Monday, December 7, 2015

The Return Of The Full Day Of Saling

We are still a little behind in our blogging. This post is for the weekend of November 14th and 15th. We will be caught up soon! 

For weeks, maybe months, our weekly list of potential sales has been short. We have made the best of it, found some great things and, of course, had a great time together but we have been anxiously awaiting a big week...a week with lots of interesting sales...a week where we would have a full day of saling. The week had arrived. 

On Friday night, when we put together our list of potential sales, we listed twelve of them There was no way that we would make all twelve but it was a good feeling to have so many choices. We would make as many of them as we could. We were excited. It was the return of the full day of saling. When Saturday morning arrived, we got ready as quickly as we could. Coffee and tea...shower...get dressed...go! 

Our first sale was an "autumn yard sale" at the historical society one town away. You never know what you might find at a place like this. We had to park a few blocks away since the historical society was on a main road. As we walked to the sale, we saw that the street lamps were already decorated for Christmas. They looked nice but it just seemed too early. It was only November 14th. We didn't want anyone to look past Thanksgiving. 

We arrived to find that the sale was moved indoors. It was a little cold outside. There wasn't all that much inside but the building itself was very interesting and will soon be the home of the Lindenhurst Village Museum. This was sort of a sneak preview and we will return to visit once it has opened. For today, we walked away with just one thing...a 1960's Executair 120C travel coffee bar set complete with an electric coffee pot, coffee cups, spoons (with starburst design), a bottle/can opener and a place to hold a bottle of your favorite adult beverage. Irish coffee in a case! 

On our way to our second sale, we saw this great vintage Buick LeSabre! 

Sale #2 was in the same town as the first sale so it was a short drive. Look at the amazing door on this house! This was not where the sale was. This was the house next door. 

This was the second sale. It was described as a "tag sale with collectibles". There were a few things on the lawn. The rest of the things were inside.

There weren't a lot of rooms to search but this one was filled with Christmas and we spent time searching through everything. We managed to find some good Christmas things here and, when they saw that we had picked out some reindeer, they found another package of reindeer and gave those to us for free. We also bought a DVD player which looked brand new for $5. Our DVD player died and this was a good find for us.

Sale #3 was a tag sale for someone who was moving. It was run by a tag sale company and, in the description, it mentioned "60's furniture" and "vintage". It was worth a look. 

There was a bar in the basement and Rob made sure to carefully search behind it.

The upstairs had a great pink bathroom. The toilet had been replaced but much of the rest of it remained intact.

The light fixture was starburst! 

There was another bathroom in the house, too. Much of it was old and this one was pink and blue. This one did not appeal to us. What did appeal to us was a few old Christmas things and a great vintage record case. They came home with us.

After a quick stop for breakfast, we made our way to sale #4. "60 years of dad's stuff" turned out to be an outdoor garage sale with nothing of interest to us. We left with nothing.

Stop #5 was a thirty minute drive to a moving sale with "50 years worth" of stuff. Our remaining sales would be in this general area. It, too, was an outdoor garage sale (November has been mild so the outdoor sales have continued). It was a sale run by the decedent's family and there were lots of books there. Seeing our interest in the vintage cookbooks, they let us go to the basement where there were many more books! We left with lots of cookbooks, a record and a Miller Studios chalkware corn memo pad plaque. The plaque was given to us for free! 

Sale #6 was an estate sale described as "50 years of accumulated treasures" and listed "Christmas" in the description. This was the second day of this sale and there were no pictures in the ad but we felt it was worth seeing what was there. 

There were three floors to search including this great old basement. We spent almost thirty minutes in this basement alone. This sale was not a wasted trip. We found a few great vintage Christmas, Halloween and Easter decorations as well as great Holt Howard bottle topper in its package and a few other things. 

Our final stop of the day was at a "huge estate sale" which listed "Santas" and "antiques" among the items up for grabs. The sale was run by the family of the decedent and, although there were old things here, there was not much of interest to us and everything was way overpriced. There were eBay printouts next to almost everything for sale.

We had twelve potential sales on our list when we began the day. We knew that we would have some choices to make and could not possibly make them all. We did make seven of them, squeezed in time for breakfast together in the middle of them and found time to visit Monica's dad at the end of the day. We think we did pretty well.

Here are the things we brought home with us:

A record


More cookbooks

Even more cookbooks

A 1960's Executair 120C travel coffee bar set

A DVD player

An old "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" button, some old cocktail stirrers and a 1964 Miller Studios chalkware memo pad plaque.

An old 7 inch record holder. We have another of these but it doesn't hurt to have two! 

A vintage Holt Howard bottle topper in its package

Halloween decorations. Those pumpkins with hats are Gurley candles

Easter decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas cake toppers (marked Japan)

More Christmas decorations. The snowman is a Gurley candle. The mail holder is marked Japan

More Christmas decorations. All of these are marked Japan

An old Christmas banner

Saturday was a great day of saling together. Sunday was a day to do errands, chores and find time just to simply relax together and prepare for the workweek ahead. For the remainder of the year, we have, at least, one day off, making each workweek shorter and giving us at least one more day to spend with each other as we adventure together, hand in hand, amongst the ducks.


  1. I would have wanted to go up to the house with the unusual door and ask them if it was their own design. It was truly one of a kind I am sure.

    1. We would have liked to, too, but we respected the privacy of the homeowner. After all, they were not extending an invitation to visit their home like at the estate sale next door. (Rob)