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A Busy Week

This post is for the week of November 16th through November 22nd. We are quite a bit behind in our posts but we are committed to catching up very soon! Wish us luck! 

It was a very busy week. We tried to front-load our weekly errands so we had time for everything we had planned...and that's what we did. And then came Wednesday.

It was Rob's birthday on Wednesday and Monica made sure that he didn't forget it! 

The kitchen table was decorated with lots of birthday items! 

And, if Rob desired, he could play the "Ronald McDonald" Game.

We had taken a vacation day and Monica took Rob to lunch at his favorite hometown lunch spot...The Hicksville Sweet Shop!

The Hicksville Sweet Shop has been around since 1925 and is the longest running business in town. Rob used to go here with his grandmother when he was a kid.

We sat in a booth but we could have sat at the counter if we wished. It has been updated since the days when Rob first went here but it has maintained much of its original charm.

And, as far as the food goes, it is just as good as it always was! A bacon cheeseburger, french fries and an ice cream soda was Rob's choice for his birthday lunch!

The Hicksville Sweet Shop was selling homemade chocolate turkeys; a not so subtle reminder that Thanksgiving was just around the corner.

On the way out, Rob looked in the dumpster to see if Glenn was hiding in there. Only fans of The Walking Dead will understand this.

After dinner, a birthday cheesecake awaited Rob. Cheesecake and vintage clown cake toppers. Monica knows Rob so well! 

Thursday was our anniversary and Monica left Rob a heart shaped trail of rose petals for Rob on our bed.

Monica came home to find a dozen pretty roses for a very pretty girl. Since we had to work the next day, we would delay our anniversary dinner until Saturday.

When we Saturday arrived, our plans for the beginning of the day were simple...saling, saling and more saling. Just like the week before, there were lots of opportunities and lots of choices to make. We narrowed our list down to nine sales and hoped to make as many as we could. We got ready quickly and off we went! 

Sale #1 was in Rob's hometown. It was listed as a small estate sale for mom who was now in an assisted living home. There were no pictures so we did not have any idea of what to expect. When we arrived, we could see that it was a house built in the 1950's and we had high hopes that we might find something good. There wasn't much inside. It was a fairly quick stop and we left with just an old telephone. 

The second sale was also in Rob's hometown. It is an annual sale that we have come to refer to as "the nun sale" because it is run by a catholic school whose nuns wear the traditional outfits associated with old school Catholic nuns. We imagine that it is hard to break the habit.

They refer to their sale as a Christmas craft fair and it is held in a V.F.W. Hall.

When we got to the door, there was no doubt that we were in the right place.

The basement is not filled with crafts at all. It was a giant white elephant sale. 

While tempting, we did not buy the Schick styling dryer. We figured Mr. 1970's would still need it.

The upstairs level was filled with crafts, food and plenty of nuns. We had a great time here and did not walk away empty-handed. A vintage doll toilet paper cover, a vintage cookbook, a shish kebab rack and skewer set, some rubber ducks and some fudge (made by the nuns). 

By now, we were hungry (no, Rob did not eat the fudge yet) and, since we were in Rob's hometown, we decided to go eat at House of Donuts. It has been around since 1971 and little has changed inside. During Rob's childhood, they only served donuts (the best donuts ever) and coffee but their menu has expanded and we sat down for a more traditional breakfast and it was great! We were too full to have a donut but next time, we will! 

With our stomachs full, we made our way to sale #3 which was also a church sale. It was 25 minutes from our last stop but the next few sales on our list were in this area. This church has a sale every year and we always try to make it.

There were several rooms of things to search including a white elephant sale. We were a little less successful here than we have been in recent years. We left with a few old easter decorations and a belt for Monica.

Sale #4 was just moments away from the previous one and this was the first that was run by a tag sale company. It was an estate sale that mentioned "old stuff" and "Christmas". We think that makes a great combination.

The basement was big and it was there that we found the Christmas things

The basement also had its own little kitchen with some great old knotty pine cabinets and...

...boomerang countertop! 

There was an outdoor patio that was carpeted with astroturf. That was so popular in the 1960's and 1970's.

The bathroom still had many of its original elements though, clearly, the tub had been replaced with a walk-in shower.

The floor, however, was not replaced. We love bathroom floors like this! 

There were lots of "hidden" areas in this bathroom. You could hide your toothbrushes and dixie cups...

...and you could hide the toilet paper.

It was a very fun house and we enjoyed it very much. When we left, it wasn't only memories that we brought home with us. We also left with some Christmas things, some Easter things and some records.

Sale #5 was also in this same town and we were making good time. It was simply listed as an estate sale and there were no pictures in the ad but it made sense to add this to our list. After all, we were going to be in the area. A quick run through the house yielded us a record and an old package of party bags.

Sale #6 was just fifteen minutes away and was another sale run by a tag sale company. "Loaded", "vintage" and "collectible" were words that stood out in the ad and the pictures supported this claim.

The kitchen was very old and the wall behind it was a bright yellow which, when inspected closely, was a pattern made up of...


This house had tons of records. There were two other racks in the house with even more records than these. We did not have to search through any of them. Someone had come in and bought the entire lot.

In the basement, we spied this mounted pencil sharpener...always a good sign! 

The basement also had this cool vegetable slicer. It wasn't just an ordinary vegetable slicer. It was "Feemster's Famous" vegetable slicer! It said so right on the box! Well, this did not come home with us but we did bring home some sputnik Christmas ornaments, a Howdy Doody glass from the 1950's, a great drink tray and a few other things! 

At this point, he had three other potential sales on our list but not enough time to make them all. We decided to drive in Queens to go to a sale that one of our favorite tag sale companies was running. The pictures of the sale showed that there were plenty of old things there and it would be interesting to see what we might find. 

We had to park several blocks away and walk to the sale. It was a pretty nice day so that didn't bother us at all plus we got to see elephants along the way!

Finally, we arrived and Monica was anxious to see what might await us inside.

Ron, the owner of this tag sale company was happy that we came. 

The basement was huge but there was nothing down here for us.

We liked the old metal cabinets down there.

There was a cool, old second kitchen upstairs.

The floor was very cool!

At this last stop, we found some great Christmas and easter things so our trip was definitely worthwhile. After walking to our car, we pointed it homewards and made the one hour trip back to our driveway.

Here are some of the things we found today:

Some records

Some Christmas records

Some books

Some vintage greeting cards

A rack and skewer set for making shish kebabs on the barbecue. Rob doesn't make shish kebabs but he does make Shish Ke-Rob's! 

Birthday rubber ducks

An old Seagram's metal drink tray, an old bottle opener and an old package of party bags

An old doll toilet paper roll holder, a 1950's Howdy Doody glass and an old telephone

Some Easter things

Some more old Easter things

Lots of Christmas things

It was a great day but it was not over. We were going out for our anniversary dinner. We chose Imperial Orchid

Imperial Orchid has been around since the 1970's and not much has changed. We have been here many times before.

We love that they have an old neon sign

They also have exotic drinks served in tiki mugs, coconut bowls and volcano bowls.

Monica had a coconut bowl

Rob had a Fu Manchu mug. Of course, we both shared our drinks we each other.

It was a great night and a great week spent together. At Imperial Orchid, the bar was already decorated for Christmas and it wasn't even Thanksgiving yet! Just a reminder that Christmas is coming and we'll be very, very busy but together, we'll get everything done. Together, we always do! 

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