Thursday, March 23, 2017

Flashback: The Fourth Weekend In October, 2016

Our third "flashback" post has arrived. In an effort to catch up on the posts we missed while we took a break from blogging (but not adventuring), we are trying to cover the weeks for which we did not post. This post is all about the fourth weekend in October.

October always begins the period where garage sales begin to disappear which the change in temperature. Admittedly, we did not go to all that many this year. They are always hit or miss but they are definitely old school and there is a great deal of excitement in not knowing what you might find. We need to make sure to go to more garage sales next year (but not at the expense of good estate sales which have a higher success rate). Today, like most weeks in 2016, did not have a garage sale in our plans but we did have two estate sales. One was in the next county and the second was two counties away. We had time. We could definitely make two sales even if they weren't all that close to us all each other. With a short list, but plenty of miles to cover, off we went! 

Sale #1 was "years of accumulation" and "mid-century timeless treasures". It was about thirty minutes away and we had no pictures of the sale to assess this claim. It appeared to be a privately run sale and, upon arrival, we found out that it was. 

A peak inside the house led us to finding this mounted pencil sharpener and you know what that means! It was a good sign! 

The house was definitely old and we had fun within the house. The son was also selling lots of old records. He was, himself, a collector and was getting rid of his duplicates. We spent lots of time going through the records and talking to him about them. When we were done, we had chosen twenty-six of them and he gave them to us for a total of $20. This was all we took home from this house but we were happy with what we found.

After getting some breakfast, we made the forty minute trip to our second and final sale. It was run by a tag sale company that has a sale once or twice a month. It was a "loaded home" with "'60's furniture". We saw a bullet planter in one of the pictures but knew that it would not be there when we arrived. 

What was there was a mounted pencil sharpener and we all know that this is usually a good sign! 

The basement was pretty packed and we spent some good time down there. Amongst the items down there was this old ant farm. It was in great shape but there were no signs of ants remaining. We were not disappointed that it was abandoned. 

These basement cabinets were amazing and, some day, we want a set just like this in our home. 

We knew that this work room was set up many years ago and, in all likelihood, never changed.

They had a yellow bathroom which was clearly original to the house

This light in the dining room was really cool! 

Another original bathroom in the house. This one was pink! 

We, obviously, had fun in this house but did we find anything here to bring home? Of course, we did! Clearly, we wouldn't going to leave that ant farm behind! We also took home some pamphlets, some books, a ceramic elf and a ceramic turkey! 

Here are some pictures of our finds:

Some cookbooks

Pamphlets, books and postcards

More pamphlets

More pamphlets

And some more pamphlets

Tony Randall records

Phyllis Diller records

Phil Silvers records

Steve Martin records

Tony Perkins records

More records

More records

A few more records

And some records

Even more records

A ceramic elf for St. Patrick's Day (marked Japan), an old ant farm and a ceramic turkey for Thanksgiving (marked Japan)

There may have been only two sale this weekend but we had a lot of fun. We were looking forward to the following weekend when Halloween would arrive on a Monday and we took a vacation day to enjoy it to the fullest! More on that next time! 


  1. Wow you hit the record jackpot! I've got ants for the ant farm. Hopefully will get them taken care of today:-)

  2. Ha Ha! We have plenty of applications for residency on the ant farm soon! It really was a fund day for records. We got some fun ones! (Rob)