Monday, June 10, 2013

Two Lions...Two Tigers...Two Chupacabras...Thing One and Thing Two...All Accounted For! Set Sail, Noah!

Rain. Lots and lots of rain. Over 4 inches of rain fell on us between Friday afternoon and early Saturday morning. That's a lot!! When we woke up early Saturday morning, the rain was in the past (except for the puddles) and the sun had come out. we went on our day's adventures

Our first stop was a tag sale at a church nearby. As with all church tag sales nowadays, it could be great or it could be terrible. The fact that it was associated with a Thrift Shop that we frequent gave us some hope.

Lots of tables but not much of interest to us. We did find a Tupperware container from the 1950's for 50 cents so the stop was worthwhile. Our next stop would be to get some breakfast.

Our second stop. It was an estate sale run by friends of the family. The people were very nice and we found a few great items here and they were dirt cheap!!! 

 Our third stop had a very familiar sign. We go to their tag sales a lot and, since Hurricane Sandy,  they always seem to hold them in houses that were ravaged by the storm and, often, do not even have electricity. They are always a mess and we LOVE to find sales where we have to dig and uncover the hidden treasures.  There's Monica on the right, looking through the clothes...

...and Monica, inside, starting to dig. We spent over an hour at this house and found LOTS of great things and came away pretty dusty and VERY happy with our finds! We even found the drinking glass holder from the 1954 Tupperware Millionaire's line with the burping seal and three of the five glasses, all in spectacular condition! 

Our fourth stop was run by a Tag Sale company that was new to us. It was a terrible stop. There was very little inside. They did have a mid-century modern kitchen table, just not our style. We came away with two sealed Halloween treat bags (one of Rob's passions) that were just a couple of years old and only cost us 50 cents. Time to move along.

Our fifth stop was an hour away but we liked what we read in their ad and it was a beautiful day for a drive so off we went. This was another estate sale run by the family. There was a huge basement and a garage but we did not find much we liked. We came away with two records, an old plant book and a Mrs Beasley doll in great shape! She had her apron and her glasses and we got all four items for a grand total of $5. Monica still has her Mrs Beasley doll from when she was a little girl! 

This, we thought, would be our last stop. Home was about 45 minutes away and it was a long day so far! About 5 minutes away, we saw a really nice lake with ducks and geese and decided to stop. It was a beautiful day for that!

The geese did not seem alarmed by our presence...

...and we found a rock with a face on it! He looked a little scared so we took him home and placed him in our garden!

Just a few more minutes up the road, we ran into a street fair. There were two church outdoor sales and free food. Rob had a cheeseburger AND two hot dogs. Monica had one cheeseburger and some popcorn. Monica is holding up an item that we did not buy but we did get a set of six vintage Starburst drinking glasses for $2 and an old cookbook for a $1. At the end of the sales, they were just piling all the old books by the dumpster :(  We were talking to one of the volunteers who was discarding the books and told him what we bought. He came back a moment later with a vintage cookbook he was told to throw out and he gave it to us for free!

Here are some of our finds this week:
A few books

A few records

A vintage pocketbook made In England, some Starburst glasses (we got six of these) and some vintage party invitations

A great vintage bar lamp (just put a light bulb in his nose and he lights up), an old box of chalk with great graphics, Tiki salt and pepper shakers (made in Japan), a clown ceramic cookie jar (also made in Japan) and some rubber ducks!

Mrs Beasley. She has her apron AND her glasses! 

The 1954 Millionaire's Tupperware Glass Holder with the burping seal and three of the five glasses, a Tupperware container from the 1950's, an old mustard spice canister,  several old Halloween picks and a few newer items for our decorating needs. 

Some vintage greeting cards with the box and some vintage wrapping paper on the bottom right.

Some Christmas items, most made in Japan.

More old clip-on Christmas birds. A full package of three! 

After a long day, and a much needed nap, we set off for the Italian Festival in town where we enjoyed some pizza and a nice walk together on a beautiful evening! :)


  1. Has the frightened rock changed his expressions since you placed him in your garden?

    1. Ha ha...we believe he is enjoying his new home! (Rob)

  2. ohhhhh... WHAT a PERFECT day after all of this Life Sucking rain that we have been getting!! It's starting to get R.E.A.L.L.Y. old 8-( !!

    1. You are so right, svelteSTUFF! Lots and lots of rain but at least there are some sunny days mixed in! (Rob)