations. The ladies who work here are all so nice and are very excited to get donations (believe it or not, some just don't want donations at all!). We still have another six boxes or so and we will donate those to another Thrift Shop in the near future. 

This was our second stop, another Thrift Shop located right next door to the first one. We sometimes find things here but not today. 

Our third Thrift Shop, another one we go to sometimes. We got a Christmas record, a cookbook and a Darth Vader cake/jello mold pan!

It was pretty hot outside but we live on Long Island and there are lots of opportunities to drive down to the shore to cool off! 

Another Thrift Shop we browsed in. There was nothing for us here. We stopped at several others before and after this one. Many were closed on Mondays! :(

Time to cool off again! We stopped at a park that we go to sometimes. Pretty scenery, a small lake, lots of birds and some shade!

Ducks on the move!

Geese and ducks at rest!

Goose and duck in one! A Duck Duck Goose!

He behaved like a goose

The ducks didn't seem to care. They had seen his kind before!

A little carving on a fallen tree to let people know we had been there

One more Thrift Shop to visit. They rarely have anything but they did today...two records.  This one is in town. We love to walk through town on nice evenings and is just a three minute walk from the lake we visit often...the one we like to call "our lake". 

We walked through town, got an italian ice and then posed with Nipper, The Plesser's Dog. Yes...he has eyes but I guess we covered them! 

After a late afternoon nap together (we were still a little exhausted from the Saturday yard sale), it was time to get some food from one of our favorite places, All American Drive-In. It has been there forever and we try to go a few times a year!

All American Drive-In!

Lots to choose from the menu!

Burgers and fries for each of us. A chocolate shake for Rob and a Root Beer soda for Monica! 

All American makes us happy! 

We stopped at the docks closet to our house on the way home. It is only about 2 miles from our house. The docks had been pretty heavily damaged during Hurricane Irene in 2011 and then destroyed during Hurricane Sandy last year but they have been fixed and are better than ever! 

One of the houses across the docks. Many were very, very seriously damaged during Hurricane Sandy. You can still see the work-in-progress on some of them.

Another boat that The Professor won't be able to fix!

Beautiful evening clouds! 

Enjoying the view with the wind in our hair!

Visiting the wooden fisherman that sits along the docks!

The day was exactly what we planned it to be...a day for us to share together...amongst the wooden fishermen...amongst the geese...and always amongst the ducks!

Oh...and here is what we picked up thrifting today:

Some records and a book...

...and a Darth Vader cake/jello mold pan! We will use him to make a "Luke, I Am Your Father's Day" dessert next year!!!

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