Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Flashback: Halloween Weekend, 2016

Our fourth "flashback" post is here and it's all about Halloween weekend, 2016. We are catching up on the posts we missed when we took a break from blogging (but not adventuring) and we will cover all the weeks for which we did not post. Halloween, 2016, here we come! 

Halloween, 2016, fell on a Monday this year and that sounded like the perfect opportunity to take a three day weekend...and we did! There wouldn't be any estate sales that day but Halloween naturally (or supernaturally) comes with its own set of adventures. The Saturday before Halloween, however, would offer us some sale opportunities and there were four of them. We wouldn't have to rush back quickly. The carving of our 2016 Jack O'Lantern would be done on Sunday. The decorating of our house, for Halloween, had been done in the beginning of the month. Here are some pictures of the inside of our house in October: 

Yes, our house was ready for Halloween. We were also ready for Saturday saling! With four sales on our list, off we went! 

Sale #1 was a mystery to us. The ad said that they were selling the contents of the house and listed "holiday decorations" amongst the items for sale. There were no pictures in support of the ad but we wanted to give this one a visit just in case. We knew it wasn't being run by a tag sale company. We chose it as our first sale simply because it was the closest to our house.

One of the first things we saw inside was this old pencil sharpener on a shelf. It wasn't mounted but we chose to look at it as a good sign anyway.

There were lots of rooms to search and it was clearly an older house. Our hunch to come here paid off. We left with some records, some old pink elephant glasses, a ceramic turkey, a great old Ballantine Beer clock and more! 

Sale #2 was a sale run by one of our favorite tag sale companies and, despite the sign, it was the first and only day of this sale. It was described as a packed house and the pictures in the ad pointed to this being a house with old stuff. 

Our host, Ron, was pointing out some of the things we should check out.

The attic was big and offered lots of digging opportunities

These old turquoise cabinets were in the basement. They were really cool and, no doubt, once belonged to the kitchen

The basement? Yes! There were lots of digging opportunities here, too! 


There was a pink bathroom, too! 

It was a fun house and we spent a good amount of time here. Even if we didn't find anything, we would have fun just seeing our friends who run this tag sale company but we did not leave empty-handed. Some baseball books, some Christmas things, lots of cake toppers, a kitchen drawer organizer and the famous vintage lamb cake mold came home with us! 

Our third sale was also run by a tag sale company. Some of the pictures in the ad told us that there were old things inside though we didn't see anything that we particularly wanted here.

The basement was, by far, the area with the most things though we didn't find anything down there even though there was a basement bar.

These chairs and the corner table was cool. They did not come home with us. All we found here was two Irish records for St. Patrick's Day.

Our fourth and final sale was a church sale not far from where Monica grew up. Everything was new there. We weren't here long. While in the neighborhood, we got to spend some time with Monica's dad at Monica's childhood home so the trip was definitely worthwhile!

Here are the things we found that day:


Irish records

More records

St. Patrick's Day cake toppers

Halloween cake toppers

Thanksgiving cake toppers

Easter cake toppers

A Valentine's Day cake topper

4th of July cake toppers

A clown cake topper

Birthday balloons cake toppers

Baseball cake toppers

A turquoise kitchen drawer organizer, a vintage "petty cash" holder for Monica, vintage pink elephant glasses, Piels salt and pepper shakers (marked Japan), a ceramic turkey (marked Japan) and a plastic bracelet for Monica

A great old Ballantine Beer electric clock...and it works! 

Christmas things. The ceramic Santa is marked Japan

A vintage lamb cake mold! We have been sharing one with Monica's sister for years. That original one belonged to Monica's mom. Now we have one of our own! 

The lamb mold came with its free recipe book and its original packaging label

Sunday was the day before Halloween and we were ready to carve our 2016 Halloween Jack O'Lantern. 

We chose a great pumpkin. We thought it was very sincere but The Great Pumpkin did not visit our house...AGAIN! 

Our first plate was filled with guts and seeds. We salted and roasted the seeds. Our second plate was filled with what could only be referred to as shavings.

Our 2016 Jack O'Lantern! 

On Halloween, we went trick or treating with our niece (the cat) and our nephew (aka Mario)

One of the houses that we visit has an animated Oscar The Grouch to greet us each year

There were several fun houses in the neighborhood. This one, with scary clowns, was great! 

Monica was scared of the giant spider! 

Rob made friends with one of the creepy clowns

Another creepy clown!

A skeleton clown

We both made friends with the leader of the scary clowns

Another cool Halloween house

We had a lot of fun going trick or treating and a lot of fun together all weekend. We always do. Halloween, 2016, came and went but its spirit will remain with us until next year! 


  1. Great purchases. I would have had to have the baseball cake toppers. Love Halloween and you guys know how to do it right. Scary clowns...for sure!

    1. I really loved the baseball player cake toppers a lot! Glad to hear that you like scary clowns too! (Rob)

  2. I have shot-sized pink elephant glasses. I love those mugs you found! You comment at our Gold Country Girls blog and I have never visited here before, I don't read blogs usually, I just write one once a week! LOL. I enjoyed what I have read so far. Sure sounds like you live quite a long way away! Tina

    1. We're glad you visited, Tina Dawn! We love reading your blog. We have some pink elephant shot glasses, too. Maybe we have the same ones! Oh, since you asked, we live in Central Long Island (New York) towards the south shore. We hope you come back to read more soon! (Rob)