Monday, June 3, 2013

It's June 1st - Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit!!!

When Monica was a little girl, her mom used to always call up the stairs on the first of every month, "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit". Saying this on the first of the month (as early in the day as possible) is supposed to bring you good luck the whole month through! For the record, Monica didn't think it was such good luck when her mom yelled this up the stairs and she was still sleeping! Nonetheless, it still means good luck and now Rob says it too, using the alternate version, "Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit"...but he knows enough not to say it until Monica is awake! Well, we both said it and hoped that the rabbits would bring us good luck in our day's saling!

Our first stop of the day. Note the sign.."HUGE SALE". It was a tag sale run by some guys that clean out houses for a living and, while there was some stuff there, it was not our type of stuff. There were some cool, old kid's bicycles but all we came away with was one tie for Rob at a cost of 50 cents. We had a wedding to go to Sunday night and Rob thought the tie would look great with his dark blue suit.

The sign in front of our second stop was a familiar one. We have been to many of their estate sales and they are either great or complete busts. This one, unfortunately, was a complete bust with nothing that captured our interest at all. On to the next stop...

This one was a tag sale being run by someone who, we believe, just collected things and was ready to say goodbye to the things she collected. There were so many things that we wanted but we did not come home with everything we chose. Some of the items were very reasonably priced and some were definitely overpriced. Rob said the negotiation was one of the toughest ever and he had to pull out his entire toolbox of psychological ammunition. In the end, she came down in price on a lot of things and we passed on the items that still did not meet our price expectations. We came away with some records, many vintage Easter decorations (there was the "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" at work!) and some other miscellaneous things including a complete Ice Bird flavored ice maker. Monica sings this around the house a lot and Rob joins in on the singing but it is always Monica that starts it. Ha ha! The one thing that we did not get that Rob really, really wanted was a pair of Santa head blow molds that were made in the early 1960's. The lady wanted $25 for the pair and we were not close enough in what we would pay to even enter negotiations on those. :(

Our fourth stop was about 30 minutes away and was an estate sale run by the family. It was advertised as having "83 years of accumulation" and that might very well have been accurate. It had become brutally hot by the time we got here and we felt a little bad that they were outdoors in the sun all day. We found a few little items here and the people were very nice.

After a quick stop for Slurpees at 7-11, we made it to a fifth stop, a church bazaar/white elephant sale. We really don't know what to call this sale. There were definitely church volunteers running some of the tables but there were vendors running others. Some tables were outside and some were inside. There was not much here at all and even going inside was not great relief from the heat. We did take a brief walk down the street alongside the church, after leaving the sale, because there were several garage sales there but nothing sparked any interest in us at all and we spent a grand total of 25 cents at this stop. 

Well, we DID see some nice flowers outside of the church in full bloom!

The sign outside of our sixth and final stop of the day. This was another estate sale run by a really nice family. The first few items we saw were extraordinarily overpriced. Not even the friendly "Make us an offer" offered much hope but we were in luck (thank you again, rabbits!)...everything else was VERY reasonably priced. We got a lot of records here (22 records for $15) and some vintage birthday decorations and some other great things! 

By the time we left this last sale, we were exhausted and ready to go home into our air conditioned house (about 45 minutes away) and take a nap. To our great surprise, it was probably about 20 degrees cooler by our house. We get a great breeze from the ocean which is only a couple of miles to the south of us. We felt refreshed! We felt more comfortable! We napped anyway!!! 

Here are some of the things we came home with today:
Some books including a "Love Letters to The Monkees" paperback from 1967. The two Charlie Brown books are first editions from 1968 that Rob had as a kid. He negotiated the price on these to $1 apiece rather than the $2 apiece that the lady wanted.

Some Christmas records...

...some more Christmas records...

...and even more Christmas records

More records including The Partridge Family, Sesame Street (original cast), Mister Rogers and Birthday House!

A Patti Page record and some children's records....

...and lots more children's records

Miscellaneous items including a vintage clown planter, some cat salt and pepper shakers (made in Japan) and that Ice Bird flavored ice maker set that Monica always sings about!

An old "Misfits" game, an old pink plastic shower curtain (still in its package) for our future pink bathroom and lots of old birthday cake decorations.

 And finally, lots of vintage Easter decorations including a blow up Easter bunny and a really creepy plastic Easter bunny (top right). Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! 


  1. I keep meaning to tell you that I want to see a picture of the inside of your vehicle when you arrive home after these sales. Most of those items are small but sometimes you make some purchases that make me wonder how you get them home. Love learning a new superstition. Have never heard of "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" and shall try it. We need all the luck we can get.

    1. ha ha, Granny Annie! Rarely do we buy anything huge! I have a Honda Station Wagon that we typically drive on our saling days and it has lots of room. Learning and practicing that superstition once a month cannot hurt!