Wednesday, July 26, 2017

More Time Out East

We are still a little behind on our blog but have been great progress. We are almost caught up! 

The second weekend in July came after an abbreviated workweek broken up by Independence Day. Although it was only four days long, it sure seemed a lot longer! Nonetheless, the weekend eventually arrived and we had saling on our minds. There were five sales on our list and we hoped to make all of them. None were run by tag sale companies we knew so we were unable to judge whether the sales would be good. Mystery is not a bad thing. Off we went to see what the day would bring.

Our first sale was listed as "entire contents" and records were amongst the items listed. There wasn't anything specific that drew us here but drawn we were and, upon arrival, it was time to search the house.

The garage had a cool, old barbell set still in its box but it did not come home with us.

There was also an old Aqua Marina steel wall pool in its box. It did not come home with us either.

The basement was filled with records and we spent lots of time searching through the bins. There weren't many people at this sale as it was not a tag sale run by a tag sale company and probably suffered from less publicity.

This kitchen was truly great! Look at those wooden cabinets! Look at the built-in stove and the chrome wall behind it! 

Here is a closer look at the cool stove. Did you notice the countertop? 

Yes...the countertop has a very colorful fruit pattern

The bathroom was great, too! Pink! 

We really enjoyed this house a lot and, even if we didn't find anything, we would have enjoyed it but we did not leave empty-handed. We took an old metal barbecue tray, two glasses, two records and some books. It was a good start to the day! 

After getting some breakfast, we made our way to sale #2. It was listed as being run by a tag sale company that we hadn't seen in about two years. It was described as a "one day sellout of 60 years". The ad listed "Christmas" and "ephemera" amongst the things that could be found in this house. Would we find them? 

When we arrived, we found that the sale was narrowed down to four rooms and that it was a different tag sale company that must have grabbed the name when the old one faded away. The four rooms were worth searching but we didn't leave with much. Some books and one cocktail stirrer became ours after this sale.

Sale #3 was run by a tag sale company but one whose sales we have never attended. We think that they are fairly new and we wondered what to expect from "multi-generations of antique collecting".

There were lots of rooms and lots to look through and that made this interesting.

The basement was really big and brought us more opportunities to dig

Towards the back of the basement was the remnants of an old circus-themed linoleum floor which was covered with the dirt of fifty plus years. We had never seen a floor like this and we enjoyed seeing it a lot! 

This tag sale company was well organized and friendly and we wouldn't hesitate to go to more of their sales if the description intrigued us. We left with a pair of New York State souvenir cardboard signs, an old stamp album kit, a pair of 1960's baseball tumblers, records, booklets and a vintage shower cap for Monica and all at a very reasonable price which is another reason why this tag sale company is now on our radar.

Sale #4 was in Monica's hometown and, as always, is a great place to be at the end of the saling day when we are planning to visit Monica's dad. Yes, we decided to scratch the last sale off our list since it was thirty minutes away and showed only minor potential especially since it was the second day of that sale. This last sale turned out to be a quick one. We didn't expect much since its only description was "entire contents" and there were no pictures to support the sale. We didn't expect much and we didn't get much. We brought home one vintage Christmas angel.

Our next stop was Monica's dad's house for our weekly visit with her dad. It turned out to be a short one as just thirty minutes into the visit, Monica's sister called to see if we wanted to spend a couple of hours at Uncle Bobby's house to do some more cleanup. Of course, with all the work still ahead of us, it would not of made sense to say no so we drove home, unloaded the car and drove to Monica's sister's house so we could all make the trip out east together. 

Before moving on to the second part of our day, here's a look at what we unloaded from our car before heading out east:

7-inch Peter Pan records

More 7-inch records

12-inch records

Cookbooks and a drink recipe book

More books

A vintage stamp album kit with its box


A vintage shower cap for Monica

Cocktail stirrers

Vintage New York State cardboard signs

A vintage metal barbecue tray

Glasses and tumblers

An old Christmas angel

A half day of saling was behind and a trip to Uncle Bobby's was ahead of us. We planned to spend about four hours out there before stopping for dinner on the way back. 

Our primary goal was to empty the remainder of Uncle Bobby's attic which is what we did, except for one large trunk. Valerie, Monica and Lenny pose to smile from the rafters.

We found machine gun shells up in that attic (Uncle Bobby was a marine) and we decided to leave these alone although we were pretty sure that the shells were empty.

When we were done and ready for dinner, the deer decided it was their dinner time, too, and started to graze.

We accomplished a lot and separated the personal things for the family (letters and pictures), items for the future estate sale and some things for us to bring home and, in that latter category, we found quite a bit. These were the things that came home with us:

Two old home designing magazines

Another old home designing magazine

Old seed catalogs

More old seed catalogs

A few more old seed catalogs

Two more old seed catalogs

Some old car magazines

An old pin-up magazine

Postcards, advertising cards for catsup, two old ashtrays and a deck of TWA playing cards.

An old wooden cigar box that belonged to Uncle Bobby. He wrote his initials, RB, on the box.

A 1939 New York World's Fair pennant that is a little tattered but great nonetheless.

Another worn 1939 New York World's Fair pennant

It was a fun day and we were all starved when we made it to the diner for a Saturday night diner dinner. Starved and maybe a bit silly, too! 

As you can imagine, our very full Saturday left us a little worn out on Sunday but we managed to get everything done that we needed to do...and nothing more. We needed to gear up for the workweek ahead; a workweek that would only have four days in it since we took a vacation day on Friday. We were looking forward to it! 


  1. I cannot go saling any more because I am too weary and too old but I feel like I've gone when I look at your posts. Ron and I never found stuff as great as what you find. The best part of shopping vicariously through you is that I don't have to bring more stuff home. LOL

    1. Ha Ha! You are not too old or too weary, Granny Annie! If we ever find ourselves your way, we are going saling together! (Rob)