Monday, March 27, 2017

A Saling Day Cut Short

The last weekend in March was here but little sign that it was springtime yet. The temperature has been ranging from a few degrees below normal to a few degrees above normal with little reminder of the warm days that we can soon expect. Of course, we haven't had any snow this week either so we can't really complain. Saturday's temperature was expected to hit a high 61 degrees which was a full ten degrees above normal but it would be overcast with periods of rain which meant it would not feel nearly as warm as it actually was. No problem. We could be patient. Warmer days were ahead and we had five potential sales on our list. We were looking forward to a good day and we were ready to go! 

The sale that we would go to first was an easy choice. It was a moving sale that was "retro" and "vintage" and the former residents owned as travel agency in the 1950's and 1960's. It was run by one of the busiest tag sale companies around and one we like very much. We saw a few cool things in the ad for this sale but so did a lot of other people. Despite getting to the sale a little more than thirty minutes in advance, we were the 34th and 35th people on line. We would be waiting awhile.

These tables were on the driveway for people to view and, although very cool, we have enough end tables. 

This is what we saw next to the house which we thought, if we were kids, that we have thought these drains was really cool... long as they weren't the drains from the movie "Them!"

 There were a pair of great vintage lamps that we were definitely considering. The problem was that some pieces of the lamps were rusted and the bases, on both of them, were missing a lot of paint. We thought the price being asked was a little high considering their condition. They were gone by the time we left so someone thought them to be worthwhile.

There was a bar on the main floor which Monica thoroughly searched.

There was a mounted pencil sharpener in one of the rooms. It was a good sign but we already knew it was a good house to search!

The basement had this very creepy doll which was a reminder of how creepy old basements can be! 

The basement also had a mounted pencil sharpener which was a reminder to keep going and ignore that creepy doll! 

This amazing starburst lamp was in the hallway. They were asking $400 which was way too high for us but we already have two of these anyway. One is exactly like this and the other is a little smaller (eight branches instead of twelve). 

We saw a few things go out the door before we even got inside but we had a great time inside the house and found some great things to bring home, too. We left with several records, a pair of Hawaiian shirts, two Don Ho glasses, some Christmas things, salt and pepper shakers, some books and more!

We still had four more sales to go and the second was just four minutes from the first. It was a tag/garage sale located in the same town as the first sale. It was the second day of the sale and there wasn't anything in the pictures that led us here other than that it was in the same town and, as a quiet sale, it probably wouldn't draw the dealers. It was a private sale and there wasn't much there though we did find one old cookbook and one old stand alone cabinet that would be perfect to store garage items. It was in great condition and it was only $10. We bought it!

Here's where our saling day came to an abrupt halt. The cabinet looked like it would fit in the car. It really did look that way but it didn't. It was just a little too large for the car. On to plan B. The sale was going on until 5pm. We arranged to leave the cabinet there and to pick it up later. We called Monica's brother-in-law who was more than happy to come back with Rob in the afternoon to get it. We really didn't want to inconvenience him so we stopped quickly for some lunch and then went home so Rob could meet Lenny and they could drive back to pick up the cabinet. It really didn't bother us. The other sales didn't look great and we had already had a pretty good day of saling even if it was only at two sales.

Here is what we found on Saturday:


Books, pamphlets and a deck of cards


More records

Some more records

1960's business records with their booklets

More 1960's business records with their booklets

More 1960's business records with their pamphlets

A pair of 1960's business records without pamphlets

A pair of 1960's business 7-inch records

Christmas records

A pair of Don Ho glasses

Cocktail stirrers

A vintage Hawaiian shirt. It is a "medium" and will be loaned out to the kids at our next luau.

A vintage woman's Hawaiian shirt for Monica

 The stand alone cabinet we bought for the garage

A pair of small ceramic reindeer creamers, ceramic bride and groom salt and pepper shakers, an old Las Vegas ash tray from the Aladdin which was imploded in 1998, an old Nestle's "Quik Shake" milk shake set (the shaker is inside but the milk shake mix is gone) and a pair of ceramic puppy salt and pepper shakers. All of the ceramic things are marked Japan.

A ceramic elf that we will use for St. Patrick's Day (marked Japan)

Christmas stuff: An unopened Christmas card display kit from 1969, a vintage Christmas stocking, a Christmas Gurley candle and an old blow mold Santa

A pine cone elf that, inadvertently, missed being in the picture of the Christmas stuff

We spent Sunday doing what we do most of the time; laundry, chores, a little relaxing and some food shopping. We managed to pick up this Easter Pez dispenser which we believe might be the only one offered this year that we don't already have. We will have to research this further to be sure.

We usually make dinner on Sunday night but we decided to treat ourselves to take-out Chinese food. We always get fortune cookies but...

...Monica's turned out to be a marketing promotion for the industry!

That's okay. We already know our fortune..."and they lived happily ever after"


  1. I love the graphics on How to Get Appointments by Telephone. Those albums are so neat looking!

    1. We thought they were pretty cool, too, Michelle! Records and booklets on how to be a better businessman were big back then! I think the one with the atomic bomb explosion on the cover was so very dated. You would never see anyone use anything like that anymore! (Rob)