Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

As you can tell from the title, we are a few weeks behind on our blogging but we are aiming to catch up quickly! Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving week would mean a short workweek, a holiday spent with family, a four day weekend and not very much in the way of saling opportunities. We were prepared for Thanksgiving. Our decorations had been up since the beginning of the month. In between Halloween and Christmas, the turkeys deserved their time.


Honeycomb turkeys sit atop the fake fireplace

We try to fit ourThanksgiving decorations amongst the everyday decor

This giant honeycomb turkey constantly gives us the stink eye! 

Die cut turkeys on the wall...Thanksgiving Gurley candles on the table.

Lots of ceramic turkeys. Some are salt and pepper shakers. A few are napkin holders. One is a spoon rest. All are marked Japan.

Even the ducks were ready for Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving came and we spent the day at Monica's sister's house

Yes, there was cranberry sauce in its can-shaped form...

...the way it grows, naturally, in the wild.

We all had a seriously good time!

And, at times, a not-so-serious good time! 

Even the visiting dogs had a great Thanksgiving! 

After Thanksgiving had passed, we still had three more days to the long weekend. We knew we would get a start on decorating for Christmas. Well, to be more accurate, we would start packing away the things that would give way for the Christmas decorations which included all of the Thanksgiving decorations and so much of our everyday things. This process would take days before a single Christmas decoration would actually be up. We always wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start the process (the turkeys deserve their due!) and hope that phase 1 (packing away) can be completed by Sunday). In the meantime, we did have a few sales available to us over the weekend and we knew that we couldn't pass up the opportunities. There were two sales on Friday and it would be easy to make them both. We did. 

Sale #1 was listed as a huge yard sale with "vintage bric-a-brac". There were no pictures in the ad but it was only twenty minutes away. It was worth the investment in gas. It was, as advertised, a yard sale and there were some old things there. We picked up one old plastic Santa and an old package of Kurly Kate steel sponges. The packaging was great.

Sale #2 was the annual Christmas garage sale at a thrift shop we frequent. It was five minutes from the first sale and you just never know what you might find. We found two shirts for Rob but not anything else. All of the Christmas things were new.

On the way home, we stopped at another thrift shop which we visit often. We had things to donate and we did. We also looked around and found a few Hawaiian records of interest. They came home with us.

On Saturday, we also had a few sales on our list. We didn't expect much when the week began but we were happy to have the opportunity to go saling. And so, we did.

The first sale was one town away and was a yard sale where a few old Christmas things were pictured. There wasn't a whole lot on display but it did have some old Christmas things there and we left with some knee hugger elves, an old snowman Christmas decoration and some vintage aluminum stirrers (which matched some aluminum cups from the 1950's that we found recently.

Sale #2 was a moving sale whose ad had no pictures but listed "Danish modern furniture" and "records" as items for sale. We wondered what else might be there. 

The house had a massive crawlspace in the basement which was pretty empty but there were boxes in the corners which we searched thoroughly and found some great books in those boxes.

There were lots of rooms to search on the main floor and this light definitely caught our attention. It was really cool but we passed on it. The owner was moving and his family ran the sale. When we left, it was with some records, some books, a vintage cocktail shaker, a box of little forks and spreaders and a few more things.

Just around the corner from the second sale was a thrift shop which we have not visited in months. We are glad we stopped in. We found a great vintage Christmas stocking and a small felt Christmas decoration to come home with us.

Our last sale of the day was in Monica's hometown and was described as a "loaded house" and many old things were listed in the description. This was definitely worth a shot plus we like to end our Saturday saling in this area so we can visit Monica's dad. As it turned out, he went to visit Monica's sister that day so we could not stop by.

The outside of the house looked well kept. The inside, not so much. The sale was run by a helper at a tag sale company whose sales we frequent and they know us so we were treated well. A search of the house yielded an old plastic Halloween pumpkin, an old plastic elf and several t-shirts for Rob.

Here are some of the things we found that weekend:

Hawaiian records by The Hawaiians

More records

Some more records

Christmas records

Some books

A vintage mini fork and spreader set, a Kurley Kate stainless steel sponge package and some vintage aluminum stirrer spoons

An old plastic elf, an old cocktail shaker and an old Halloween blow mold pumpkin

Christmas things! Everything but the Santa on the left is marked Japan. That Santa is a 1970's Hong Kong made Santa.

We were really productive on Sunday, getting so much packed away so we could start phase 2 of the Christmas decorating. I think we both collapsed on Sunday night from exhaustion but not before giving each other a good night kiss. That means so very much to us...and to the ducks who watch over us. 

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