Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another Three Day Weekend

We are still behind a few weeks on our blog but we will be caught up soon! 

The third weekend of June found us with a three day weekend for the second week in a row. It would be our last Friday off for a month. We both get four weeks vacation and try to take at least one three-day weekend a month. We had nothing planned when we chose this day but, when that Friday day off arrives, we are pretty happy to have off from work!  As it turned out, on this Friday, there were a few decent sales on Friday and that would be our extended weekend's first order of business...to go saling. And, so we did! 

Our first sale was described as "mid-century" and was run by of the most prolific tag sale companies in our area (and one of our favorites). The pictures supporting the ad showed vintage toys. It had potential.

Our first area to search was the garage which had plenty of boxes to search. We found a few knee hugger elves and a record in this garage so we were off to a good start.

The basement was the second area we searched and it had this great old bar! 

We loved how they lined the basement steps with these fake plants.

We love old metal cabinets like this and we recently bought one very similar to the one on the left. We thought about it but the last one didn't fit in our car and we had to ask Monica's brother-in-law to come out and pick it up for us. We didn't want to do that to him again so we passed on it.  

We saw this mounted pencil sharpener in that basement and, well, you know that's a good sign! 

The main floor had a pink bathroom and most of it was original to the house

Look at that great bathroom floor! 

The main floor had this old fake fireplace that was very similar to the one that Rob's grandmother had when he was growing up

This is Rob's grandmother's fake fireplace at Christmastime in 1957. As we mentioned, this did not come home with us but some Christmas things, some records, a snake plant, lots of bins (we are transferring our storage items from boxes to plastic bins) and more.

Our second sale was listed as a "sellout" and a "vintage sale". There were no pictures in the ad but it was worth a shot! 

This step stool chair (which we already have in red) and the Entenmann's ceramic bank were priced too high. The plastic Mr. Peanut was broken. Still, these were signs that there might be some very interesting things in this house.

We loved this white metal kitchen cabinets. We always love seeing a house with these! 

The basement was the best room in the house because there were lots of boxes and tables and drawers and it required some real searching which is exactly what we did. By the time we left, it was with vintage party "owl lites", some Christmas things, lots of cookbooks, a few sports items and more. Two stops. Two good ones so far.

We had one more stop and it was in the same town as the second sale. In fact, we put it on our list solely because it was in the same town. It was an estate sale. That is all we knew. As it turned out, it was an outdoor garage sale that seemed to be to get rid of a flea market vendor's surplus stock. We did find two records so that was okay.

On Saturday, we weren't sure that we were going to any sales because, as of Friday night, our Saturday list was empty. A quick review of the sales on Saturday morning showed us one newly listed sale and it showed a little potential. It was a tag sale and the pictures in the ad showed us old furniture. It was saling time again! 

As soon as we pulled up, we knew that we would love this house. The outside screamed potential.

Monica found this vintage bathing suit but she did not choose to bring it home

A vintage blue bathroom with a great floor! 

There were so many great pieces of furniture in this room, none of which came home with us. There are also two tiki in the back left but we left those behind, too, though we did get one large wooden tiki. Pictures of that later

Outside was this really cool vintage gazebo that was old as the house

Although we did not buy any of the furniture in the earlier pictures, we did buy two vintage night tables (now pictured in our bedroom). We have a Heywood Wakefield bedroom set (the 1947 Rio line) which came with everything except the night stands. We were using two antique dark wood night stands but always kept our eye out for inexpensive vintage night stands that would better match our set. Today was the day we found them! 

Aside from the two night stands and the tiki, we also found a record and some books. It was a fun sale, not only because we loved the house, but because the sale was run by someone we hadn't seen in a few years. He used to run tag sales but had been pretty absent from the scene, recently, instead choosing to run antique sales out of a giant storage barn out east. He is now getting back into estate sales and we were glad to hear it. He was running a second sale just a few blocks away and we decided to check it out.

We weren't exactly sure what to inspect inside but it was nearby

It was a very odd house and this basement was the only room that appeared, well, normal. There was some Christmas stuff down here but nothing that we liked

This is what most of the house looked like. Odd furnishings. Animal heads mounted on the wall. There was nothing for us here.

On our way home, we spotted this old pharmacy which was out of business and the building up for sale. It always makes us a little sad to see old businesses disappear. The neon sign is amazing but will soon just be a memory. 

When Sunday arrived, we were, once again, in the saling mood. When we were first planning the weekend's sales, Sunday looked the most promising and we had already done pretty well so far. We were optimistic. We were motivated. We were ready. Off we went! 

Sale #1 was run by one of our favorite tag sale companies. It was described as a packed house and we saw plenty of old bar stuff in the pictures of the sale.

 Dennis was ready for us and told us to hurry inside! 

Liz and Ron were glad to see us, too! 

There was lots of stuff inside and it seemed like very room would have stuff to search

Another pink bathroom! We saw a lot of great ones this weekend! 

The mounted pencil sharpener. Always a good sign! 

The basement had this great bar and Monica seemed thrilled by it! 

These chairs were really cool.

They were a little scratched but had a really, cool pattern. We did not take them home

Look at the cool wastepaper basket with the great starburst hardware! The wastepaper basket was rotted away at the bottom and would be trashed. The starburst hardware was just mounted into the basket with two screws. Spoiler alert: the hardware came home with us.

What a great wall with a great radio built into it! 

It gets better. Hidden phonograph! 

This was a really fun house and we enjoyed it a lot. We brought back a few momentos, too! An old Labatt Beer metal thermometer, an old bar bottle opener set and a few other things left with us.

Our second sale was at another tag sale company we like a lot but whose sales we often miss because they like running Friday sales. The sale was described as "loaded" and "with some vintage" but it was the second day of this sale (which we missed the day before) and we weren't sure what was left. Of course, we soon found out that this was not the house where the sale was being held. 

It was the house behind that first house. Now we were in the right place! 

The house had some fun inside of it. It had this basement bar.

It also had some vintage patio umbrellas. We have enough of them for now.

There was a mounted pencil sharpener and that is usually a good sign.

There was also some pretty great vintage furniture. As we said, this house had some fun inside of it and had a mounted pencil sharpener, as well, but we found nothing to take home and we left empty-handed.

Our third sale came with no real description. It was run by a great tag sale company whose sale we attended on Friday. The owner said that she was adding this sale at the last minute and that she thought that there were lots of vintage towels and some vintage clothing here. We went because Monica was curious as to what there might be.

We were ready to go inside!

The basement stairs were a very unique shade of pink with imbedded speckles

Pink was not limited to the basement staircase. This house also had a pink bathroom (well, some of it). We didn't find any vintage towels or any vintage clothing. In fact, we didn't find much. We found three vintage greeting cards, an old package of sewing needles and an old bottle of Fantastik (pre-UPC code) which Monica liked. The owner of the tag sale company gave us all of them for free.

Our final sale of the day, and weekend, was run by a tag sale company that was one of the most prolific in our area. His sales have dwindled in number and many are now held upstate, several hours away. Nonetheless, here we were today to see what "vintage old toys" would be left this late into the sale.

It was definitely an old house and the knotty pine cabinets and old countertop were clearly original to the house.

Once again, a mounted pencil sharpener. Sightings like this had been good to us all weekend (except once). We were hopeful.

A 45 minute search within the house turned out to be a very worthwhile way to spend 45 minutes. We left with several records, several nut cups and more. Although, it was now early afternoon on Sunday, our weekend was not over. 

It was Father's Day and we were having dinner at Monica's sister's house with Monica's father as the guest of honor. Of course, we made our famous "I Am Your Father" Father's Day brownies! 

No one had to "force" anyone to eat some. They ate them willingly

After three days of saling, we had a lot to show for our time. Aside from the night tables, here is what we brought home:

7-inch records

7-inch children's records

10-inch records

12-inch records

More 12-inch records

Some more 12-inch records

7-inch Christmas records

10-inch Christmas records

Bar books and party giving books


More cookbooks

A few more cookbooks

Nature field guide books

Pamphlets and books

A vintage apron for Monica with a spider web pattern

A vintage towel

A small vintage curtain

Souvenirs from the New York Daily News who issued these when the New York Mets won the 1986 World Series

Vintage Easter egg decorating kits

Vintage greeting cards

A vintage Valentine's Day card

The starburst hardware from the rotted wastepaper basket (story above)

Vintage nut cups

A snake plant

A vintage sewing needle kit, a deck of playing cards and a vintage kid's parachute toy

A vintage scottie dog glass, a ceramic squirrel salt shaker (missing its mate), an old bottle of Fantastik and a vintage plastic pink salt shaker (missing its mate)

Two ceramic beer and pretzel tray and mug sets (marked Japan), an old Labatt thermometer and an old bar bottle opener set

A 22 inch wooden tiki who we have named "Oliver". Vincent Price had a tiki named Oliver in a Brady Bunch episode

Christmas things: The remains of a 12 pack of Santa picks, a Christmas corsage for Monica, a small Christmas gift tag, two Christmas pencils, a package of Jingle Bells and an unopened package of Santa party favors. The Santa picks and jingle bells are marked Japan.

Two Christmas angels, a plastic Santa in a chimney, four knee hugger elves, two small Santa head ceramic mugs, a Santa snow globe and a light-up Santa pin. The angels, elves and ceramic mugs are marked Japan.

It was a fun packed weekend for us that was loaded with adventures and great time spent together. We go back to a five-day workweek but with the knowledge that our next weekend together, although only two days, is just five short days away! 

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