Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Flashback: The First Half Of October, 2016

It's time for our second "flashback" post; an effort to catch up on the posts we missed while we took a break from blogging (but not adventuring). This is the second of our "flashback" posts as we capture the first half of October. Well, we covered the first weekend in October in the first "flashback" post so this is really for the second and third weekend in October. 

Every year we go to the Mill Neck Harvest Festival with the family. Monica has been going here every year since she was a kid. It has now become a part of both of our lives. This weekend was also a four day weekend as we took off on Friday and Monday was Columbus Day. We would have loved to go to some Friday estate sales but there weren't any of interest. 

We did go to a few thrift shops but we really didn't find much

All we came up with were some small vintage blow mold Jack O'Lanterns 

We stopped for lunch at one our favorite places...All American Drive-In. They have been serving hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, knishes and shakes since 1963 and the food is the best! 

We were skipping the estate sales on Saturday to go to the festival. As always, it was a fun day.

The first place we stop is, always, to see the pickle people! Pickles on a stick!

Pickle People Part 2

We always stop at the food stands. Lenny's mom joined us this year! 

We always have fun!

Meet Dollie. No...she is not the Dollie Llama! She is an alpaca and was named after The Little Rascals' character according to the young lady who was caring for her but...there was no character named "Dollie" on The Little Rascals. Could she have meant Darla? 

We pose here every year for a picture together

They had a free photo booth there

The beautiful Mill Neck Manor! 

When our Mill Neck adventure was over, the fun was not. It was also Lenny's (Monica's brother-in-law) birthday and Sweetie wanted to be in the picture!

It was Richard's (Monica's brother) birthday the day before so we sang to him too. Shannon, of course, wanted to be in the picture.

Sunday was spent doing our usual chores and errands but, at the end of the day, the weekend was not over! We still had Monday! There were no sales but we had the day to ourselves and decided to go get lunch at Tim's Shipwreck Diner. 

It has been around for over 100 years. It was originally called Northport Diner and, later, Shipwreck Diner (when owned by Tim's father, Otto) and now Tim's Shipwreck Diner. It is housed in a vintage railroad car and serves breakfast and lunch and is always packed with customers.

Although it has gone through a few makeovers over the years, it still has a counter and stools if you prefer to eat at the counter instead of in a booth.

Rob liked the placemat so one came home with us. We both loved the food and we will definitely visit again!

The town is scenic and we walked around and into several shops. There was an angry tiki in one of them! 

The town is right on the water and we took a walk by the water

The view was beautiful and we stayed for awhile enjoying the beautiful day

The seagulls enjoy the view, too! 

We'll be back to enjoy the town again soon

Although there were no sales on our agenda that weekend, we had a great time and it was a really good four days off together. When Tuesday arrived, all we had to do was get through four workdays before we could enjoy another weekend together.

When Saturday arrived and, with it, the third weekend in october, we were back in saling mode. We had five sales on our list and they were pretty spread out so we had to get an early start on Saturday...and we did! 

The day started off slowly. Our first sale was run by a tag sale company we know and listed holiday decorations as something that was there. It was the second day of the sale and there were no pictures. As it turned out, it was a garage sale being run by them and there was nothing inside. The driveway had several tables but not much for us. We took home a book and two vintage Dream Pet Reindeer. 

Our second sale was listed as a huge free standing garage sale being run by an 80 year old lady. It was the second day of the sale and we hope there was something there the first day because there was nothing but garbage there the second day. 

Our third sale was described as "contents of vintage home" and there were no pictures in the ad. It was an inside and outside sale that was another complete bust. 

Our fourth sale was described as "a collector cleaning out garage" and "vintage Christmas" was listed in the ad. We arrived to find some vintage Christmas items but they were so overpriced that we couldn't bring ourselves to buy anything here.

We were hoping that our last sale would bring us a little more luck. It was an estate sale at a private home and, like every other sale on our list that day, there were no pictures in the ad.

There was a basement bar and that was a plus because it was the first home that day that had worthwhile to see inside. Unfortunately, there wasn't much else to see. We picked up one book, an amoeba shaped switchplate and a ceramic Mexican figurine to use in our annual Cinco de Mayo parties.

Here is what we found that day:
Some books

An old switchplate and a ceramic Mexican (marked Japan)

Two Dream Pet reindeer (marked Japan)

Although we didn't find much, it is always the time spent together that means the most to us and we had Saturday and Sunday together. There are going to be saling weeks like this...and there's always the next week to hope for great finds! 


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful time and maybe that is because you didn't find as much treasure. The two of you are definitely the only treasure needed by each other. Keep it that way always:-)

    1. Thanks, Granny Annie! You know we will! (Rob)