Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Dog Days Of Summer

Summer arrived in late June with a fury. It has been hazy, hot and humid since then with no end in sight...the "dog days of summer". Just before the last weekend in June, Rob's old dog, Scruffy, came to stay with us for a few days and we loved having him here! He is a 16 pound Cairn Terrier (think "Toto" from The Wizard Of Oz) and he loves to sit in Monica's lap while we watch TV. He could not join us while we went "saling" so he stayed at home and napped in the air-conditioned house and anxiously awaited our return so he could see what we got! 

 This was our first stop. We had been here a few weeks ago but they advertised that they added new things (which they did) and it was only 10 minutes from our house so we went to see what was added. There was nothing for us so our visit was brief.

They did have this cool switch plate on the wall. Lilco was the electric utility company here for years and years...

...and we were greeting by King Moonracer on the way! 

Our second stop was not on our planned list of places to go. We did not even see their sale advertised but we saw their sign on the way to our first stop and it was only a few moments away from our first stop. We have been to many of their sales in the past.

It was a house sitting along a canal. Here is a view from the back of the house. Baby swans were starting their morning swim under the careful eye of their mom.

It was a house that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. There was no first floor left! 

We found this in the garage. It is an old chemistry set in a metal case with really cool graphics. We did not get it but we did find a few cool things here.

After a break to get some breakfast, we arrived at our third stop, a "Red Tag" sale. This is the new name of a tag sale company that we know. Really nice people work there. All we found was one record here (which Rob left in the hot car and it warped by the time we came home. Oh was only a $1 and it was not our favorite find of the day). 

Monica posing in front of our next stop. It did not have a lot but we did get a few fun records here! 

On to the next stop. It was run by a tag sale company that we know fairly well. It was a really cool old house!

The basement was really cool! 

The cool wallpaper in the basement! 

Rob looking for finds behind the basement bar.

Look at the cool front of the bar...

...and the cool old floor!

The kitchen had great old metal cabinets and drawers and a "cracked ice" countertop!

A close-up of the "cracked ice"

This was a music room which was packed into a closet-sized space. Turntables, records, cassettes and 8 tracks!

Rob had a craving for Imperial Margarine!

The house even had a pink and turquoise bathroom! In the end, we spent about an hour here and found some great old Christmas stockings, records and a few miscellaneous things!

Our last estate sale run by a company that was completely new to us. It was a digger and we had great fun at this one. It was an old house with lots to search and very nice people running the sale. Their prices were great!!!!

Rob rummaging through the records in the basement

The downstairs bar

Rob blinded by the flash of Monica's camera! 

Here are some of the things we brought home:
Some records

Some more records

Some Christmas records

A pretty vintage dress for Monica

Some cookbooks

Some other books and an unused postcard (bottom right) from 1964 from the Long Island Railroad promoting the World's Fair

Some Christmas items

Some old Christmas gift tags, cake toppers and elf Christmas card clips

 Drink picks

Some vintage wrapping paper

Other miscellaneous items

Lots of old Christmas stockings!

We got home after a long, hot day and look what we found in our mailbox... 
We sent off our $7.98 and it arrived. We wanted the 8 track but that was sold out. No wonder! Slim Whitman has sold more records than Elvis and The Beatles combined!!!!

Oh yes...we found this when we got home too...
He was climbing up the downstairs wall! Rob safely transported him outside where he would be happier!

Our visitor went back to his home on Tuesday, July 2nd

We know he enjoyed his stay as much as we enjoyed having him here! 


  1. Thanks so much for doing a close-up shot of that fabulous musically inspired wallpaper- and that bar, wow! Wish I had room for it at my house. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I'm trying to cut down on my own thrifting/picking so it's nice to live vicariously through you :-)

    1. Thanks, Mod Betty! We LOVE running across old bars and have been lucky enough to find really cool wallpaper like this on occasion. We wish WE had room for that bar too! One day! (Rob)

  2. Wow! Looks like you went to some fab estate sales. Love the vintage gift wrap and those Xmas stockings are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Astrid! It was a fun day! Those Christmas stockings belonged to one family (except the second from the left on the top row). They were the kids' stockings in the 1960's! Thanks for visiting!!! (Rob)